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Backyard Centerpiece

With room for up to seven adults, the Edison® spa offers total relaxation and value from the brand more owners recommend to their friends. Throughout the spa, each seat is unique so you’re sure to find one that’s just right for you.

Seats: 5-6
Size: 84" x 84" x 36"
Price Range:

Relax at Home

The portable spas in the 680™ Series provide a classic hydrotherapy experience and a wide variety of options. From 2-person hot tubs to larger, 6-person or more models, the 680™ Series has a spa for everyone.

Classic Hydrotherapy

Throughout this 680™ Series spa, configurations and jet formations soothe muscles and release knots to renew your body. A cool down seat offers a place to soak and socialize without completely leaving the comforting warmth of the water. And in the footwell, jets nestled into a foot dome deliver relief from almost any seat.

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19 Reviews
6 months
Great features!

Bought this from the Home & Garden show this past April. Once we got it properly positioned and wired, we’ve been in love with using it! Love the array of lights and so happy we went with the foot jets in the bottom center of the spa.

James R
9 months
excellent features now.

Purchase one month ago at a decent price. Great features and water fall.

10 months
Great but room for improvement

Love the Spa. Foot jets are amazing. Access to pump and motors needs clips instead of 20 screws.. They will not last and would be easy to fix

1 year
Amazing tub, we couldn't be happier!

We purchased our tub about a month ago. We have used it almost every night and absolutely love it! We replaced our old tub (different manufacturer) and have noticed some huge differences. First, we love the clear ray. Being able to keep the chemicals super low is a huge benefit. You can’t smell chlorine in the water or on your skin thanks to this feature. We went with the cover mate III lift and a cloth cover rather than vinyl. It is lightweight and super easy to maintain. I reviewed this tub extensively and noticed there were some complaints about the foot jets not being strong enough. Hint: you can turn all the jets individually to control the strength of the flow. The foot jets are AMAZING. So relaxing after long days at work or after the gym. I love the lights and personally don’t feel they are too bright at all. We have had 5 adults in the tub at once and it’s quite roomy and comfy. We couldn’t be happier with our purchase and hopefully this tub will stand the test of time! Oh and it’s super easy to set up and use as well.

1 year
Awesome spa

My wife and I have always wanted a hot tub spa to relax and unwind in after a long day. Totally love our new hot tub!

1 year
Great Spa

Buying the Sundance hot tub was the best thing we have done in years. It is the center point to our deck “Oasis”. Tony and the folks at Paradise valley spas are the best, They recommended and installed the best tub for our needs!!!!!!

Edison Spa
1 year
Nice spa

We have been using our new spa now for about a month. We had the temp set and chemicals balanced. We noticed that the next use the spa was cooler than what we set the temp at. We are still working on the temp and making sure it stays at our desired temp. I think it needs to be set on AUTO and not the other settings?

The only thing we find NOT user friendly is the display facing the outside of the spa. Most people are in the spa when they are pressing the jets, lights or temp buttons. It would make much more sense of the display were facing inward or have the options to flip inward and outward.

Aside from that we are pleased with the spa and look forward to years of enjoyment!

1 year
Simple yet perfect for us.

After looking at several hot tubs, several brands and several stores, we made the right choice with the Sundance Edison from Sun Spas in Calgary. It is easy to maintain and has the jets in the perfect positions. The foot rest/jets is what sold it for us. It has just enough LED lights and the main controls are easy to use. It can also heat up to 106 which is a nice bonus. As well, no fancy features like pop up speakers that can break. Simple, yet therapeutic. The service from Sun Spas has also been above and beyond. They have longevity in the business too so we know if we need something down the road, they will still be around.

2 years
Really Pleased with Quality of my Edison

Although the delivery of my spa didn’t go well I have been very pleased with my purchase of my Sundance Spa. It has worked as advertised, seems well built, and I have enjoyed using the spa, almost nightly, since I purchased it. I would highly recommend Sundance to anyone considering getting a new hot tub. It is important to choose the right distributor though – please do some due diligence and try to make sure that whoever you choose to buy your Sundance from will be there to help you once the sale is made. I wish I would have done a bit more research on that front.

