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Backyard Centerpiece

With room for up to seven adults, the Chelsee® spa offers the highest seating capacity in the 780™ Series and features the widest variety of specialized seats. In this spacious model, you’ll enjoy exclusive stress-melting Fluidix® Jets, which can be adjusted for high- and low-impact, making it the perfect place to unwind.

Seats: 6+
Size: 89" x 89" x 36"
Price Range:

Enhance Your Life

The 780™ Series is designed to enhance your life. We combined new technologies with old-fashioned know-how to craft intuitive outdoor hot tubs that are a delight to use, with low profiles and a variety of seats to create the perfect oasis.

Advanced Hydrotherapy

A variety of specialized seats throughout the Chelsee® are designed to make pain, stress and tension simply fade away. Ease into the series-exclusive SMT Seat, which captures the feeling of a hands-on massage for your neck and back. The deep-tissue pressure in the Accu-Pressure™ Seat is designed to banish fatigued muscles, stress and tension. And, a low profile foot dome relieves foot fatigue for full-body comfort from any seat.

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30 Reviews
9 months
Wonderful spa!

This was our first spa for our family of 4! We could not be more happier! At this post we have had the unit for 7 months. With the clear Rey system you don’t need to be constantly checking chlorine levels. I do twice a week ( once if we don’t use much) and add a tablespoon of chlorine granular after each use. We love the size and the efficiency of the Chelse! Make sure you get the drink holder insert that sits on top of the filter housing! Great for holding those beverages! Wonderful size for 4 adults! No footsie playing!

1 year
Nice spa

My wife and I bought this spa a couple months ago and we’ve had it for about a month and love it!

1 year
Absolutely love the multiple Jets and features.

We purchased the Sundance spa from Big Sky Spas in Billings MT, in December. Big Sky Spas was magnificent, from initial contact, through delivery and set up they were incredible. The weather didn’t cooperate but that didn’t stop the Big Sky Spa people. Will be life long customers of Big Sky Spas and Sundance Spas.

1 year
Great spa - good value!

Love the spa in every way except one. The large raised foot massage unit in the bottom interferes with my ability to do exercises that I did in my previous spa which had a flat bottom. Love the fact that it does not have a lounge. The seats are designed so that no lounge is necessary and a lounge would be wasted space for me.Great spa – good value!

1 year

The spa was delivered on time and it has been fantastic.

There was not a lot of information on how to use the spa. The chemicals that came with the spa did not match the instruction sheet so we were confused on what to do.

Very disappointed in the controls. It would be go to have them backlit when using the spa at night. We keep turning down the tempature when we want to turn on the jets.

Spa man
1 year
Our second Sundance spa

We just purchased our second Sundance hot tub about a month ago. The hot tub which we replace was over seventeen years old. The new hot tub, the Chelsee is very similar to our old one. We liked the features of our old one and this newer version has better light features, a waterfall and is quieter than our old one. We are extremely happy with this hot tub and hope to get at least seventeen years out of this one.

1 year
Chelsee-Good Choice

I owned an Optima spa prior and loved it, however it was getting very old and I needed to upgrade. I was not looking to spend as mush so the dealer and I talked about the Chelsee which is what I settled on. glad I did it has everything I wanted and more. It was actually an upgrade from mu old Optima. I am having a slight issue with the control pad it is hard to press the buttons, however the dealer is going to be replacing it so no biggie.

2 years
Comfortable with Great Overall Features

Had my Chelsee Spa a month now. Very professional installation and everything worked as advertised. Dan, at Paradise Valley Spas, was the salesman and very helpful on starting up the Spa with the right chemicals. Got mine balanced quickly and been using it ever since almost nightly. Just great to be in it after a long day or my long bike ride to relax and get some hydrotherapy. Would recommend the dealer and this Spa to anyone looking for a quality unit.

joe m
2 years
Our second sundance

After 18 years, our Optima was worn out. We replaced the Optima with a Chelsea. We like the maintenance free exterior compared to the real redwood cedar that was on our previous spa. Our only recommendation would be to illuminate the buttons on the control panel so they are visible at night.

