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Backyard Centerpiece

Using superior materials and Jacuzzi® expertise, the J-235™ Hot Tub offers a lounge seat, plus the quality and value backed by the Jacuzzi® Brand. This affordable and efficient model comfortably seats six adults and delivers high-performance hydrotherapy at a good value, with versatile Classic Jets.

Seats: 6+
Size: 84" x 84" x 36"
Lounge: Yes
Price Range:

Improve Your Life

Owning a Jacuzzi hot tub is choosing a healthy lifestyle and longevity. The patented jacuzzi jets helps with stress relief, joint and muscle pain, improves the quality of family time and will help you sleep better. Go into one of our 4 Jacuzzi hot tub retail locations today and choose to live a better life. We have a store in Palo Alto, CA | Richmond, CA | San Rafael, CA | Capitola, CA.

Classic Massage Therapy

The J-200™ Collection hot tubs are known for powerful classic jets that provide invigorating hydrotherapy. The J-235™ hot tub comes equipped with 35 jets that help alleviate tension and pain in your body. Jacuzzi puts an emphasis on ergonomic seating and targeted jet placement to give its customers the ultimate experience.

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32 Reviews
4 months
Wonderful Features

I purchased my Jacuzzi for medical reasons but family and friends are enjoying it just as much. Each of the 6 seats offer jets that sooth different areas and each can be adjusted individually. The waterfall and lights add a nice smbiance to an evening soak. Best investment I ever made!!!

4 months
Well made, Very Satisfied

Have had the J-235 for over four years now. This is our second hot tub. The positives are this tub is well made. The outside cabinet is constructed without gaps that would allow critters to get inside. This was a problem with our first hot tub. The jets are constructed well, each one adjustable and have had no issues. The only reason not giving 5 stars is the lounger is okay but not as comfortable as my first hot tub and the jets aren’t places as well. Also, would like one of the corner seats to be a bit deeper. These are minor considerations and overall I am very pleased with the hot tub in its construction and operation.

8 months

We went with a Jacuzzi product because we had had a Jacuzzi tub in our house that lasted more than 14 years without anymore than routine cleaning of the internal hoses and jets.

10 months
So pleased!

We’ve had our hot tub about a month now and love it! Each seat offers different relaxing jet options which is great and with the ability to turn off and on different jets and sections of the tub it is easy to adjust to each individuals needs. The lounger seat is a bonus in our opinion. Also the “cooling” seats that allow a person to only be partially submerged as to not overheat is a feature we find valuable. I do wish there was an easier method for cleaning out the net / filter system. It isn’t horrible just a bit difficult to get the net completely clean.

2nd Family Jacuzzi
10 months
Make the Directions User Friendly

Jacuzzi made the directions to perform basis operations very confusing. When a person spends thousands of dollars on a product the company should at least make sure the directions to operate it are user friendly and easy to understand

10 months

Very happy with the quality of our tub. This is our third tub and this is by far the best value tub. They stayed late into the night to get the job done, excellent service!!!

Karen Ruth
10 months
Love it!

We bought this about a month ago and have been in it almost every night. I have lower back issues and this is god send.

1 year
Excelent for a out of town dip

I got the tub for my cottage; it’s a great “toy” for the family, the kids and grand kids but specially for me and my wife. I should of gotten a bigger one lol.., a 11 footer maybe rather the this 9 footer.

1 year
Place to step in and out.

We need a place to set your feet when getting in and out or what is the alternative?

less grumpy old man
1 year
Happy with hot tub

We have had a Coast hot tub in our primary residence for nearly 20 years. We recently purchase the Jacuzzi J-235 for our lake home. The configuration was identical to the one we were used to and the price was right. We’ve had it for a couple weeks and are very happy. The jets are considerably more powerful than the Coast. That makes me happy. My wife prefers a gentler massage. We have found it very easy to adjust the pressure by adding more or less air, so we can both get the results we want. Kind of like a “sleep number” bed. I’m a 95–she’s a 35.

The only problem we have had is that the lights don’t work. We called the dealer and a service call was scheduled. We expect the issue to be resolved soon. Aside from that minor inconvenience, we couldn’t be happier.

