How To Create a Nature-Friendly Backyard Space


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All our lives we’re told our lawns have to be constantly maintained. Sometimes we’re even told that all the houses in the neighborhood must be uniform for curb appeal. However, doing so is not sustainable for the environment.

In today’s blog post, learn how to create a more nature-friendly backyard space.

Why Should I Create a Nature-Friendly Backyard Space?

Americans use almost 140 billion gallons of gas every year, which is already an unsustainable practice because gasoline is not a renewable resource and its production negatively impacts the environment because it releases pollution into the air.

A good chunk of that gasoline usage comes from mowing our lawns. Even though not mowing will not impact that 140 billion gallons number very much, every little bit counts. The less gasoline we can use, the more sustainable our habits are.

Turf lawn is not friendly for our pollinators. They lack things to pollinate, which is detrimental to our pollinators and us. Without pollination, most plants will cease to produce enough for humans to survive.

Where Should You Start?

First, you should decide how you want to make your backyard more nature-friendly.

Some options are:

  • replanting native plants,
  • growing your food,
  • placing paving, and
  • adding a patio.

You can also replace grass with a different ground cover, such as clover lawns and moss patches, which require less maintenance.

There are infinite options when it comes to changing your lawn. You could even do all of these if you want.

What Else Can You Do For Your Backyard?

Changing your lawn is not the only way to make a nature-friendly backyard.

Choose nature-friendly patio furniture. Instead of plastic chairs, choose sustainable materials for your furniture. Even recycled plastic is better than regular plastic. Wooden furniture from sustainable sources and companies that aim to reduce their carbon footprint is a great option.

Solar-powered lights use one of the most renewable forms of energy to charge. They will charge during the day and turn it on at night instead of being battery-powered or hooked to electricity.

Growing our food is more eco-friendly. It saves money and time driving to the grocery store and lets us eat food not treated with harsh chemicals.

If you want a home garden and are concerned about water use, you can collect rainwater to water your plants. Rainwater barrels can be easily bought or made. You just have to let them collect water.

If you live in a place that doesn’t get a lot of rain, there are drought-tolerant plants that you can grow. Plants like corn, quinoa, and many herbs do well in hot, dry environments. There are also strains of non-drought tolerant plants bred to be drought-tolerant.

A compost bin will also help you reduce the number of food scraps you throw away. Once your compost is ready, you can use it to help your garden thrive or give it away to someone who will use it.

Every Bit Counts When Making Nature-Friendly Backyard

Even if you can’t go fully nature-friendly for your yard, you can still implement things that help you start leaning that way.

You don’t have to replace your grass, start a garden, or collect rainwater to be sustainable. Choosing sustainable furniture options or having a compost bin is a step in the right direction.

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