8 Best Modern Hot Tubs In California – Top Choices For 2024


Are you ready to make 2024 the year of luxurious relaxation?

As we step into the new year, the quest for relaxation and luxury has taken an exciting turn, especially in the world of hot tubs.

Modern hot tubs boast a stunning array of high-tech features that have transformed the way people relax at home.

In this article, we’re going to explore eight models that would be a welcome addition to any backyard, bringing premium hydrotherapy, cutting-edge technology, and stunning designs to your outdoor space.

Let’s dive in and discover your new self-care retreat!

Notable Modern Technology by 4 Industry Leading Brands

Every hot tub brand offers its own exclusive features that have transfixed the spa community, leaving spa owners raving about their exceptional hydrotherapy experience.

At  Paradise Valley Spas, we value bringing a wide range of options to your community members, ensuring they have ample choice when they walk through our front doors.

From Jacuzzi®️ Hot Tubs and Sundance®️ Spas to Bullfrog Spas®️  Nordic Hot Tubs™️, our showroom is packed with options to fit any lifestyle and budget!

And with each brand, there are certain ultra-modern features that captivate them time and time again, drawing them in.

In this section, we’re sharing the number one feature that’s included in the modern hot tubs from each of these four brands.


IR + Red Light Therapy

In the most recent Collection released by Jacuzzi®️, you’ll discover a whole new way to recover, with two models boasting technology that’s the first of its kind–IR + Red Light!

With the captivating glow from the infrared rays and red light, you’ll be drawn into the water, only to discover enhanced relaxation, muscle recovery, and rejuvenation for the ultimate wellness experience!

Sundance®️ Spas

Built-In Aromatherapy Technology

In the 880™️ Series, Sundance®️ Spas has created a unique experience, heightening the therapeutic benefits of your spa sessions by infusing them with the subtle scent of your choice.

Through the Silent Air ™️Injector Jet paired with SunScents Technology, you’ll discover a revitalizing experience as gentle bubbles caress your skin before bursting at the surface, surrounding you with your chosen aromatic!

With scents like eucalyptus and lavender or unique combinations like Summer Rain, you’ll float away as you embrace the many benefits of aromatherapy.

Bullfrog Spas®️

JetPak®️ Therapy System™️

This brand has developed a spa session that’s truly unmatched, providing the ultimate level of control over your hydromassage to ensure one seat can meet your every need.

The JetPak®️ Therapy System™️ boasts 18 different JetPaks that can easily be interchanged on any model outfitted with this technology.

With this feature, you’ll never have to leave your favorite seat to target your aching muscles. Simply pop out the JetPak and replace it with the one better suited to meet your current needs!

Nordic Hot Tubs™️

Dual Therapy System (DTS™️)

Nordic Hot Tubs®️ have gone beyond the norm, combining two exceptional water therapy elements that work seamlessly together to create the ultimate hydrotherapy environment.

High-volume Whirlpool Therapy, expertly paired with Direct Pressure Massage, provides the complete experience.

While the whirlpool jet swirls the water around the spa for whisper-soft pressure to rush over your skin, the massage jets provide deep tissue massage for intense muscle relaxation.

Ready to explore two models from each brand that are sure to become a crave-worthy addition to your daily routine?

Let’s jump in!

modern hot tubs with led lighting

Popular Modern Hot Tubs From Jacuzzi®️

J-LXL®️ Hot Tub

First up, the J-LXL®️ hot tub featuring that stunning IR + Red Light Therapy tucked into a luxurious corner seat.

With enough seating for six and a full lounger, this spa has something for everyone! Reconnect with your closest loved one as you move date night into the backyard. Come the weekend, invite over your friends and family for some quality time in the water.

Its spacious interior, and red glowing bulbs aren’t the only reasons this spa stands out from the crowd.

Wrapped in premium cabinetry paired with metallic corner accent lights, this model is sure to become a captivating element that’s impossible to ignore!

J-365™️ Model

If you’ve been dreaming of a spa with a more open interior, the J-365™️ hot tub is sure to lead the way.

With an open seating design fit for seven and a jetted foot dome in the center, this hot tub is perfect for sharing as you soak up engaging conversation.

Featuring the exclusive no-splash jetted massage pillow, you’ll discover a whole new level of relaxation, as warm water cascades down your neck and shoulders, effortlessly washing away tension.

Launch your relaxation into the stratosphere as you embrace the benefits of chromotherapy!

From the illuminated waterfall and cupholders to the bundles of ProLite™️ LED lighting throughout the interior, you’ll discover an outdoor oasis that’s unmatched.

modern hot tubs with cooler storage

Best Models From Sundance®️ Spas

The Capri®️ Spa

Luxury in a small package, the Capri®️ hot tub packs a punch!

