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Backyard Centerpiece

With room for up to four adults, the round Denali® spa offers total relaxation and value. The classic shape of this plug and play model offers just enough space for a solo soak or connection time with family.

Seats: 4-5
Size: 78.5" x 0" x 36"
Price Range:

Relax at Home

The portable spas in the 680™ Series provide a classic hydrotherapy experience and a wide variety of options. From 2-person hot tubs to larger, 6-person or more models, the 680™ Series has a spa for everyone.

Classic Hydrotherapy

Throughout the spa, a variety of jet formations soothe muscles and invigorate your entire body. A cool down seat offers a place to take a break from the heat without leaving the comfort of the spa. And, a multi-colored LED footwell is home to a mini foot dome that spells relief for fatigued feet.

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29 Reviews
10 months
Awesome for the price

Bought a month ago and can’t believe how awesome it is. Great price great support team

1 year
Works very well, looks fantastic
Round hot tub with cover

Very happy so far, Backyard Spa And Leisure in Fresno was great!! Thank you Tom!

Round hot tub with cover
1 year

I love my new Denali! I chose it for the round shape which has inspired a modern backyard transformation. It was prescribed by my doctor for relaxing my rigid muscles and cramps from Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease. The action is powerful, I use it every day, I am so happy to own this! Thank you!

1 year
Very satisfied

Very happy that we selected the round tub instead of the rectangular one we initially considered. The seating and jet configuration allows for 4 people to sit comfortably. The features are simple and easy to use. The cover folds in half and is easily removed and replaced by two people. The movable steps allow for easy entry and exit. This is our first spa so we don’t have anything to compare it to but we are very satisfied in all respects with our purchase.

2 years
Great little tub!

I purchased the little round Denali spa. Perfect name for it! It’s the Cadillac of small spas, for sure. I absolutely love the whirlpool feature. Such a nice extra to just having jets. I am beyond pleased with this product and highly recommend it!

2 years
Great service...Great experience overall

Love the tub…just the right size for two…even tho’ it will seat 4….lot’s of room to move around….ability to sit higher on the raised seat is appreciated….able to get out of the water if overheating….the overall quality of the tub is obvious….all in all a wonderful experience…the manager of the outlet was particularly knowledgeable and pleasant to work with….can not over emphasize how comfortable that made the entire process…

3 years
Great Spa

Excellent spa. Great for family time. Happy we purchased it

3 years
All I hoped for...

My survey is delayed as I have just arrived. Very pleased!

3 years
Perfect for two

We originally wanted a Japanese soaking tub but decided on a spa due to bacteria concerns with wooden tubs. We couldn’t be more happy with our purchase. It’s perfect size for our garden area and the jets can be on or off so went you want to just soak under the stars not a problem. Also the support from Sundance personnel has been awesome!

3 years
All around Great experience and great product.

I’m new to Vail Valley and I asked a few neighbors for 3 referrals. I went with Sundance by far the most professional and seemed to answer all my questions. Very Knowledgable about all of their Spas and was able to guide me to the perfect model,size and color at the right price and met my installation date. Plus when you need a crane to install your Spa you want experience and knowledge guiding you.

3 years
excellent service

Best investment ever. Spa and nice feature. We are happy

3 years
Awesome Jets

I love our Denali, we are first time owners. It fits perfectly in our yard without that “I have a hot tub” look. Never liked those big sqaure monstrosities. Jets work extremely well even tho previous reviewers said not as powerful with a 110 plug n play. The materials are high quality, beautiful. Love the light show and adjutability of each jet. Not only can you turn each individual jet on or off, but there are three switches on the top that you can adjust as well. The whirlpool jet is our fav with lots of bubbles and super powerful.

3 years
Spa Land Cotati Great Folks
Outdoor Hot Tub Set Up

Love the tub. Perfect for my wife and myself. Spa Land was a big help.

Outdoor Hot Tub Set Up
3 years
Loving our new Denali tub

The tub was purchased 6 weeks ago and installed by Protec. They made the purchase and installation easy.

