20+ Gift Ideas for Hot Tub and Swim Spa Owners

People are spending more time than ever in their backyards, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. That explains the makeup of the most requested projects in the industry. Along with our outdoor furniture, grills, and fire pits, nearly 40 percent of Americans want a spa feature, whether it’s a hot tub or swim spa, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).

If that describes someone on your shopping list, you’re in luck. Our guide will cover everything with ideas to please everyone. You’ll find hot tub accessories that put indulgence and comfort at the forefront. We’ve also included gift suggestions for the active ones who take their exercise to the water. Some products offer new ways to work out while making fun a part of the game.

Hot Tub vs. Swim Spas

We’ll begin our guide with a discussion about the difference between a hot tub and a swim spa. If you’re not familiar with both, knowing the distinction can help you get the right gift for your loved one. The two items are not interchangeable. Although you can relax in either one, that purpose is the primary function of a hot tub. It’s an ideal way to wind down after work or an active day while relieving achy muscles.

A swim spa is your private aquatic gym. One side gives you the space for an invigorating aerobic workout that is easier on your joints but stimulating, nevertheless. The other half is your treat for your hard work with a relaxing massage, not unlike what you’d get with a hot tub. Gift ideas for the latter can focus on this aspect of its use.

Swim spa accessories can follow that line or add to the range of workouts and exercises the gift recipient can do in their swim spa. You also have a lot more ideas that you can check out to cover one—or both—uses. We like the idea of combining the two to make your present even more practical!

1. Attached Caddy

An attached cady is probably one of the best things you can get a spa owner. After all, they’ll likely use it every single time they’re in the water. Not only is it practical, but it can help your loved ones get more out of their hot tub or swim spa. We’ve seen products that attach directly to the hot tub and others that stand alongside it. We prefer the former for its added stability.

If your giftee has a larger swim spa, why not get two caddies so that everyone can enjoy the convenience they offer? Of course, you can also add on things that they can use on the table, such as our next idea.

2. LED Bottle Chiller

We’ll admit that this gift is mainly for fun. It’s an excellent choice since you might not buy one for yourself, but you’d use one that you received. We’ve seen them with light shows with special effects that make them even more entertaining. Other products function more like mood lighting, giving the area a pleasing, soft glow that makes the experience even more relaxing.

3. Waterproof Playing Cards

So, you have your table caddy and something to hold some beverages. Of course, you need some waterproof playing cards to play some rummy or gin to pass the time. It’s another indulgent gift that we’re sure the swim spa owner on your list will enjoy. It’s also an excellent way to get more use out of the table caddy that we mentioned earlier. We see a gift bundle in your future!

4. Submersible Seat

A submersible seat is a practical gift for someone who is a little shorter or wants a comfy chair to sit in while relaxing in the jets. It’s also an excellent choice for children and adolescents to sit up with the grown-ups in the hot tub. We like this gift because it’s something that a hot tub or swim spa owner might not think about when they first get one.

5. Floating Lights

Floating lights are a must-have for warm summer evenings. They provide just enough light to make them practical and enjoyable. Many products come in a multitude of colors. You can also get white ones for a touch of elegance. We like this one because it’s something that adds to the experience of being in a spa. Just add the floating flowers for the ultimate spa indulgence.

6. Bluetooth Lighted Speakers

Music and relaxing in a swim spa after a workout goes hand in hand. You can put on the tunes for your exercise and then switch to ambient mode as the jets work their magic. The lights are a brilliant addition to make it easier to control the speakers and the music. We like this gift for something to use in the spa and in the house, too.

7. Salt Stones

Salt stones are a wonderful gift for the person who takes their spa time seriously. The refreshing scents will melt away your cares and worries. You can also use the warmed stones to rub on those sore spots. The aquatic athlete in your life will love how they help take away the aches and pains. The great thing is that you can get several uses out of the stones, making them the gift that keeps on giving.

8. Aromatherapy Products

A spa and aromatherapy products are a perfect match. The swirling jets do their jobs. The pleasing scents ramp up the relaxation benefits. We suggest getting a few different scents so that your loved ones can make their special mixes.  If you buy one for your loved one with the spa, we’re sure that you’ll want to put an extra one in the cart for you to use at home.

When bringing aromatherapy to your hot tub or swim spa, we can’t stress enough the importance of using spa-friendly products. Regular aromatherapy products and essential oils can damage the hot tub, clogging the filters and upsetting the water chemistry. Avoid quite the headache with aromatherapy products that are spa-friendly from your local hot tub or swim spa dealership.