With its compact footprint of 69” by 82”, Silent Air™️ Injector Jets, and Sunscents technology, this spa may be small, but it sure is mighty.

Spread throughout this model, you’ll discover a wide range of jets, each offering a unique hydromassage specifically designed to meet the different needs of each muscle group.

While the Pulsator™️ Jet soothes aching wrists to combat carpal tunnel, the massive Fluidix®️ Intelli-Jet™️ provides adjustable pressure and wide coverage to soothe larger muscle groups.

With the Capri®️ model, sneaking away for a moment of quiet self-care gets a whole lot better!

The Kingston™️ Model

Discover refreshing relief in more than one way with the Kingston™️ hot tub, a large hot tub that comfortably seats seven and includes the exclusive SunCooler cold storage area!

Keep drinks chilled while your aching muscles are wrapped in toasty warm water, as you socialize with your friends and family in style.

Featuring stunning cabinetry with a rhythmic texture to beckon you into its depths, this hot tub will quickly become a statement piece you’ll love showing off.

Elevate your sessions with aromatherapy as you effortlessly adjust the jets to send just the right amount of pressure rushing against aching muscles.

With the Kingston™️ spa, you’ll never be left wanting more.

bullfrog spas modern hot tubs

Stunning Bullfrog Spas®️ Modern Hot Tubs


Did the JetPak®️ Therapy System ™️above snag your attention? Pair that with the roomy interior of the A8L, the bent-knee lounger, and premium LED lighting, and you’ve got yourself a haven of relaxation!

Rest and recover as the enhanced headrests cradle your head, keeping your body perfectly aligned as the jets pummel aching muscles, with the jet combination of your choosing from every seat.

This 6-person hot tub has everything you need, all tucked into one stunning package.

Quiet your mind as you listen to the trickling water from the twin integrated waterfalls, or throw a memorable hot tub party as you dive into stimulating conversation with guests.

However you choose to use your spa, the A8L delivers!


Want the same customization options but in a smaller model? The STIL5 has you covered, with its four-person interior and 5’8” by 7’ footprint.

Outfitted with the WellSpring™️ Water Care System, you’ll discover effortlessly clean water, while the High Density Insulation locks in heat for exceptional energy efficiency.

Featuring parallel bench seats, this hot tub keeps conversation flowing as you enjoy a moment of quality time with loved ones.

With its angular design and premium cabinetry, this hot tub will steal the attention of everyone you invite into your backyard, and become a welcoming retreat for the ultimate home comfort.

circular modern hot tubs by nordic hot tubs

Top Spas From Nordic Hot Tubs™️

Crown XL™️

Make the most of your outdoor space with this circular hot tub, minimizing its footprint without compromising on shareability.

The Crown XL™️ hot tub boasts enough seating for six, and features a range of different jet combinations, promising a luxury hydromassage from every seat.

The twin whirlpool jets send water flying around the tub, washing over your skin to ease joint pain and relieve tension, while the powerful jets provide deep pressure relief to weary muscles.

The Permawood™️ Cabinet not only wraps this spa in visual luxury but resists the wear and tear from the elements, keeping peeling and cracking at bay for a stunning exterior.

Gather your friends and step into a spa that expertly mixes classic hydrotherapy with modern technology.

D’Amour MS™️

To wrap up this article, we’re ending with a model that offers a premium experience in a thoughtful package–the D’Amour MS™️ hot tub!

This compact model for two offers an unmatched intimate atmosphere, boasting twin seats side by side to transform your one-on-one time with that special someone.

But that’s not the first thing that’ll draw you toward this spa. No, it’s the stunning triangular design that will be responsible for that!

This model is designed to seamlessly nestle into a corner of your backyard, maximizing your usable space while ensuring a premium hydrotherapy experience.

Combine that with the Dual Therapy System this brand is renowned for, and you’ve got yourself a luxury oasis you’ll never want to leave!

Shop Modern Hot Tubs at Paradise Valley Spas in California

At Paradise Valley Spas, we invite you to explore these amazing hot tubs and find the one that best suits your needs.

Whether you’re looking for advanced hydrotherapy, sensory experiences, or unmatched customization, our selection of modern hot tubs from leading brands will surely impress.

2024 is your year to elevate your relaxation and wellness game.

With these exceptional hot tub options, you’re not just purchasing a spa; you’re investing in a lifestyle of luxury and comfort.

Step into one of our eight Paradise Valley Spas showrooms across California, and let us help you make this year one you’ll adore stepping into!


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