4 Fun Lighting Ideas For Your Outdoor Hot Tub


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When people think about hot tub accessories, they probably don’t think about lighting. However, lighting is one of the most useful accessories to any outdoor hot tub.

Lighting will not only make your backyard more radiant but also make your backyard feel cozier and safer.

Strategic outdoor lighting will set the mood for your hot tub and the surrounding area, whether you want a more vibrant feel or a secluded, romantic getaway to sneak off to.

1. String Lights

String lights have become a popular outdoor lighting solution because of their availability and versatility. There are many uses for string lights, but our favorite is to use them in trees.

If you have a tree in your backyard that you would like to highlight, try wrapping string lights around its branches.

If you would like to bring a more comforting feel to your backyard, try stringing some classic string lights across the top of your fence if you have one.

Alternatively, installing hanging poles can help you to raise the lights higher and create more illumination.

String lights come in a wide variety of light temperatures so you can create the exact ambiance you want!

2. Mason Jar Lighting

Mason jars are affordable items that are not often associated with lighting. However, if you’re into DIY projects, you can use mason jars for a rustic outdoor lighting solution. All you will need is brown twine and a few mason jars.

Tie the string around the jars to create a hanger and place them around your yard. When the time comes for a little extra light, you can insert tea lights inside them.

3. Rope Lights

Rope lights are a string of lights encased in plastic tubing. They excel at lighting pathways in backyards, and because they are covered by a plastic tube, they are far more durable than other pathway lighting solutions.

To utilize rope lights as pathway lighting, you’ll need some metal fasteners to keep them in place along the path. All the effort of securing them along the pathway will pay off in the end because you won’t need to worry about ever readjusting them.

4. Metal Fire Pits

Metal fire pits are both functional and decorative. The best way to utilize a metal fire pit is to make it the center of your backyard. You can place it on top of a brick patio surrounded by chairs to give a cozier feeling.

You can even place your fire pit near your hot tub so when you get out, you’ll be able to stay warm by the fire!

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