How Hot Tubs Can Help Back Pain: Stretches, Relaxation & More!


How long can I stay inside a hot-tub

The hustle and bustle of everyday life is sure to leave us feeling stressed out and tired every now and then. At the end of a long work day, your work might not end at home.

You might have to drive a long commute through traffic, cook dinner for the kids, water your plants, and take care of any other house chore that slipped through the cracks.

And on top of all that, your back is killing you from crouching at a desk all day, doing housework, and not having enough time to stretch and exercise your body.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution to your stress and back pain. It takes minimal effort to jump into your hot tub or swim spa for a few minutes or longer. A nice, long soak in a hot tub or swim spa is a great way to decompress and relax after a hard day.

How Hot Tubs Help with Back Pain

Back pain affects people from all ages, sizes, and incomes. You might wonder why you have back pain at the age of 30. The truth is, you’re not alone. Back pain doesn’t discriminate, and it doesn’t only affect people over the age of 60.

Close to 65 million Americans reported experiencing back pain recently, and 41% of those Americans were between 18 to 44 years old.

While there are many different ways to address back pain, none are as convenient and relaxing as sitting or stretching in a hot tub. Here are some ways that regular use of a hot tub helps with back pain:


Warm water encourages better blood flow and circulation to your muscles and joints. The warmth relaxes your muscles and promotes tissue healing by bringing nutrients to injured tissue.


Hot tub jets massage your achy muscles from the comfort of your own home. Jets and their varied pressures improve back mobility and flexibility, ease tension, and reduce inflammation.


Hot tubs increase buoyancy, or the ability to float. That’s why you feel lighter in a hot tub than on solid ground – the water reduces your body weight while you’re submerged, or partially submerged. People with back pain experience pain almost every time they use their muscles.

The buoyancy of a hot tub supports your back muscles and reduces pressure, soothing your back.


Hot tubs aren’t just meant for entertainment. There’s a reason why we feel so great after a soak in a hot tub – it’s therapeutic. Hydrotherapy, also known as water therapy or hydropathy, is the use of water to maintain health and treat diseases or ailments.

It’s also one of the oldest forms of therapy, used in Ancient China, Egypt, Greece and India.

Hydrotherapy entails the use of water in many forms and temperatures, including hot, cold, steam, and ice baths. Overall, hydrotherapy has been known to improve immunity and to manage pain, anxiety, obesity, and fatigue.

How Our Hot Tubs’ Features Help With Back Pain

We carry a variety of quality hot tubs from industry-leading brands. Each one has unique features that help with back pain.

Bullfrog® Spas

Bullfrog® Spas boast the largest number of jets out of all our hot tubs with their unique JetPak Therapy System. Each individual seat in the hot tub is an interchangeable jetted spa seat, with 16 JetPaks to choose from.

With unique customizations and massage options, the BullFrog Spas offer flexible relaxation options to assist with back pain.

Nordic Hot Tubs™

Nordic Hot Tubs™ offer a Dual Therapy System (DTS™) that combines Direct Pressure Massage and High Volume Whirlpool Therapy. The Nordic Star™ Whirlpool Jet swirls water into a gentle, circular flow to soothe your muscles.

The water helps to release lactic acid, which your muscles build up after being overworked. These hot tubs have different jet sizes to choose from, and the adjustable jets allow for a unique massage experience every time.

Sundance® Spas

Another leader in the hot tub industry, Sundance® Spas have unique Patented Fluidix® jets. These high-quality jets are individually designed to perform a specific type of massage action. Some jets, such as the air-only jet streams, offer a delicate massage, while other jets offer stronger, kneading massages to soothe and relax your back muscles.

Another great aspect about the Fluidix® jets is their resilience. The bearings on these jets don’t clog or wear out, ensuring your muscles receive consistent care.

Some models, including the Maxxus® Hot Tub, have Silent Air® Injector Jets that are air-only. These jets give a soft-tissue massage that gently soothes your muscles.

Stretches That Help With Back Pain

Stretches are important for proper muscle health and maintenance. Stretching regularly helps to:

  • Reduce muscle tension in muscles that support your spine;
  • Improve flexibility;
  • Reduce the chance of joint pain, muscle strains, and muscle damage;
  • Maintain muscle strength;
  • Improve mobility; and
  • Reduce serious health effects that can result from back pain.

