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Leisure Concepts

With many years of experience, Leisure Concepts is undoubtedly an industry leader in all things spa accessories. Leisure Concepts has a wide selection of cover lifters for you to shop from, making it easy to find the right one for your hot tub. Stylish and easy to install, Leisure Concepts Spa Cover Lifters are continuously exceeding our expectations.

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With Smartop, you have three quality options to choose from. This includes the Smartop Swim Spa, Smartop Upright 3.0 and Smartop Vanish XL. While each of these options offer their own unique features and benefits, you can look forward to the same build, design and materials that are synonymous with the quality behind the Smartop Brand.


CoverMate III

Bring your hot tub installation to life with the beauty, reliability and superior operation of the CoverMate III. Easy to install and even easier to use, the CoverMate III is a lasting investment in the enjoyment, function and safety of your hot tub.


CoverMate III Deck Mount

Do you have an in-ground hot tub that’s installed directly into your deck? The CoverMate III Deck Mount is the perfect solution for your application. This product offers all of the features and quality of the CoverMate III hydraulic cover lifter, but comes equipped with brackets that are ideal for mounting on a deck.


CoverMate I

The CoverMate I has undoubtedly set the industry standard for quality and function. As the highest-quality and most sold cover lift on the market, you can look forward to a time-tested performance, attractive appearance and exceptional design.


CoverMate Freestyle

Introducing the CoverMate Freestyle, the ideal cover lift solution for round and uniquely shaped spas. With help from exclusive features and a superior design, this cover lifter delivers where other products can’t.



With the CoverShelf, you can experience the best of both worlds. Remove the cover from your spa, while also not obstructing your view from the landscape around you! The CoverShelf allows you to simply fold the cover in half and slide it onto sturdy aluminum bars. Here, your cover will rest securely without obstructing your view!


UltraLift™ Cover Lifter Systems

Add versatility and style to your hot tub installation with UltraLift™. Enjoy an elevated experience thanks to a patented sliding bracket, making installation a breeze! Not only can you enjoy a perfect fit, but these cover lifters are also regarded for their build and design. These cover lifters are made of metal, equipped with a full center bar and are made in North America.


Visionlift Boomerang

The Boomerang from Visionlift utilizes a dual-shock system. It’s designed to lift the cover and secure it behind the hot tub, providing you with an unobstructed view of your backyard space.


FreeMount System

The perfect addition to just about any hot tub, no matter how many features or the design. The FreeMount System allows you to purchase a lifter with a hydraulic assist and customize it to your preferred mounting height, thanks to the sliding bracket technology.


Covana® Covers

Built with durability, style and versatility in mind, we can think of no better way to elevate your spa installation than with a Covana® Cover. Available for both hot tubs and swim spas, these automated covers act as both a spa cover and gazebo. With the simple turn of a key, your protective cover will raise high enough to act as a gazebo for your spa. Enjoy added protection and privacy, with a relaxing atmosphere to complete your experience!



The Legend by Covana® is the perfect addition to just about any swim spa. Make the most of your spa installation 365 days a year – rain, shine or snow.



The Oasis by Covana® is not just a hot tub cover, but also a gazebo! With the simple turn of a key, you can lift and lower the Oasis to keep your hot tub secure when not in use, and add privacy and style as you soak.



Bring style and class to your backyard space with the Evolution by Covana®. Sleek and streamlined, this automated system goes from hot tub cover to elegant gazebo within a matter of seconds.


Enjoy a seamless approach to opening and closing your hot tub. Make the most of your hydrotherapy experience, without physical strain on your body when lifting and lowering the cover. With a cover lifter by CoverValet, you can enjoy all the benefits of your spa without the hassle of lifting, lowering or storing your cover.

Cover Caddy

The Cover Caddy is a premium hot tub cover lifter with an undermount. It utilizes a gas spring approach to lift, lower and store your hot tub cover when it’s in use. The unique design allows for installation on just about any spa, no matter the shape, brand or size.

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Hydropool Rollaway

It’s time to elevate your swim spa installation! Introducing the Rollaway Cover by Hydropool. Designed to create a complete seal around the top of your swim spa, this cover not only locks in the heat, effectively lowering consumption and cost, but it also helps to create a safer spa installation. Not to mention cleaner water, as dirt, debris and rainwater don’t have the chance to enter your spa when not in use!

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Equip your swim spa with the ultimate in protection with an End2End cover. Made with industry-leading safety for you and your family, these covers are the perfect addition to any backyard installation. Keep your water clean and create a safer environment for children, animals and guests. Each cover is crafted with energy-efficiency, durability and longevity at the forefront.

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