J and P
1 year

We purchased our Jacuzzi a few weeks ago, it took a little to get the water clear but once we did we are in our tub 3-4 times per week. We live in Northern MN and it holds good water temp even on our cold and snowy winter days! Our Tub helps make our winters more enjoyable.

1 year

I bought it is October for my wife’s birthday. She absolutely loves it!

1 year
Relaxation at its finest.

We have wanted a hot tub for many years, and did a lot of shopping before deciding on Jacuzzi J-235. We couldn’t be happier with our choice and use it every day.

1 year
Love it! Our first hot tub!

I bought our hot tub a month ago after visiting three different dealers and seeing many different brands. We wanted powerful jets, not just a bunch of bubbles. The different configurations of jets and therapeutic qualities sold us! And while we will love the entertainment value of enjoying our hot tub with friends, for us, it is about quality of spending some quiet time together, winding down the day and reconnecting.

1 year
Love the lounger!

This Jacuzzi Hot Tub has exceeded our expectations. Good value for the money and with proper education, it has been easy to use. I have back and shoulder issues and both have been helped by using our new hot tub. We recommend this product.

2 years
It is a great tub

We bought it in May, 2018 and we are very happy with it. Many options and positions to find the best for your needs. Lights are cool in the dark.

Tim and Steph
2 years
Great investment!

We have had our hot tub for about a month now. We use it almost every day & love it! The jet placement in different seats really get all the right spots. It is a very nice tub compared to others we’ve been in before! And our favorite part about it is the “us time” when the 2 of us just get to sit & have great conversation with no interruptions. LOVE that! We bought this partially for health reasons to help with bad knees & back. It feels so good & is alleviating some of the stiffness.

AZ spa owner
2 years
Great spa

We had our Jacuzzi spa for about 8 months. During that time the exterior panels needed to be replaced 3 times due to warping. After the last time, our spa sales company contacted Jacuzzi and they replaced the entire spa. Jacuzzi is a great company that stands by their workmanship. Apparently a new product was being used for the cabinet that had way too many problems. We just received our replacement and it appears to be better made. The spa itself is fabulous! The jets can be adjusted for each person and the lounge chair portion is very comfortable. We truly enjoy relaxing in our spa.

Heathers tub
2 years
This tub is so much better than our previous one.

Sound system is good, lights all work! So far, so good!

2 years
Great Hydro-Therapy!!!

We love the features of the tub. It gives you options for full therapy and less vigorous hydro-massage. We are thoroughly pleased with our purcahase!!!

2 years
I like the adjustable jets & colorful LED lights.

The whole family loves our new Jacuzzi! I also like the soothing waterfall.

2 years
Perfect for my needs

I use this Jacuzzi for much needed relaxation and relief of arthritic discomfort. I have owned other spas and the Jaccuzi is far better in every way. Customer service is outstanding and their staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.

2 years

Just bought my first hot tub and couldn’t be happier

2 years
Spacious and beautiful!

We LOVE our new hot tub! We had wonderful service and help from Amanda at Certfied Pool.

2 years

We brought this a few weeks ago, very happy and a great way to relax, can’t believe how much we and our family use it,

2 years
Very relaxing

We bought the hot tub a month ago and are very happy with it. It (using the hot tub) is a great way to end the day.

Beach Bum
2 years
Low maintenance

Clear night 45 degrees just got out, best way to spend time outside!!

2 years

Have had it a little over a Month and love it very much

2 years
Quality product

I bought my spa a month ago and overall pleased with it. There’s a couple options I would change if I could but I’ll live and be happy.

2 years
Powerful jets for massage

We bought the tub over a month ago and go in every evening. We love the heat and the massage. It really helps with my husband’s arthritis.

2 years
No problems

We have our new hot tub installed and thoroughly enjoying it. The sales woman was very helpful even suggesting I sit in the dry tub to make sure it was comfortable. Installation went smooth and all is well.

Midwestern Soakers
2 years
Great addition to our home

We have had the hot tub about 6 weeks and really love it. We recently moved from a home with a pool and decided to go with a hot tub this time since our yard is smaller. We decided to go with a Jacuzzi because this is a major investment and we wanted a company that had longevity. We have loved it and it is wonderful to soak in it after work and chill with a glass of wine on weekends

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