2 years
Very relaxing

Its so nice to sit out under the stars and relax with my wife and a cool beverage. We like to turn the lights off and look at the stars. Then get out, and crawl into bed. So easy to fall asleep and have a great nights rest. Seems to sooth the minor aches and pains of the day too. Well worth the money.

2 years
Quality, functional, and feature rich!

We are about a month into our new tub, a Sundance Chelsee, purchased from Sunspa. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, with great insight into the industry while at the same time not saying anything negative about other tubs or manufacturers. Very competitive price, excellent service delivery and follow up. Thanks Sunspa!

2 years
Great spa

This spa was delivered on Sept 1st. It’s a great spa but It had 3 issues. The bluewave trim keeps falling off, three of the jet trims kept flying off, and the new control buttons are hard to push. These buttons are flat with no bubbles underneath, like the model we looked at in the showroom.we reported these problems but they haven’t been resolved yet.

2 years
Sundance Chelsee

I have had the tub a month with some start up issues. One was frustrating in that the lights didn’t work and repair had to come out and work directly with sundance to resolve it. There was also a weird orange greasy ring at the water line when I filled and started the tub. I had washed it off a few times and a It went away but came back two weeks later (much lighter). many of the little jets blew off and had to be screwed back in.

bullseye snowprincess
2 years
Fantastic Value for all the features included!

This Sundance Chelsee Spa replaces our older model Sundance Marguis of 20 yrs. We use our tub outdoors year round in Utah with most likely 300 days uses per year. The Chelsee is almost the same floor plan with an added waterfall and light show features . The only main difference is that it is not quite as deep as our shoulders are above water unlike the older version. Backyards of America sold us both of the units and delivered and setup, the Chelsee was delivered and setup within 3 days of purchase by a great group of people.

Bart Roberts
2 years
Sundance Spas have gotten even better!

This is our second Sundance spa, replacing our Optima from the early 2000’s. Believe me, I shopped around then and I shopped around this time as well, just to do my due diligence. Nothing even comes close to Sundance spas. And in the time from our first one to this one, they have made them even better. Quiet, powerful jets, easier access to the equipment section, more lights, a trouble LED on the front, easy to use keypad…

Just a great spa all around! I recommend the Sundance spa AND our local dealer to all of my friends contemplating purchasing a spa of their own.

Lisamjay56 ·
2 years
Love my spa

Purchased our spa approx 3 weeks ago and we love it. Our main reason for buying a Spa was because I have terrible bursittis in both hips and I used to soak overnight in my bathtub with epsom salts for relief before bed. Well now I am giving my bathtub the cold shoulder and relaxing and easing my pain in the hot tub and it has worked wonderfully. I am now sleeping so much better after about 20 minutes in the hot tub just before bed Best decision ever made and Sundance was great to deal with. Delivery and set up went swimmingly. Thank You Sundance

Big Virg
2 years
Finally replace my Spa Tropics from 1994

Finally replace my Spa Tropics from 1994 to 10-2017 It was a great spa. Way to many functions to mention. Kid b-days. etc. Rebuilt to exterior supports 5 years ago. Install a new control panel 8 years ago. Pretty good for a 24 year old spa……………..

Shopped a few others in town. To many things to think about. Lower power motors.. ? Jets. No spas to try out on the a few dollar less. and smaller. Great products in the past. Hope the new one las the same. Big Virg

Chris B
3 years

I have had my Chelsee about 10 months and it is perfect for me. Easy to maintain, great size and life didn’t get any better during the winter than sitting in a 104 degree water with forty jets. I did a lot of research prior to my purchase and believe that I made the right buy. A great hot tub is not going to be cheap and you get what you pay for. I made the right choice. It is perfect.

3 years
Loving our Sundance Spa!

We narrowed down our spa search to Sundance and a competitor. We chose Sundance due to their customer service history, the knowledge, friendliness and honest dealer at Sunspa Calgary. Not a day has gone by without taking advantage of a nice soak in the spa. The care for the Sundance Spa has been very easy. The Spa we purchased is the Chelsea. For my husband, my two teenage boys and myself it’s the perfect size, perfect jet placement and very comfortable seating. Highly recommend buying a Sundance Spa.

4 years
Very happy with our new spa!

