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Luxury Backyard Centerpiece

The A8L is a roomy 7-person therapy hot tub with a variety of seating options for total relaxation. The comfortable seats include a premium bent-knee lounger and a therapeutic corner captain’s chair, along with your choice of 6 unique JetPaks. This spa has a therapy options to suit every need, yet maintains ample space for socializing. The A8L offers a you a different hydrotherapy experience in each seat. It’s also great for couples that prefer a variety of seating options. Pick your favorite seat and enjoy.

Seats: 6+
Size: 94" x 94" x 38"
Lounge: Yes
Price Range:

JetPak Therapy System®

The JetPak Therapy System helps you design your perfect hot tub experience with a personalized feel. You select your favorite massages. You place them in your favorite seats. You dial in the therapy intensity so it feels best for you. There is simply no comparison for a truly personlized hot tub experience.

Stunning Design

A Series hot tubs by Bullfrog Spas are designed to be beautiful and comfortable. The sleek design enhances the ambience of your yard and compliments your home and decor. Ergonomic layouts ensure each seat offers you a unique bio-engieered massage sensation. You will be proud to show your Bullfrog Spa as a centerpiece of your backyard landscape design.

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14 Reviews
Steve F.
3 months
A great 6 months!

We have had our spa for a little over 6 months and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The jet packs allowed us to custom design our spa and are great. After getting used to how to treat the water properly and adjust for certain issues, the care has been fairly easy. Emptying, cleaning the filters and spa, and then refilling again is painless. We highly recommend Bullfrog spas and would make the purchase again!

Landon M.
4 months
Best Quality Hot Tub and Big Energy savings!

I used to have a Hotspring spa but it broke down after about 5 years. Just bought this new Bullfrog spa and the difference in quality is huge. The bullfrog is far superior and my energy bill is half the amount on the same size tub. I couldn’t be happier with the service from Paradise Valley Spas. Delivery and customer service made the entire process easy.

Michael James
4 months
Massage 3 days a week and a dream backyard

My wife and I soak in our hot tub at least 3 days a week. We both feel more rested in the morning and love not having to fight over the neck blaster jetpack. We each have our own. Highly recommend this hot tub!

Bruce C.
5 months
A8L leisure in the backyard

I can’t say enough great things about this spa. We love the fact you can change the backpacks and more than one location to adjust the sides. What was very interesting was how little the impact was on our hydro bill. We live in an area were we are charged low and peak rates. After we moved them around we have settled on our preferred layout. Our spa is outside under a gazebo with our deck wrapped around it. We love it, especially the screens to keep the mosquitoes out. We are in it 4-5 times a week, it is great after going for a run. It is nice to able to change the ambient lighting color. The combination of the two pumps, two speeds and volume control at each seat gives an infinite range of adjustments, in combination with the different back packs and the ability to move them, and even buy more its yours spa designed your way to enjoy. And we do. Cheers

Gregory K.
1 year
Great spa! long as you don't need pillows.

I knew I was paying a premium for higher quality materials and innovative design. What I didn’t expect was for the pillows to deteriorate so quickly and cost $88/each to replace! We also had a headrest clip break, which is only a few dollars to replace but somehow also isn’t covered by the warranty. The headrest mount that came loose was supposedly under warranty, but we never heard back about a replacement part and it really doesn’t matter at the moment since our pillows are unusable. Maybe once we finish paying off the spa I’ll feel more amenable to spending another $500+ on replacement parts.

Some might say that the issue with pillows deteriorating applies to all spa manufacturers, but my Cal Spa pillows lasted much longer and were less than half the price to replace. Is it unfair to expect more from a luxury product?

The other reason why I’m rating the A8L three stars is the “premium audio”, which doesn’t feel very premium. The remote doesn’t work reliably farther than a few feet from the control panel, so don’t expect to change the volume or song from any other seat than the lounger. Our remote got condensation inside when we left it in the rain, so it’s certainly not sealed.