4 years
Sundance round spa

I couldn’t be happier. The heat goes up to 106. The light therapy is gorgeous at night. Softly switching from beautiful color to color. It’s deeo, so I can swim around. I had my last Sundance for 13 years. They definitely improved the features.

4 years
Right size

Owned since end of April. Have used regularly and enjoyed. Recently one of the air jets stopped working and am waiting for service from dealer

4 years
Denali. Carefree spas Indianapolis

I’ve never had terrific service like I got from Carefree Spa. The Denali Spa is just what I needed for hydro and relaxing. The support staff are exceptional

4 years

I bought the Denali in 2009 to replace my “old round tub”. It has been absolutely trouble free and perfect for my needs. I would highly recommend it. (My first expense this year – a new cover.)

4 years
Perfect for my space and my lifestyle

I’ve had the Denali for 3 weeks and LOVE it. It fits so nicely on the patio in the back of my townhouse – not a lot of room, so it’s great. It was a breeze to get started and, with the help of my pool/spa professional, keeping the water clean & properly treated has been a snap. I will say that the jets are a bit tricky to get “just right” and it’s a good thing I don’t like really hard jet pressure. For those who do, this might not be the best spa for them. For me though: aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.

5 years
Great install

Better looking than the pictures and was on time and budget.

5 years
Love this tub!

This is my first Sundance tub and it is wonderful! Love the depth and powerful jets!

5 years
Enjoying it very much!

We just installed it and have only been in it a few times, but we find the controls very easy to use. The variable light is a good feature and the jets are easy to adjust. We are happy with our purchase. The Denali is perfect for the two of us.

5 years
Excellent and feels Soooo good!
Round Hot tub With Stairs

The Denali is perfect for my wife and I. We easily spraw out and relax and occasionally have two more people join us. It is very easy to operate and maintain. The jets are awesome, easy to aim and adjust. We bought ours in February and I’m still getting in twice a day!

Round Hot tub With Stairs
5 years
Great spa.
illuminating lights in hot tub

I bought the Denali…. I run it at 220… It takes mins to get to 104 ….. And there is an over temp setting which I like to use to get the temp to 106….. My electric bill has only raised by 20…. I use my spa daily and Ive had no problems with it….. The best feature for me is the UV light so I don’t need to use as many chemicals….. I love this spa……

illuminating lights in hot tub
6 years
How to watch the stars at night

I shopped for a long time…looking at and reading about all makes and models I could find. I finally settled on the Chelse by Sundance. This is the first spa I’ve owned…had pools before…so glad I switched over. Being able to select the various seats and jets is great. the quality is there…the looks is there…we like enjoying our spa at night…I’m an avid star gazer and really like being massaged by the many selectable jets while viewing the heavens.

6 years
in love

We love our Sundance Spa and use it almost every night. Would buy another one in a minute.

6 years

This was a good deal because we bought it as an end of model clearance. It was worth it to buy it because of all the perks it came with since it was new. Used tubs don’t come with all the perks of a chemical pack, insulation, cover, free delivery and 2 year warranty. We enjoy our tub daily! After a few weeks we got used to the chemicals so now it’s not difficult. We don’t have a lift kit for our lid so we often just open it half way. A little inconvenient, but we didn’t want to spend the money on the lift kit…..

OregonSunflower ·
6 years
Great little spa

Have owned the Denali for about 3 months now and have really enjoyed it. This is not a spa for a large family. It’s fantastic for one or two people at a time. Four can fit, but you are knee to knee. Mostly my husband and I just use it, but it could be fun for 4 close friend to sit around in and chat though. I like the round model because it is easy to move around on the bench style seat – it suits any body and you sit deep – the water is up to or over you shoulders. Jets work great. Easy maintenance so far. A good value if you are up for having a small spa.

7 years
Actually a Good-plus

It takes a lot for me to say excellent, but we really love our new spa – just right for the two of us.

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