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Backyard Centerpiece

With room for up to six adults, the Hamilton™ spa features a lounge seat and adjustable patented Fluidix® Jets nestled into a variety of specialized seats to help you create your perfect backyard oasis.

Seats: 5-6
Size: 89" x 89" x 36"
Lounge: Yes
Price Range:

Enhance Your Life

The 780™ Series is designed to enhance your life. We combined new technologies with old-fashioned know-how to craft intuitive outdoor hot tubs that are a delight to use, with low profiles and a variety of seats to create the perfect oasis.

Advanced Hydrotherapy

The larger dimensions of this model make the series-exclusive spiral-action lounge seat perfect for long legs. A series-exclusive Accu-Pressure™ Seat relieves tired muscles, stress and tension through deep-tissue pressure. An open footwell also makes it easy to move around and socialize while still allowing tired feet to find relief with foot jets placed in an asymmetric dome.

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35 Reviews
Dave B
10 months
High quality with Great Warranty and Service

This is my second Sundance Spa and I hope I live long enough to need a third Sundance Spa. I bought my first spa used and kept it until it was 17 years old. During the 10 years I owned the spa there were a few issues, but issues that should be expected and repairs averaged less that $60 per year. The local service provider in Lincoln, Nebraska provided great service when needed and always had a what I needed on hand in the Spas Plus store. I also want to comment that I did look at other brands of spas and while the other brands provide nice spas, I thought the Sundance line provided the best quality and options for the price.

HolidayRambling ·
10 months
A Gift of Improved Health

Purchased our Hamilton back in 2011 and have no regrets. We sunk ours into our deck and it’s only five steps from door to hot tub. We love the layout with hubby preferring the lounger area. I exercise my legs by cycling them for the twenty minutes we are in it. Hubby being on the lounger gives me room for exercising. We use ours all year round by dropping the temp in the hot weather months to a temp closer to pool water which allows me to keep with my exercising.

We both enjoy the lighting options and the waterfall which is lit as well. Having two jets gives us varying degrees of bubbles and turbulent water. I just can’t say enough about our hot tub. We have had a few issues but the warranty has handled them to our satisfaction. Surprisingly, our power bills reflected very little change and the expense of chemicals and filters is relatively insignificant.

12 months
Its Wonderful!

We love our Sundance Hamilton Spa. I bought it because of muscle issues and it really does help relax me and my muscles. We did have a problem with foam but our dealer was very helpful and we fixed the issue. I was nervous about the price but it is so worth it.

12 months
Replacement Sundance Spa

The first picture is of my 25 yr. old 1993 Sundance Royale spa. The next two pictures are of my new 2018 Sundance 780 Series Hamilton spa. The only thing I replace in the old spa was the air pump. I hope the new one lasts just as long.

1 year

I bought this product for about 2 months and there were problems right from the start. it took some part on the circuit board, it took 2 weeks before someone came to arrange it. I have no lighting in the waterfall and 2 of my nozzles there is no water (air) except i am very sorry but it’s sad to buy something that does not work.

1 year
Best idea ever!

I’ve had my Sundance Hamilton Spa for a month now. I got it after having a pool removed. It’s is wonderful! It’s very relaxing, the massage jets are great. You can adjust everyone of them to your personal comfort level. It is very easy to care for and so far not costly I LOVE IT!!!!

1 year
Works Swimmingly (with a mild undertow)

Have been enjoying my spa for the past few weeks. Effortless to install and easy to program. However, I have two reservations: 1 Much less flexibility regarding settings as compared to the 1990 Sundance spa that it replaced 2 Nowhere to place drinks. Everything is so curved that the options for my guests and me seems to be either hold our glasses for the entire experience, buy a removable cup holder (somewhat unsightly and without removal makes the top-seal problematic) or use the top of the filter system; all poor choices

1 year
Great spa, great service

I bought this spa a little over two months ago, and I’ve been very happy except for one problem, and the Sundance dealer has been great helping with that problem. The UV-treatment unit was cracked, so when we first powered up the spa, it tripped the GFCI. The dealer was quick to send out a service tech, and he figured out the problem and bypassed the unit so we can use the spa until our replacement arrives. Other than that issue, the spa has been a dream to use. We like the lounge chair seating station, which allows leg and foot massage.

Scott LI
1 year
Was Hesitant , but not anymore!

Took a long time to deciding back and forth to get a hot tub, visited them all, I finally decided on a Sundance 780 Hamilton, the lounge seat took a few times to get used to but its now the best thing ever when coming home from the gym. For the price and quality you can beat a Sundance. I rad a review on her saying do it you only live once and I took that advice and have never looked back. Get a lounge seat they are awesome.

2 years
Simply Amazing

My experience with Sundance Spas was stress free and simple – two of My favourite things. The hot tub was expensive but I also believe that you get what you pay for and didn’t want a broke down hot tub sitting in my back yard in 5 years. Customer service was excellent – staff was knowledgeable and personable. Delivery was a little dramatic but manageable. We ❤️ the HT.

