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The roomy Aspen® model has room for up to eight adults, the highest seating capacity from Sundance® Spas. This spa truly has the best of everything, from the most Fluidix™ jet variety available to illuminated grab bars. It’s also the only Sundance® spa with bench seating for a side-by-side massage session.

Seats: 6+
Size: 90" x 110" x 41.5"
Price Range:

The Power of Peace and Quiet

The 880 ™ Series by Sundance® Spas exemplifies everything you could possibly want in a hot tub. It offers superior hydrotherapy massage and filtration combined with silencing technology to ensure you and your neighbors can truly enjoy peace at home. SilentAir® injector jets deliver a soft tissue massage and optional SunScents™ aromatherapy to add another layer to your hot tub experience. With safety in mind, this series has illuminated grab bars, waterfall, and diverter knobs making it easier for you and your family to enter and exit the spa securely.

Advanced Hydrotherapy

Diverse seat options are designed to harmonize with your body, right down to the jetted footwell for your overtaxed feet. Exclusive aromatherapy-releasing air-only jets soothe your skin and your senses. A full-body Intelli-Jet™ Seat melts away stress and strain. And, the customer-favorite Accu-Ssage™ Therapy Seat delivers the deepest-immersion massage experience.

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23 Reviews
11 months
Love the variability of massaging options

We’ve had our Aspen for a few weeks now and are really enjoying it. The therapy for athlete’s aching muscles and just to relax on a cold fall night is wonderful.

11 months
Some good / some bad

some good, some disappointment. Mentioned disappointments on the Sundance website a week ago, but have not heard anything back.

Raymond 66
1 year
Awesome ergonomics and massage therapy!

This spa, is by far the nicest one we have owned. Roomy, comfortable and the diversity of massages is a home run. The clear ray and clear zone really work great on keeping my water clarity in check.

1 year
Great tub

The time came to replace our old spa that we absolutely loved. We truly use our spa every day year round. We needed a spa that could offer us true therapy. After looking around we finally took a test soak in the Aspen model. It offered everything we were looking for. After a month of use we now have a new favorite spa. We are so glad we made the purchase.

1 year
Awesome spa!

This is our first spa purchase after researching and testing the competition. We have a large family and wanted a large spa to hold everyone. We chose Sundance because the jets felt better than the competitor’s. Originally, our primary purpose was for leisure use, but we have found the jet therapy has been extremely beneficial after exercise. We each have a favorite seat that we use after golf or running. The jets hit right spot to soothe achy muscles. The spa has been popular with our kids and their friends too. It has room for all! Maintenance has been easy. We have owned this spa for over a year now. The red indicator light was come on once. The spa was quickly serviced and back in operation. Very satisified with this product.

Home Spa
2 years
Fantastic tub and dealer.

We love our new spa. The dealership treats us like family and supports all of our questions. Kids love the size and the “smelly bubbles” as they put it. Only small issue is turning off those little neck jets. Hard to turn the little knobs but manageable.

2 years
Big Tub great price

I am very happy with the purchase. The spa heats up quickly and runs so quietly you forget all your stresses.

2 years
Great features!

This tub is wonderful ! So many jets with different settings ! No matter where you sit you get a great massage ! The only negative is the head rest come off easily.

2 years
We wanted the best and we got the best!

Right from our initial fact finding visit to additional stops at the store for additional Q&A all the way to the delivery and set-up including learnings after use, Sundance Spa staff are professional and courteuos every step of the way. Not to mention, we are so happy with our spa!

2 years
Great Features! Kids love the new hot "POOL"

I bought this tub almost two months ago. Overall I have been very pleased with the purchase! The only few little minor things i would say is that the first day of delivery we did have a leak in the waterfall area of the LED which required my Local hot tub company to have to repair that piece of equipment. Did not hamper use of the hot tub so we got to enjoy it the first week or 2 before the repair was made. The Jets are amazing and very relaxing! I only wish there was a little bit more ambient light inside the tub.

2 years
Beautiful spa

I got this as a compromise between a swim spa and a hot tub spa since it is bigger and deeper. I have not had a chance to use it too much yet, but it is beautiful, and I hope will be deep enough to do at least some water exercise. I was told that the waterfall would work when the jets weren’t on, but that is not true. The jets have to be on for the waterfall to work. Also, since the spa is higher than traditional ones, I found that the steps it came with were not high enough (I have bad knees) so I ordered 4 tier steps with hand rails.

2 years
Happy with my Spa

We have had our new Sundance Aspen for a little over two months. The spa has been great and thus far we have no complaints. We enjoy the space that this model has, the kids can play a bit and we still fit with them and everyone has a place to relax. We have had a couple of teething events- minor issues that were covered no questions asked (like a sliver decorative ring coming off a jet, and some condensation in a control panel). The quality of the spa is apparent in daily use- its just comfortable to be in and everything is very solid feeling. We love the spa and are very happy with our purchase. We expect it to last a very long time.

3 years
ove my Sundance Aspen Spa!!!

I bought a new Aspen spa from Sundance Spas and LOVE IT. The purchase, delivery and set-up and go-live experience was terrific. They worked with me on several scheduling conflicts and did a terrific job in every instance. I could not have asked for better customer service and I am VERY happy with the product itself.