I’ve also noticed that the Bluetooth connection cuts out if the phone/device is farther than a few feet away. For reference, Bluetooth audio devices can commonly work from 20+ feet away.

Having small speakers mounted around the tub is certainly nice but, in hindsight, I should have invested the cost of premium sound into an outdoor sound system that would provide less limited distance for the remote and connected devices.

I do love the spa itself. The jet configurations provide excellent variety and we have not had any issues with the actual tub or plumbing hardware. With a few accessory improvements, I’d definitely recommend the A8L.

Joe A.
1 year
Wear and tear

We really enjoy our spa. We are disappointed with the way the headrests have held up. They began peeling and breaking down in less than a year. We ordered replacements but the pool place ordered the wrong ones and now no longer sell the product and will not exchange for us.

Matthew T.
1 year
Overall Love Our Spa

Overall, we love our spa and use it a lot. The ability to move the jet packs and adjust the settings on the jets is awesome and we probably move them around monthly. The only real problem that we have had is that the speakers have had issues multiple times. I like having the bluetooth sync up and play music, but after all is said and done I would recommend buying a waterproof speaker and using that instead of buying speakers.
Other tips: Use the concrete company suggested by your retailer. We had someone else do it and they did not get the incline right and it caused a lot of problems and cost. Use someone who will get it right.
Second, as mentioned above, don’t buy speakers.

1 year
Great features not matched by competitors

We love this hot tub, being able to switch the jet packs out is just an awesome feature and give you so many choices.

Arun M.
1 year
My Bullfrog Spa

Our hot tub or spa is an amazing product. The different jet packs available really allow you to choose where you want to maximize your massage! So far it has been easy to maintain with some trips to the dealer to check water sample. I highly recommend this spa which is more than just a hot tub!

Joe C.
1 year
A8L BE Wisconsin Review

We had a high end outdoor hottub for 18 years and we love our new BullFrog Spa. The solid base and exterior has eliminated our mouse issues such we had in our last spa. There is plenty of power for all of the seats, and variability of jet groups via jet packs is a great concept. We are a tall family with 3 of us over 6ft, and other than the neck jet pack, they all work well for us. (Seats could be a little deeper, but we make due) Overall, we are very happy with our new investment.

Bruce O.
1 year
Jet Packs are a great idea

We really like the idea of the jet pack system – it made it very easy to customize the placement to optimize the tub experience. Overall we feel the tub has been a good purchase with many features better than what we had in our old spa.

Jay J.
2 years
Super Spa

We’ve owned spas for over 25 years and our Bullfrog spa is by far superior in every way!

Timothy T.
2 years
Our A8L Bullfrog is divine

First, getting a hot tub is quite a luxury for us. We never thought about getting one. My husband has had two back surgeries. He is better now but he does have bad sciatica on occasion. We researched hot tubs for almost a year. I have to say the one NAME brand was not very helpful. We felt rushed and did not trust the [email protected]$$i dealer. Then we went to Bullfrog and met Bryan in Westbury Long Island. He was professional, helpful, and patient with our decision. Bullfrog is a little more than other brands but it is a PREMIUM spa. The jet packs are wonderful because you can wet test and customize your spa, which we did. Our spa arrived Saturday. We have been in it every night. We are so happy with our A8L. From sale to delivery everything was perfect. We have no regrets and look forward to years of use. By the way, my husband says he sleeps so much better now and his back feels better. Don’t let other dealers try to tell you the jet packs are a gimmick. They are so nice and it’s great to make it your own personal spa. My only regret is I didn’t purchase it earlier.

J R.
3 years

This is an incredible hot tub. Our family loves it. It’s spacious and the seating is comfortable. It’s great for getting everyone together to chat or to slip away for a soothing solo soak. The lounge seat is incredibly relaxing with the Rainshower Jetpack. The corner seat opposite the lounge is also highly recommended with hand and calf jets. Love it! We could not be happier.

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