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Backyard Centerpiece

Are you looking for an affordable hot tub with a lounge that has enough room for 6-7 adults? The Jacuzzi® J-275™ hot tub is perfect for you. The Jacuzzi brand promises classic hydrotherapy and product longevity. This model features powerful classic patented jets, boasting six robust rotational jets and lounge seating. Create the ultimate oasis within your price range.

Seats: 6+
Size: 90" x 90" x 37"
Lounge: Yes
Price Range:

Improve Your Life

Owning a Jacuzzi hot tub is choosing a healthy lifestyle and longevity. The patented jacuzzi jets helps with stress relief, joint and muscle pain, improves the quality of family time and will help you sleep better. Go into one of our 4 Jacuzzi hot tub retail locations today and choose to live a better life. We have a store in Palo Alto, CA | Richmond, CA | San Rafael, CA | Capitola, CA.

Classic Massage Therapy

The J-200™ Collection hot tubs are known for powerful classic jets that provide invigorating hydrotherapy. The J-275™ hot tub comes equipped with 45 jets that help alleviate tension and pain in your body. This model hot tub has a full-size lounge seat that’ll make you feel weightless in the water.  Jacuzzi puts an emphasis on ergonomic seating and targeted jet placement to give its customers the ultimate experience.

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19 Reviews
7 months
Jacuzzi makes the best hot tubs for the money!!!!!

We looked at all the major hot tub manufacturers including BullFrog Spas, and for the money you get the best value and options from Jacuzzi. We have been so happy with our purchase and enjoy getting in the hot tub every night we can. Do hesitate buy a Jacuzzi. And if you are in Utah make sure you get it from Take a Break Spas. They have the best customer service that I have ever experienced!!!

10 months
Upon delivery waterfall and one light not working

Upon delivery waterfall and one light not working For the amount of money we spent I would expect everything to be in working order.

11 months
Jacuzzi 275

Hard to see an empty tub work. Jets are ok, thought for sure it would be more powerful. Would be nice to be able to turn blue tooth off when not using the speakers. I’ve only used it 4-5 times with a solo person and despite the water checks it already dirty and needing changed in less than a month. Price was reasonable but I think they are all over inflated.

1 year
Better than Expectred

I am 6’4″ and fit comfortably in this Jacuzzi. I use it twice per day as part of my physical therapy and other family members use it daily. The jets are powerful and nicely arranged to hit all the right places. After nearly two months is is still in perfect condition. We noticed the water getting a little cloudy after about 4 weeks, so we drained it and changed the filter. I would recommend cleaning the filter weekly as we have done and the water remains sparkling clean. It is beautiful!

1 year
"Known Issue" on a NEW TUB

The day after the tub arrived and was installed we noticed a decent amount of leaking. The store sent someone up to tighten things up and while this reduced the amount of leaking, some still continued. Store then realized this was a known manufacturing defect on a the amount of torque a canister received and needs to be replaced – on a new tub

1 year
Good Looking Tub. Great Jet Action. Small Heater.

This is our fourth hot tub but first that’s brand new and decided on name brand over local tubs. Features are nice, handy, and lighting is awesome. My main complaint is that the heater is pretty wimpy. When it’s 30 degrees out, we open top, and go into tub, then it loses a degree about every 15 minutes. So if you enter at 102, by the time you get out an hour later, it’s 98. And it’s not because we’re running both pumps which nixes the heater on our 50 amp setup. Anyway, in summary, good looking tub, reasonably cost effective, but doesn’t stay hot enough on cold day.

1 year
True Therapy

There is something to be said about enjoying the outdoors in a hot tub with a drink in hand watching a snow storm!

2 years
Great Features

We bought the J-275 and love it. Easy to use controls. Easy maintenance. Love the variety of jets/patterns. The lounge seat is my favorite. Columbia Pool & Spa were great to work with. Would highly recommend the Jacuzzi tub.

2 years
Thought it was great but ...

