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Backyard Centerpiece

The Jacuzzi® J-315™ hot tub is a small spa with plenty of power. This model can fit up to 2-3 adults and has a comfortable lounge therapy seat. 21 jets provide your chronically muscular ailments with the targeted massage needed for recovery and stress relief. An elegant, easy to use control panel makes hot tub therapy easy. Furthermore, it gives you complete control over your Clearray® water care system and will allow you to spend more time relaxing in your hot tub.

Seats: 2-3
Size: 76" x 66" x 32"
Lounge: Yes
Price Range:

Signature J-300™ Hot Tubs

Imagine sitting inside your home with friends and family and looking at your backyard to see this incredible Jacuzzi® hot tub. Many of our customers make their spa the centerpiece of their backyard and you can see why this is the case. Build your hot tub with different shell and cabinet colors and start dreaming about using it. Paradise Valley Spas has 8 branded retail locations in Northern California. and you can see this product in the following 4 stores: Palo Alto, CA | San Rafael, CA | Richmond, CA | Capitola, CA

Therapeutic Massage

Take a moment and think about the most amazing massage you’ve ever had. Owning a Jacuzzi® hot tub means you can have that same relaxation every day of the week. This model features a lounge seat and three distinct massage styles: The PowerPro® therapy seat will give you a classic Swedish style massage utilizing long gliding strokes and kneading movements to relax and improve circulation. The FX seat offers circular deep tissue massage along your neck, upper and lower back, and shoulders. This improves mobility and removes muscle knots.

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32 Reviews
11 months
2 person hot tub heaven!

After a lot of online research, we finally decided to pull the trigger on our new Jacuzzi J-315, and it has been PERFECT! We have had the hot tub for about 5-6 weeks, and our enjoying it about 4-5/times per week. Living in Phoenix area, we went with 110v option (it doesn’t get that cool here, haha) and so far so good. We have 5 stage filtration, and are using essentially all natural products to treat water, still getting all that figured out, but so far so good. Jets are positioned perfectly for my wife and I, and we both can really relax in this hot tub (which is one of the main reasons we bought it). Looking forward to the winter months here, and probably using it even more than we do now. Highly recommend Jacuzzi to anyone out there looking for a high quality hot tub.

11 months
Great tub

Love it and use it daily. Highly recommend to anyone considering purchase

11 months
Love the waterfall and other features

I’m enjoying my jacuzzi and it’s many features and it’s cost effective (my electric bill is stable).

11 months
A great way to relax!

We love our new hot tub! It took a while to get it up and running due to the fact that out tub was sent with the wrong hook up. It was supposed to be for a 220 and it was sent as a 110 instead. We had ordered it as a 220 and our electrician had set us up so that that’s what we were plugging into. The plug on the tub came with 110. A little bit frustrating! We had to pay our electrician for his extra time in switching out the cord and making sure the tub was set to run on to 220!

12 months

Looking forward to cooler weather we have kept it around 97-98 in the summer work great for two people. Being new to Hot tubs it has been easy to maintain and keep clear water.

Happy tub
12 months
Absolutely love it

I have wanted a hot tub for many years, finally took the plunge and bought it from jacuzzi Manchester. Couldn’t have had better service, especially had a lot of help and support from Anne Marie . Really happy with my choice, have used it every day since installation.

12 months
Tub for two

Having so many jets are great! Amazingly comfortable and very well made. We got an easy up cover that almost lifts itself. No complaints what so ever with the hot tub only cudos.

12 months
Great little hot tub

I down sized from a larger hot tub as I am the only one that really uses it. The new one was easy to set up, easy to maintain and just the perfect size for 1 to 2 people. It is so easy to just open turn the jets on and relax. I can do everything with ease as I have had knee & shoulder issues so easy is great.

12 months
Great relaxing time!

This is our second Jacuzzi brand hot tub and we are completely satisfied with it. Our first one lasted for more than 20 years and opted to go with the same brand when we remodeled our deck. The new tub is amazing lots of features and comfy! We couldn’t be more excited about it!!!

12 months
great tub

glad I got it just need to get the chemicals in check

12 months

Love our new hot tub. Great massage action for our aching muscles. Use it everyday. So glad we went with a Jacuzzi.

