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How often should I change the water?

No matter how often you use it or don’t use it, the water will only stay good in your spa for so long before you will need to change it. Of course, the less you use it means you will be able to go longer between changes, but at some point the water will need to be changed. It’s all about balance. As a rough guide - you will need to change the water in your spa between 2 and 4 months.

Will I need planning permission?

Most hot tubs and spas do not require planning permission, but planning permission may be required for any building in which a hot tub or spa is housed.

Health Benefits
What are the health benefits to owning a spa?

Hot tubs are a great way to relieve stress and can even help improve the quality of your sleep. The massaging jets combined with the heat help reduce tension, stress and anxiety. Reduces arthritic and chronic pain. Lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels. The invigorating jets with help improve your circulation and promote healthier, Younger Looking Skin.

Do hot tubs and spas require plumbing?

No. A standard garden hose should be used to fill and top up the device when required.

What is the approximate running costs of my Spa?

The average running cost of each spa is approximately $1.00 per day. This averages out over the year – it may be slightly more in the winter and less in the summer. The control system is built so that it learns how frequently the heater needs to come on to heat – so it will come in more frequently in the winter than it will in the summer!

Placing your spa
Where should I put it?

Hot tubs and spas should have a clear space of 1m on all sides if possible to ensure enough space to the device for maintenance. Reduced space may be possible on up to two sides. Hot tubs and spas must not be positioned under overhead wires or near electrical appliances.