We have a j-325 and a J-275. We have had the 275 for about 3 years and just replaced our circ plum again. Turns out that because this tub does not have a fiberglass shell on the bottom mice were getting into the foam and chewing through all the tubing and pipes. We took it apart last week and found a mice condo. What a mess! Our j-325 is about 7 years old and has not had the same problem.

Jacuzzi owner
2 years
Great Product! Great Customer Service!

We bought the J-275 for a family Christmas present. When we entered the store we were immediately greeted by Gary Ziegler. He was helpful and informative. We decided to purchase the J-275 for three reasons. The Jacuzzi name, Gary’s support, and the reasonable price. We have been enjoying our tub for a month now and couldn’t be happier.

2 years
Great upgrade from our old spa

Keeping in mind that the 200-series spas are Jacuzzi’s entry level spa we are very pleased so far. Most of the things that I think the spa is lacking are included when you move to a higher series spa like the 300 or 400, items such as diverters, a circulation pump, and better control over the spa using an app. We upgraded from a VERY old spa to the J-275 and the difference is amazing. We are in the hot tub every night and sometimes I am up early enough to start my day off in it.

CONS: The warranty is non-transferable. Although this seems to be industry wide it would be great if you could purchase a used hot tub that is only a few months old and keep the original warranty, even if you had to pay for a service call to verify its condition. Jacuzzi obviously has a trade in system which I would guess is very similar to trading in a used car, you can always sell it and make more than trading it in.

OTHER THOUGHTS: The lounge is great but the cup holder is behind your head to the left while the air control is in easy reach to the right, IMO these should be reversed since you normally set and forget the air but may want your beverage more often. The LED lights are nice but way to bright, it would be great if they could be dimmed or could be controlled beyond changing color. With so much technology available a simple Z-Wave interface with the ability to control each light individually would be a great add-on to the LED lights. This would allow you to set a custom lighting arrangement to match any event. The audio volume to the Bluetooth enabled audio system has to be controlled from the device you are using to play the music which can be problematic compared to having a volume control you can reach while in the spa.

FINAL WORDS: I would rate this spa at about 4.5 stars. The hot tub is about 7 months old and we love it, but with minimal changes it would be perfect for an entry level spa. If I had to do it again I would upgrade to at least the J-375 for the circulation pump and diverter valves.

2 years
Great combination of Jets.

Hot tub works great and use it almost every day. Great way to relax after a workout.

3 years

bought over a month ago, leaked from day 1 part ordered, tub drained to prevent any further water damage. so now i’m out 500 gal and will use 500 gal more to refill. can only imagine what is to come after the warranty is up. seems like a very expensive lawn ornament

3 years
Love this hot tub.

We have had our hot tub for one month and are so happy we invested in Jacuzzi. Great jet power.

got none
3 years
Nice positioning of the jets

We have had the tub for approximately 6 months and are really enjoying the benifits of it’s use!

Happy family
5 years
Great hot tub and very little work!

We bought the J-275 model in September 2014. Has been a great family gathering place …at least the kids can’t bring their phones in there:) just add chemicals 2 times a week, wipe down and keep water level up. I do clean the filter in the dishwasher every couple of weeks without soap and without heater dry. Very happy so far and hope for many years to come.

5 years
Seems to do what I was told it would.

Replacement for 15 year old Cal Spa. More tech, less substance.

5 years
Very pleased with my Jacuzzi

I have owned this tub for over a year now and I am very happy with my purchase. I live in MN and the winters are very cold. This tub kept the water at 102 all winter no problem. When I looked at my electric bill, I was surprised it cost me less than a dollar a day to run it.

5 years
Not bad for entry level.

So far since buying this my wife and I have been in the tub almost every day. While soaking in this is great, I really wish that for the price point not the entry point there were more features. We also had the water outlet to the left of the foot rest break before we even sat in it. Not sure if it’s a fluke or a sign of things to come only time will tell. It wouldn’t have killed them to put a Wi-Fi connection with an app to your phone

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