Clifford and Linda
12 months

Wife has pain hot tub was recommend …………..

1 year

I had my Jacuzzi delivered on July 30th but the hand rail was on back order, and I didn’t get keys to lock the cover. I called the dealer this week and was basically told I would have to pick it up myself.

Not At all
1 year
Happy With The Jacuzzi Hot Tub

The experience is better than I imaged. The aqua massage really is relaxing.

1 year
Perfect way to relax and unwind!

We bought our Jacuzzi hot tub a month ago and have used it nearly everyday since it was installed. It has all the features we were looking for, the combination of jets is perfect and it is a great size for the two of us; it fits perfectly on our porch. Can’t wait to use it this winter, too.

Yorkie Lady
1 year
Great size

We bought this Jacuzzi because of its size. We are not a large family, so it fits our wants.And it so comfortable no matter where you sit. And I just love the cover, being able to lift it myself, without waiting for some help.

1 year
Never want to miss it anymore

bought this 6 weeks ago and love spending some time late in the evening to calm down

1 year
Great features

Bought the tub 5 weeks ago. The wait that it took after ordering the tub was well worth it.

2 years
seats etc

All the seats are comfortable and the different jets at each seat provide a variety of massage options. It takes very little effort and minimum chemicals to keep the spa water pristine.

2 years
Love the therapeutic jets,so relaxing

I have back pains and this jacuzzi helps to relax the muscles and relieve a lot of pain. Very relaxing with the lights and waterfall.

2 years
so relaxing

We chose this after careful consideration and haven’t looked back… great power in the jets, relaxing and rejuvenating..Easy to Operate and maintain, we would definitely recommend

2 years
So far so good

only 1 problem, the 110 plug would not fit under door, had to saw about 1 inch off left side of bottom door track. delivery guy said he never saw anything like it!!

Desert denizen
2 years
Bubbles in the Desert

This J-315 purchase was one of the best buying experiences we have ever had. Great communication with the seller and a very well constructed spa.

mama bear
2 years

Only thing I would change is the cover. I would prefer it open front to back instead of side to side

2 years
Nice tu

I was looking for a smaller 2 person spa and the other brands did not have a lot of jet options and the Jets were weak. Jacuzzi had great jet options and they are powerful which is why I chose this spa. Unfortunately there were not a lot of color choices. Also it would be better if there was an actual handle to grip getting in/out instead of the cutout that is awkward and slippery at times. Have been enjoying this spa for a month and am satisfied with it. If your looking for a smaller spa this is probably the best on the market.

2 years
Love my jacuzzi

Only had it for a month and it is perfect for a recent retired couple.

2 years

Really great but waiting on the service to replace the air controls as they turn on automatically and to shut off must turn the diverter valve, repair service said they had another new one just like it and figures they got a bad batch during assembly

2 years
We love it

This is our third. Best yet.That is just too bad.(That my review was too short.)

2 years
So relaxing for body, mind, spirit

I bought my jacuzzi less than a month ago and have been in it almost every night. My last hot tub died a few years ago and after my first dip in my new tub I thought why did I wIt so long to replace my hot tub?!? The jets are so therapeutic on my shoulders, spine and low back. I was in heaven! great price, great customer service and Greeeat hot tub!

2 years
the right purchase

My wife and I had a hot tub many years ago and it went with the house when it sold. We have re-discovered the pleasure of the hot tub again with our new purchase

2 years

I love my jacuzzi I am using it every day it is great

None yet
2 years

I am thrilled with my Jacuzzi, 3-person spa. I chose to have it hardwired so that I could enjoy the extra speed with which it heats and be able to run the heater and the jets at once. I absolutely love the way I can adjust any individual jet to be as soft or as powerful as I like. Not only that, but I can actually sit backwards in the lounge seat if I choose and it is fairly comfortable because Jacuzzi had the foresight to flatten the front of the filter compartment. By sitting backwards I get more jets on my thighs and 2 small persons could actually sit opposite each other with their legs fitted together, making this a 4-person spa if desired. It’s the perfect spa for a single or a couple who may be rare entertainers or only entertain in small groups. It’s about 8’X8′ (approximate) so fits easily into your world. The jets when on full power blow you away. Love it thus far. Washes pain away!

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