2 years
LOVE our new hot tub!!

We love all of the features on our new Edison!! The lights and waterfall are gorgeous, and the different options for the jets are perfect. The temp is great and everything is easy to operate.

2 years
Perfect Family Spa!

We purchased our spa at the Del Mar Fair after years of wishing and planning. We couldn’t be happier with the purchase process, deliver and the product. It is awesome and we are in it everyday! It is perfect!

T man
2 years
Worth the investment!

How can you go wrong? Now everday ends with twenty minutes of spa relaxation. The best part of the day. Water maintenance is easy. This has made my deck area use continuous even in the winter months. I now use my rear deck backyard area everyday. I cannot imagine life now without a spa!

always running
3 years
Love it

I use the spa almost every day. The jets are great and the LED lights are a nice touch. Having never owned a spa before, I had been intimidated by the maintenance regime but it’s a lot easier than I had thought.

3 years
Southing comfort for old muscles

My wife and I are both in our late 50s/early 60s and we’re still very physically active. We both run ±3 miles most days, work out at the gym several times per week, etc. But at our age, all this physical activity makes for some very sore muscles. We bought our hot tub about 2 months ago when we moved into a new house we built. This is the first hot tub we have ever owned. The tub is located on a deck off the back of our house, about 6 feet from the back door. I can say with all honesty that I have been in the hot tub at least twice a day, every day we have owed it. I jump in every morning after my run, and we have missed very few evenings where 15 minutes in the hot tub is the last thing we do before we head off to bed. It’s been great!

3 years
Love our new spa

After shopping around and researching hot tubs and spas, we decided to go ahead with Sundance. We had a hot tub for years and love the lifestyle and had lots of criteria to meet when shopping for a new one (old one, bought 12 years ago, needed a new motor). We couldn’t be happier with our purchase! One of the many reasons is because the price includes everything you need; including one year’s worth of chemicals. Every other product line charged additionally for the steps, cover lifter, delivery and ozonator. Everything included for one price is better than feeling like you’re being taken for granted.

4 years
Great spa for the right budget!

After researching several spa companies and styles we settled on the Edison from Sundance and have been very happy since it was installed. Great to work with the team from Sundance who have been very available as questions have occurred. Would definitely recommend working with Sundance as they have spas for every budget.

4 years
The Perfect Spa!

We purchased our second spa from New England Spas and we love it! This is a Sundance Edison 680 and it runs really quiet and has night lights in different colors and a waterfall. Our salesperson Don Lesandrini was very helpful in our selection and answered all our questions. The installation went smoothly and Isaiah Crowell helped with service questions. Everyone at NE Spas were friendly and competent. We would highly recommend purchasing your spa through this company.

5 years
Love it!

We bought this spa about a month ago and are very happy with it. It is our first hot tub. We were concerned about the maintenance but got help from the staff where we purchased it. The maintenance has been easy. We LOVE the different colored lights and the waterfall feature. But the best part is how strong and adjustable the jets are. We are very active and work out a lot and the jets have done a lot to massage our sore tired muscles and invigorate us. It has also given us quality communication time without other distractions.

Minnetonka Dawn
5 years
Roomy, powerful jets, and great foot massage!

I purchased the edison spa 3 months ago and I am pleased with all the features so far. I really enjoy the variety of powerful jets, while this spa has fewer jets then some models I can’t imagine wanting more as the jets are positioned well and are adjustable. I also enjoy the spaciousness of the spa and due to the open layout I discovered you can float in the spa with a flotation device which is highly relaxing and worth a try. The foot jet is my favorite feature and also helps to keep you in place when the jets are on as they can tend to move you from a comfortable seeting position depending on your size. All and all it has been a great option for my first spa.

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