3 Best Healthy Living Tips For Spending More Time at Home



Staying healthy isn’t always easy, and when you’re stuck inside most of the time because of quarantine, the weather, or other situations it can feel downright impossible.

But it doesn’t have to be!

There are many things you can do while staying indoors that can keep your lifestyle healthy and happy, and many of them don’t take a lot of time or investment.

The couch and the fridge may be calling your name all the time, but sticking to some healthy routines will pay off when you’re able to get out regularly again and the weather clears up.

Here are a few simple things you can do to keep yourself healthy and happy while living a quarantined lifestyle.

1. Keep Getting Exercise

Exercising doesn’t have to stop just because you don’t have access to a gym.

The great spaces of your backyard or neighborhood can be easily conducive to exercise, and if you have enough space in your house to do some jumping around and strength training, you don’t even need that.

You don’t even need fancy equipment to keep up your own exercise routine at home. If you want to strength train, try bodyweight exercises or find household items that have some heft to them.

Lifting jugs of milk or water, or canned goods, or even your toddler or cat can provide some great strength training exercises.

You can walk or dance around the house as you are doing chores, or take a walk or jog around your neighborhood if the weather is nice (just remember to keep your distance from others).

If you have children or pets, keeping up with activity like this can be healthy for the whole family.

Another approach to exercising from the comfort of your home is using a swim spa. Swim spas are designed and engineered with exercise and wellness in mind.

Whether you utilize the open-concept tank area for a variety of muscle-building floor exercises, or engage the swim jet for a calorie-burning swim, walk or jog, your swim spa can provide the perfect addition to just about any healthy lifestyle.

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2. Stay Connected

While you may not be able to visit friends and family as much as you like, it’s important for your health to continue to stay connected to people as much as possible.

The phone and the internet, thankfully make it much easier these days to keep those connections going even when we’re not in person.

Reach out when you need to talk to someone, or even when you don’t, you can simulate some social times like you had before.

Set up a video conference call and have a drink or a meal together while chatting about what’s going on. This is also a great time to get closer to your immediate family. Prioritize making time for more conversation with the people you live with.

If you have an outdoor hot tub or spa, that presents a fantastic opportunity for face-to-face time.

3. Enjoy Your Space

Focus on enjoying the space that you have. Have you been holding off on a project that will make your home space happier? Now’s a great time to do it.

Have you been thinking about enhancing your outdoor space, or investing in your lifestyle? Looking at and planning for buying a hot tub can be fun for the whole family.

Your home can be an oasis with everything you need to live a healthy, happy lifestyle. You can create a paradise even in your own backyard.

Staying Healthy and Happy in San Francisco Bay Area, California

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