2 years
Love everything about it

bought this spa a little over a month ago. I have used it almost every day. I have had muscle aches and stiffness in my back for years. This spa has helped tremendously with my back giving me some much needed relief. The whole family has enjoyed this spa. Excellent investment.

2 years
"Hamilton" review

We bought our Sundance “Hamilton” model spa a month ago and my wife and I have spent time in it during all but two days since. We love the variety of jets and the size is perfect for entertaining another couple. It’s been very easy to maintain the chemistry of the tub too, and my skin actually feels moisturized and soft when I get out – which is a lot different than I remember of my experiences with older hot tubs. We think our electric bill went up by about $20 this month and that is with 2 weeks of subzero nighttime temperatures.

My only complaints are that the one-speed jet is pretty loud and the BluWave speaker system really can’t be heard when any of the jets are on – those speakers should be angled to face the inside of the tub, not straight up towards the sky (I’m glad I there was a free BluWave system upgrade promotion when I bought my tub as I would have been very disappointed with it’s performance if I shelled out the normal $1500 for it).

2 years
Why did we wait so long?

Should have done this years ago! Wish the control panel had back lights in the buttons. Can’t see but use feel to find the button I want. Great power on the jets and control of the air mix is very nice. Recommend the 60amp install as the heater works with the jets running. Tempurature stays more constant when using high speed pumps.

2 years
Up grade

We are so happy with our new Sundance hot tub. The roominess of the tub, the ambiance of the lighting , and the awesome power of the jets. Has been so relaxing on an almost nightly basis. Tom from Sundance hot tubs awesome sales man. Very helpful in explaining the features , the set up, financing, answering any questions concerns we have had. Would absolutely recommend Sundance hot tubs.

2 years

We replaced our 23 year old Vita spa with a Sundance Hamilton and it was like going from a Toyota to a Maserati! The jets are fantastic and we love the way the power easily can be lowered or raised. The recliner fits a tall person unlike many of the tubs we looked at. Our neighbors down the street tried it out and they bought the same one! Plenty of leg room when multiple people are in it.

2 years
Great tub with lots of features

Bought it in Aug 2017. Have wanted a tub and finally got one. It’s been great. It was a little stressful getting the water right but was mostly due to us being on a well and not knowing what needed to be added but once after about a week and a half, it is clear, and white instead of various other colors! Things that I would request changed, no need for the waterfall. Extra cost and engineering that doesn’t serve a purpose to us. Put jets in the seats and under your upper legs. All the jets are on your back or your calves. Nothing for the glutes or hamstrings. Change the instrument panel buttons. They suck! I haven’t even programmed the date or time because I can’t get the buttons to work. Some work with a little pressure and others won’t change no matter how hard you push on them! Haven’t tried to get it replaced yet to see if it just a bad panel.

2 years
Got to love it!

This tub is the best. While my wife and love the filtration system on the Sundance Spas, I’m more into…dang does it feels nice! The jets have more than enough power, and with the filtration system, the water takes very little effort to maintain. We had narrowed it down between the Jacuzzi and Sundance with Sundance winning due to the filtration. This tub is being used every day by at least 3 adults. We purchased the upgraded cover and we are glad we did.

Norcal Deb
2 years
So relaxing!

I’ve had my spa for a little over a month now. I go in it everyday, sometimes twice. If I’m feeling sore anywhere from working out or working in the garden, I soak in the hot tub and feel so relaxed and so much better.

Coach Zuri
2 years
Great Value

I bought my Sundance Spa a month ago at Pool City on McKnight Rd in Pittsburgh PA. I reviewed a lot of spas and what gravitated me to the Sundance Spa was the features, reputation, price, and overall design. Compared to other spas they do not use bearings which are known to seize so this spa will last a long while without needing unnecessary maintenance due to poor design. The price was amazing as it came in slightly under other brands with less equipment. Also consumer reports gave it a great rating and boasted about their long tenure in the spa space.

We are super happy with our Sundance purchase and would certainly recommend this brand to anyone!

3 years
Great Spa—Great Buying Experience

We’ve had our Altamar spa for a little over a month and we couldn’t be happier with our purchase. We use it 4-5 times per week and when the electric bill finally arrived it wasn’t a shock. It is very economical to operate. Amanda (manager) did a great job helping us choose the right spa, answered all our questions, recommended an excellent electrician to wire up the spa and helped arrange the delivery. The delivery crew was great. They were clearly very experienced in all aspects of the set up and delivery, answered all my questions as they worked and did a fantastic job positioning the spa just where we wanted it. 5 stars for completely exceeding my expectations.

Carla J
3 years
Great First Time Spa

We purchased this spa a couple months ago, it is our first spa. We wanted the hydrotherapy benefits but needed low maintenance. We got both with our Hamilton spa. We are still new and learning but maintenance is a breeze. We are loving the therapeutic benefits!