9. Headrest Pillow

Nothing beats a comfy pillow while soaking in the warm waters of a hot tub or swim spa. It helps keep your neck positioned correctly to avoid strain. Like the table caddy, it’s a gift that your loved ones will enjoy every time they use their spa. We’ve seen a wide variety of products, from small neck pillows to large pillows to rest your weary head.

10. Basketball Hoop

A swim spa is all about getting fit with low-impact workouts that are easier on your joints. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, too. A basketball hoop attached to the side or one that floats in the open portion of the spa is an excellent way to take your exercise to the next level with an aerobic workout that makes exercise fun.

11. Aquatic Fitness Set

An aquatic fitness set usually includes a swimming belt that can help keep you afloat while you do your aquatic exercises. It’s a must-have for a swim spa. If your loved one doesn’t have one already, you’ll score a major hit by giving them one. It can add so many new activities to their workout plan. Aerobic jogging, anyone?

12. Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower is a welcome addition to a swim spa since most models have separate temperature controls for each unit. You can rinse off before relaxing in the heated water. It goes a long way toward keeping your spa clean and cutting down on maintenance. It’s a functional purchase as well as an enjoyable one. We’ve seen entire units and outdoor shower stands that are just as effective.

13. Solar Cover

A solar cover is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give someone. It may sound like getting socks or a sweater, but it’s a practical one on so many fronts. It can help warm the water and keep it comfortable. That can, in turn, save your loved one some cash on utility costs. A cover will also keep the water clean and put up an effective barrier against interlopers, such as birds and other animals.

14. Set of Steps

A set of steps is not only a useful gift, but it’s one that makes using a hot tub or swim spa safer for everyone who dips a toe in its warm waters. It makes it easier for everyone to get in and out of the spa. After all, getting your foot over the side isn’t the simplest thing to do. Products with some texture on the steps will ensure that no one slips.

15. Handrail Kit

Like the previous products, a handrail kit is an excellent gift to make the spa experience less risky. You can find sets that are decorative and less intrusive. You’ll see ones that attach directly to the hot tub or alongside it. We think that they are essential items for any spa, no matter who uses them.

16. Drink Holder

Of course, you’re going to want to have a beverage when you slip into your spa. A drink holder will ensure that it doesn’t spill into the water. It’s also a practical item since it keeps the cup in its place, so you know where your drink is. We’ve seen products that slip over the slide. Others attach to the interior of the spa with suction cups. We also recommend some unbreakable cups to put in the holders.

17. Oil-Absorbing Sponges

Oil-absorbing sponges offer an excellent way to give back if you enjoy the hot tub with your loved ones. Keeping the water clean is in everyone’s best interests. You’ll find ones in cute shapes that disguise their practical use. Just because it’s keeping the spa clean doesn’t mean it has to look boring.

18. Personalized Towel Holders

We consider personalized towel holders a part of making your spa your own. You can add a personalized touch with a nautical or nature theme to help create an ideal mood. We also think it’s a thoughtful gift that is sure to get a lot of use. You might even consider getting monogrammed ones for an extra special spin.

19. Storage Hamper

If you have a hot tub or swim spa, you can never have enough towels. A storage hamper holding several spares will come in handy. We like decorative products that match the look of the spa. They will blend in and seem less intrusive despite their useful purpose.

21. Patio Heater

As much as we love to soak in a hot tub, you must get out at some point. That makes a patio heater such a great gift. You can keep the party going outside of the water by keeping everyone toasty warm. You’ll find products that use electricity, propane, or gas. There are free-standing models or ones that you can set on a table for mood lighting. Either one is a welcome choice.

22. Spa Gift Basket

If you can’t make up your mind, you can always put together a spa gift basket with a few or several of our suggestions. It’s an excellent way to indulge your loved ones with a variety of products if you’re not sure what they like or use. Add some pretty paper and some bows for a special gift with a personalized touch.

23. Gift Certificate From Paradise Valley Spas

Of course, one present that everyone will like is a gift certificate from Paradise Valley Spas. While giving a loved one a maintenance product like chemicals seems impersonal, they are still necessary. That’s what makes a gift certificate such an excellent choice. It’s a great option if your loved one is new to the spa scene.

Shop Hot Tub and Swim Spa Accessories Today

We hope that we’ve given you plenty of ideas and inspiration for the spa owner in your life. A hot tub or swim spa is all about relaxation and comfort. Fortunately, you’ll find that there are plenty of ways to make it happen. If you want more things from which to choose, head on over to the Paradise Valley Spas blog to learn more. Visit their website today to get an early start on your gift shopping!



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