But, we know that the thought of stretching might seem tedious and painful, especially if you have chronic back pain. The good news is that it’s actually easier to stretch in a hot tub than on solid ground. The hot water makes your body more receptive to stretching, as your muscles loosen up and become more flexible.

Since water also carries more resistance, you get more benefits out of any movement when you’re in a hot tub. This is a great reason to consider purchasing a larger hot tub, like the Bullfrog Spa® R8, which has an open layout and premium corner seats. Another large hot tub option is the Sundance® Spa Aspen®, which is big enough to seat 8 people, and has grab bars to help you feel more supported while you stretch.

Here are some stretches you can try in your hot tub to help soothe back pain:

  1. Lower Back Stretch

Sit upright with your knees bent towards your chest. Holding that position, slowly lean forward and rest your hands on your legs for support. You should feel a bit of tightness in your lower back as you lean forward. Once you feel that tightness, hold that position for 10-30 seconds.

  1. Neck Stretch

Place your fingertips behind your head, with your elbows facing forward, while sitting upright. Gently press your head downwards to feel a juicy stretch at the back of your neck.

  1. Hamstring Stretch

Did you know that tight hammies contribute to lower back pain? To stretch out your hamstrings, sit upright and bring one knee to your chest. Grab onto the outside or your foot, ankle, or calf and extend that leg out as straight as possible, without causing pain. Hold this for 10-30 seconds, and repeat on the other side.

  1. Side Stretch

Sit upright with proper posture. Raise your arms over your head and clap your hands together over your head. Lean to one side, keeping your arms straight, until you feel a deep stretch on your side body. Hold for 10-30 seconds, then repeat on the other side.

  1. Seated Twist

Sit upright with your back straight and your shoulders broad. Hold the edge of the hot tub or grab bars to feel supported as you twist towards one side. Hold this stretch for 10-30 seconds, and be

  1. Shrugs

Sit upright with your arms relaxed by your sides. Raise your shoulders up towards your ears, and hold for 10 seconds. Lower your shoulders as far down as you can, breathing in and out through your nose throughout both movements. Repeat this movement as many times as you’d like.

Remember, stretches are supposed to feel therapeutic, not painful. While it’s normal to feel a little bit of tension when you stretch, make sure you don’t overexert yourself. If you feel pain while you stretch, either take a break or reduce the depth of your stretch.

Swim Spas

Our Hydropool Swim Spas offer the benefits of a hot tub with the freedom and openness of a swimming pool. With jets that provide a natural current, you can float and move around with ease while you exercise. The current also reduces pressure in your back muscles.

Swim spas are a great option for movement, exercise and stretching, since the large layout makes it easier to move freely. Our swim spa models can reach temperatures of 95 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to ease muscle tension like a hot tub would. Additionally, the energy efficiency of these pools ensures that you don’t get stuck with an expensive heating bill.

Here are some examples of our swim spas that could help soothe back pain:

AquaTrainer 14 AX: This swim spa features thigh/abductor jets that massage your lower body, as well as two hydrotherapy massage seats. Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated lower body massage while having the option to exercise and play on your own or with family.

Executive Trainer 16Ex: This swim spa has V-Twin Jet technology to optimize water flow, as well as ergonomically positioned jets to give you relaxing hydro massages on any part of your body. Enjoy a swim with some resistance from the water, then wind down with a jet massage, all in one place.

Shop Hot Tubs in San Francisco Bay Area

Hot tubs and swim spas offer countless benefits to your health. Notably, the therapeutic aspects of hot tubs and swim spas, including pressure jets, hot water, and buoyancy help to soothe back pain.

If you’re ready to invest in your health and soothe back pain with one of our hot tubs, check out our products page for a detailed list of different hot tubs for sale. And, don’t just take our word for it. Check out our customer reviews to learn why our clients love our hot tubs and swim spas. You can also find more helpful articles about hot tub maintenance and lifestyle on our blog.

If you have any questions about our products, we’re always here to help. Contact us via phone or email, or visit us in-store at our showroom in San Francisco Bay Area, California.


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