3 years
Sundance's Largest Spa The Maxxus

This is my second Sundance Spa. I love the size of the Maxxus as it is large enough for several people. I did not buy the lounger seat because ergonomicly its design was not comfortable. The jets are super powerful and feel great after a hard days work. I would always advise buying the biggest spa you can afford so multiple people can fit more comfortably. The two complaints I have with this spa are that the control pad is hard to use because it is Not designed properly. The symbols on the keypad are very cryptic. You need the manual to figure them out. It should be redesigned! Second, I have had a very hard time keeping the water clear and clean. My old Sundance had an “ozonator” which worked nicely. The newer spas do not use this system and I have to add chemicals more often. Overall, I love this spa and I love the size and power of it’s jets. I think it is the best spa on the market by far.

3 years
Very Nice but complicated

We had the Aspen delivered two weeks ago. It is delightful to have spa time before bed or during the day. We have pushed all the buttons and turned all the knobs and read the manual. I guess that over time we will understand most of the functions of the knobs and the different cycles of operation but it seems that the designers are function-happy. That usually translates into more likelihood of a breakdown at some point in my experience and is more confusing than it needs to be. A pictorial illustrating different combinations would be useful. Also, the locks for the cover straps are ridiculous and cheesy. I broke one of the plastic keys in one the second time I used it. A product this expensive should do better than that.

Paul Morrison
3 years
Amazing Experience & Spa

I purchased my spa about 5 weeks ago and absolutely love it. I had a great experience with the purchase through Performance Pool and Spa! I highly recommend them and ask for Seth (St.Cloud branch).

3 years
Great Jets

I got the Aspen and love the variety of jets from seat to seat. Let’s get the minor bumps out of the way: The knob for the waterfall broke right away, but was repaired free/quickly and chatting about chemicals/maintenance with the repairman was very useful. I’m actually grateful a minor part broke such that I could chat with a repairman as opposed to a salesman. Fortunately their outlook/recommendations proved pretty similar. Programming the circulation time and filter reminders is not intuitive. Have to have the book handy to know what button to push next. This really needs some upgrading. I’m curious what my next electric bill will be, because the brochure uses extreme low-ball assumptions, like 10 cents/KWH where my marginal increase in electricity usage is at 33 cents/KWH. But that’s minor stuff. The delivery and setup was wickedly smooth. The muscle-guys that push-pulled it to place were so great I tipped them. I Love the variety of jets from seat to seat, and I Love that it’s HUGE and I can stretch and float or throw a party.

4 years
Water Heater

The water heater to me is not big enough to heat such a large volume of water with the cover off in the Aspen model in winter conditions. We were in the tub and the outside temperature was 14 to 10 degrees, with all pumps OFF the water temperature dropped from 104 to 98. A Hot Tub is no fun if the water is not HOT. Is there any thing I can do to correct this problem? We have owned this Tub for about three months and this is the second HotTub that I have owned.

4 years
Just Lovin It

My wife and I recently purchased a new spa from Sundance Spas. It is our 3rd spa from Sundance and is one of the largest you can get. Called the Aspen. The staff at Sundance treat you like family. They are professional and know there product. Install and removal of existing spa was a breeze for there installers, they really knew there stuff. This spa is very quite and gentle with the jets it has and being large is nice with family. We continue to stop by Sundance to visit and purchase supplies. This Spa is very easy to maintain and would recommend Sundance Spas to anyone looking to relax in a hot tub spa.

4 years
There is a difference with Sundance!

The Sundance Aspen is clearly different and better than competitor spas. The specific action and position of each jet are designed to give real, beneficial massage over the whole body. Each seat position focuses on different massage points, targeting areas that are often sore, strained or tense. We sleep so much better after soaking. The quality and simplicity of fixtures is also better than other brands. Others feel like they will snap or fall apart when you adjust them. Sundance Aspen is well-built! We enjoy our spa even more than we thought we would when we bought it. Literally minutes of maintenance over a week- much less than other chlorine or bromine-based sanitizing systems. Crystal clear water and no chemical smell in the tub or on your skin or clothes.

5 years

If music is even on your radar, you must buy the music package! Ear “level” speaker positioning permits listening to music. You can not hear music if played through nearby speakers with the bubbles and jets running.

5 years

We have only had our hot tub since August 2014 but we love it. The different jets give our bodies the best massage, nothing seems to compare. After a long day at work we all race out to unwind. We’ve entertained quite a few people already and look forward to our winter bliss. Thank you Sundance spa.

5 years
If You Want The BEST Hot Tub!!!

If you are looking for the best hot tub made And the absolute best service around, then you should buy your hot tub from Sundance Spas. Look at the rest but buy the BEST, and the best would be Sundance Spas. You will not be disappointed with the service that you get. They treat you like family, not a customer. They are no pushy salespeople here!! Just honest, down to earth, hard working people! They will answer any question that you have, and take the time to explain every little detail to you. Don and Diane and their staff are truly people that you will want to deal with! Don’t delay if your thinking of a new hot tub go see Don & Diane at Sundance Spas, I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed!!!!

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