Lisa G
3 years
So Relaxing

We bought this during the summer and am so glad we finally did! Every time we get in we find ourselves saying, ‘ahhhh’ with relief. My chiropractor said even she can tell it is helping us. Only critique I have is the buttons are hard to feel and see in the dark.

3 years
I love the Hamilton

This is a great tub, great jet selection. Perfect for two and plenty of room for 5. Looks spectacular. I just wish there was an easy water maintenance guide, it is so confusing, there are probably lots of ways to keep your water perfect, but I just want one way and one set of instructions.

3 years
Hamilton Model

I’ve had this spa for approx. 1 month and so far I am pretty happy with it. I stayed right in the middle and it meets my needs. The warranty sealed the deal for me. Many similar models only had 2 years full warranty. This has the 5-year so at least I know for 5 years I am covered before needing to replace or repair any parts.

Happy Girl 60
3 years
Great size for tall people!

Bought the Hamilton spa one month ago hopeing it would help alleviate or lessen arthritis pain and it really does help with pain management. I use it three times per day and have went from taking 800 mg of Motrin a day to zero or 200 mg! The lounge seat is my favorite because the jets work on my neck, back, behind knees and feet.

3 years
Amazing spa

We have had our spa about 3 months now and we absolutely love it ! It’s still been a little warm outside but finally starting to cool off so we are using it more ! We can not wait for the snow to start to fall that is going to be amazing while we are soaking in our spa ! I would recommend a sundance spa to everyone ! Great product will definantly buy another one ! Thank you for building such a perfect master piece !

4 years
Sundance Chelsee great investment!

Bought this a month ago and love it! Very powerful jets and good heating (104 degrees)! Best investment for our money. Looks great too. Still haven’t found my favorite seat yet. All are perfect!

5 years
My Sundance 780

I bought my 780 about 2 months ago and I’ve enjoyed it very much. The heat controller works very well. The pumps and jets actually do better than I would have expected. The only thing I wish the control panel had was backlighting as you cannot see the controls at night.

5 years
Excellent selection!

There is so many models to chose from it was hard to make a decision. After looking at several models and their features we finally made a decision and we are very happy with our new spa! We enjoy our spa and all it’s features more than we could have ever imagined! Thank you Sundance Spas!!

Texan TIm
5 years
Nice and relaxing way to spend our evenings

We bought our Sundance Spa in mid-January 2015. We’ve had it for approximately 3 months and simply love it. We have spent many an evening relaxing in it under the stars in our back yard. I wish we’d have bought it sooner as it is a great addition to our lifestyle! I would recommend anybody who is looking to add an affordable but top of the line experience spa to your life – to consider a Sundance Spa!

5 years
Best Purchase

My husband and I bought this prior to the summer to replace a hot tub that stopped working and we couldn’t be happier with the investment we made in this amazing product!

5 years
They keep getting better!

This is our third Sundance spa. The first was 20 years old and remained at a house we sold and the last one was 14 years old when we replaced it with the new Hamilton model. The jets are a great improvement. We went with a lounger this time and we do miss having controls on both sides of the tub. We live in Iowa and liked just having one side uncovered in the winter for less heat loss. We have yet to see our power bills but hope the improved insulation helps. Be careful dragging a hose across the surface of the tub as the surface scratches very easily. We had to use a bit of automotive polishing compound after siphoning some dirt out. Our last one had the rough surface so it wasn’t a problem and while the 1987 model had the smooth surface it didn’t scratch like this one does.

5 years

Had an old spa, but this takes the cake, amazing. Upgraded to this one and have been enjoying almost nightly. It has become a main feature in my back yard on the patio. Everyone in the family loves it. This is the ultimate relaxing machine. The beauty of the stand alone spa is that you can enjoy all year round. Having multiple jet choices, and seating arrangements takes care of everyone’s preferences. The waterfall is beautiful. This unit is so easy to take care of.

2 old duffers
6 years
Hamilton trumped the others

We started our quest for a spa to help with the extra aches and pains of aging while exercising. The Hamilton lined up well against several other name brands we considered. In the final analysis we purchased the Sundance Spa because of the warranty and high quality construction. We couldn’t be happier!

6 years
Love everything but the filter/heat cycle setup

My Hamilton has been up and running for a few days now and I’m really enjoying it so far. I had an old (1992) Cameo and the seating layout in the Hamilton is the same but the selection and configurability of jets in the Hamilton is soooo much better. Having two pumps for the jets is great; The ability to turn certain individual jets off and on is really nice and lets you customize your “hydrotherapy experience”. The synthetic cabinet looks great and I’m hoping it will prove to be very durable.

I’m not wild about the setup of circulation and filter/heat cycles because you are limited to “n-times per day” cycles and cannot set the actual start and stop times for various functions. Additionally, if you choose an “economy” mode, the heater WILL NOT RUN even if you are using the spa (i.e. have pushed one of the jets buttons) if you are outside of one of the programmed heating cycles. This makes no sense to me- if the heat drops below the setpoint when the tub is actually in use, the heater should come on.

The “waterfall” feature is silly in my opinion, and the pillows are kind of hard.

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