We got our spa up and running about 2 weeks ago and are very pleased with it. It is very powerful and so far is fairly easy to maintain and adjust chemicals. Operation is very simple and we love the lighting at night. The foot well is very spacious and makes moving around in the spa very easy. We love it and would recommend it to anyone considering this model.

4 years

It is amazing to go spa-ing at night. Turn the lights off, stare at the stars. Very peaceful. And when you have 14! jets on your back and body it is even better! We absolutely love the spa. I do wish someone would come up with an automatic system built into the spa to add chemicals… but otherwise it is great. We have shared it with family and friends and everyone is pleased. So glad we bought this product.

4 years
Worth every cent!

We’ve had the spa for two months – and love that there are reflexology jets where ever you sit! A few things that would make it better – if ALL the jets worked at any speed, and if if ALL the jets were adjustable. Also, only one tub comes with wood along the top. We liked the styling of that case (it didn’t look so much like a bathtub), but it only fit one style tub which didn’t work for us – so we sacrificed style for function.

4 years
Overall, happy with purchase with some caveats

The spa seems to operate perfectly. The heater works to heat the water, pretty fast. The jets are super powerful and so relaxing. We have had it for 3 months now with no real problems. Little things we did have trouble with were the cushions and screws for the main panel. The first time we when in 2 cushions popped off and I could not get them to stay. My dealer did replace a cushion for me and it does stay on a little better(but still pops off from time to time). I think the connecter on the cushions are not long enough to stay securely in place. I did heat one with a blow dryer and it did help to conform the cushion. Another thing was the threading on the screws or screw hole seem like they could easily strip. Sundance gives you screws, that you could do by hand, but do not go in smooth. The electrician advised me to stick with regular screws that come with the spa when shipped, because he felt the replacements were too long and not threaded correctly. Anyway, overall we love the spa and the main things that really count are great. The spa also looks awesome, we got the midnight with coastal color combination.

p.s. There is a learning curve to getting the chemicals right. The beginner kit that comes with is not good. The water was cloudy within days. I did some reading and got a good supply on hand and now have crystal clean water. It does get easier and more enjoyable, once you know what your doing. Happy hot tubbing!

4 years
New owner

Great spa and am enjoying it. Most impressed with the service provided. I have been in the spa every day this year.

Retired Sgt Bob
5 years
Nice Hot Tub!

We replaced our Bahia with our new Chelsea model from Sundance Spas. We love the new L.E.D. lights and the many jets. We have only been in it a couple of times due to the hot summer temps but look forward to the cooler fall and winter dips! The installation was flawless and it is pretty easy to keep it clean.

5 years
Great addition to the backyard

Adding a California Outdoor Living Room, with a Natural gas outdoor fireplace and Island BBQ. 900 sq. feet of patio cover and stamp cement. Chelsea spa is a few steps from the patio surrounded by Palm trees and open air. Spa seats six, with different jets in each seat. Works great and is actually quieter than my previous Jacuzzi. Life is good!!!!

5 years
Great quality and features

This is our second Sundance spa and both have been the Chelsee. The first we had for 14 years and is still running strong at our old residence. Had to buy a new one for our new home and this one is even better with all the updates. would highly recommend this tub to others. Only down fall is the foot massage jets in the middle and how close they are to the seats.

5 years
My Chelsea Spa Experience

I purchased my Chelsea about 2 months ago. Overall very happy with performance.

5 years
Has exactly the features I wanted !

We had our last spa for over 15years. I knew what I liked in a spa and after some research found exactly what I was looking for in our new Chealsea spa. We love it and the therapeutic seaT is exactly what my back needed.

5 years
A little oasis in my backyard

I got this spa for my wife who has RA (rheumatoid arthritis). I figured it was worth a shot at reducing her joint pain, and helping her sleep. Although it may not solve all of her problems, it certainly helps. In fact, we’re finding that the whole family gathers in the spa at night. Maybe the best 30 minutes of the day. It’s pretty easy to maintain, and so far, we haven’t had a problem. I know it’s a bit more expensive than others we saw on-line, but I’m pretty convinced you get what you pay for. Some things you buy and never use. This is not one of them.

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