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Jacuzzi® Hot tubs – J-470

Hot tubs

Jacuzzi’s engineers designed the J-470 hot tub to be inviting to as varied a crowd as possible. Keeping this versatility in mind throughout the design process produced a large hot tub that can seat six to seven adults. While the seats themselves are positioned at various depths, all have easy access to the Jacuzzi PowerPro IX foot massaging jets that guarantee an especially sensual hydrotherapeutic experience.  This luxuriously spacious hot tub features 39 jets in total and with each one strategically coordinated, these marvels of engineering promise to deliver you and your party a particularly thorough hot tub therapy session. From the signature Jacuzzi 50/50 air-to-water ratio that will diffuse your stresses to the enhanced interior LED lighting system that will captivate your senses, the Jacuzzi J-470 hot tub is the ultimate aquatic remedy for tension relief. 

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