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Luxury Backyard Centerpiece

The A8D is an exclusive 2-lounge layout with refined features, maximum therapy options and a distinctive style. This layout is so popular it has been one of the top-sellers for nearly a decade. This is a spacious and relaxing 5-6 person hot tub with 5 unique JetPaks. The premium bent knee lounger can be outfitted with your favorite JetPak, and includes wrist, hip, calf, and foot jets to create a total relaxation experience. The unique dual lounge seats and assortment of massage types make this spa the ultimate therapy experience.

Seats: 5-6
Size: 94" x 94" x 38"
Lounge: Yes
Price Range:

JetPak Therapy System®

The JetPak Therapy System helps you design your perfect hot tub experience with a personalized feel. You select your favorite massages. You place them in your favorite seats. You dial in the therapy intensity so it feels best for you. There is simply no comparison for a truly personlized hot tub experience.

Jetpak Therapy System
Outdoor Hot Tub Set Up

Stunning Design

A Series hot tubs by Bullfrog Spas are designed to be beautiful and comfortable. The sleek design enhances the ambience of your yard and compliments your home and decor. Ergonomic layouts ensure each seat offers you a unique bio-engieered massage sensation. You will be proud to show your Bullfrog Spa as a centerpiece of your backyard landscape design.

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11 Reviews
Susan C.
2 years
Hit with Parties

I like to use the spa almost every day and it’s great, but it’s a real hit with parties.

Caryn G.
3 years
We love our spa

Have had our spa for over a year now and really enjoy it. All the different jets make it so nice to get relief from pains where you need them. Have recommended to our friends and family

Lee P.
3 years
Best in biz

You’ll not find anything like a Bullfrog Spa anywhere. From incredible design, innovative, yet practical, to superior service, Bullfrog is the best!

Daniel S.
3 years
Exactly as advertised

Not often do you really get an item that performs as advertised. However, with our A8D you couldn’t want for more. It makes me laugh every time I see those ridiculous competitors putting TVs in their spas to take your mind off the fact that it’s a crappy spa. I believe that your company is so far ahead of the competition because you truly have a better mousetrap!

Let me say this in closing. I was hesitant about purchasing anything at this price point, but after a year with it and the see the detail y’all thought about even for the conduit wiring I must say your just stupid not to buy one if you in the market.

Carter P.
3 years
I love my Bullfrog

I had this spa installed as a therapeutic element for my everyday life. As a retired professional dancer, it is important for me to maintain my flexibility, and I begin my day with a cup of coffee and a 30 minute soaking, moving from station to station. This is my daily maintenance; you could say my life blood! It has helped tremendously, and contributes greatly to my spirit and love of life. I couldn’t imagine my life now without it! I marvel and the engineering of the jet pacs design in it’s simplicity of function. How great to eliminate all those individual hoses, making repair/maintenance easier and more foolproof.

3 years
Lives up to expectations

We have had the tub 8AD since 11/16 and use it frequently prior to working out early in the morning . Wow what a great increase in quality of life this tub makes. Look forward to many more years. The jets massage are wonderful.

4 years
I am so relaxed! Thank you!

I can’t tell you how much better I feel. Our new spa has relieved my joints and helped me fall asleep better. My husband and I adore the 2 recliner seats in our spa. We can lay back and relax our whole body while we chat about our day. It’s just been so great!

James W.
4 years
Great spa

My wife and I love our 8AD, we can both lounge at the same time. I’m very happy with the jet packs we purchased. Spinal health and gyrossage are amazing. Neck blaster and neck masseuse are good as well. Just not designed for tall people like myself. I’m 6’4″ even in the deep seat I can’t utilize the jet pack completely. The quality is very noticeable, I shopped around and wet tested every available hot tub in my area. Bullfrog was the best of the best I kept comparing every other hot tub to the bullfrogs. I’m a true believer that you get what you pay for and I think I got more than I paid for from my 8AD.

Carie S.
4 years
Best spa ever!

It is amazing the difference the plumbing makes! The 90% less hoses makes the jets more powerful than I have ever experienced. I love that we got to customize every seat! The design of bullfrog spas is superior to its copetitors, I checked! All that plus it was more affordable. I will recommend bullfrog to anyone thinking of investing in a spa.

Sande H.
4 years
We love our spa

Dear Bullfrog we love our spa. We love your service and your guarantee behind it. You have been wonderful to work with. Thank you so very much.
It’s the best thing since sliced bread… Happy Holidays.

Ronna O.
4 years
Love Our Bullfrog Saltwater Spa

Plenty of room, easy to keep clean and has powerful jets. Love it!

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