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Backyard Centerpiece

The Jacuzzi® J-325™ Hot Tub will accommodate 4-5 adults and shows off the quality that you get from the J-300™ Collection. Ergonomic seating and 21 jets provide your chronic muscular ailments with the targeted massage needed for recovery and stress relief. An elegant, easy to use control panel makes hot tub therapy easy. Furthermore, it gives you complete control over your Clearray® water care system and will allow you to spend more time relaxing in your hot tub.

Seats: 4-5
Size: 76" x 84" x 34"
Price Range:

Signature J-300™ Hot Tubs

Imagine sitting inside your home with friends and family and looking at your backyard to see this incredible Jacuzzi® hot tub. Many of our customers make their spa the centerpiece of their backyard and you can see why this is the case. Build your hot tub with different shell and cabinet colors and start dreaming about using it. Paradise Valley Spas has 8 branded retail locations in Northern California. and you can see this product in the following 4 stores: Palo Alto, CA | San Rafael, CA | Richmond, CA | Capitola, CA

Therapeutic Massage

Take a moment and think about the most amazing massage you’ve ever had. Owning a Jacuzzi® hot tub means you can have that same relaxation every day of the week. This model features three distinct massage styles: The PowerPro® therapy seat will give you a classic Swedish style massage utilizing long gliding strokes and kneading movements to relax and improve circulation. The FX seat offers circular deep tissue massage along your neck, upper and lower back, and shoulders. This improves mobility and removes muscle knots. Lastly, the MX2 therapy seat is concentrated deep tissue massage focusing on tension release in your back and neck.

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27 Reviews
10 months
Perfect tub for our space!

This tub met all our needs. We were limited on space and power and the J325 was small enough and allowed us to run at 30 amp 240v instead of the typical 40 or 50 amp. Great features and not over complicated like some tubs. Jet placement is great! Only complaint is there are only 3 cup holders but there are 4 seats!

1 year
A beautiful addition to our garden

We bought our spa 3 months ago and absolutely love it! It has a jet pattern that fits anything that may need attention. It has different types of jets in each corner and can have more power to any that needs it. I definetly would recommend this to anyone.

1 year
So relaxing

First time buying a hot tub and I am so happy I chose Jacuzzi. I have used the hot tub just about every day and have never been so relaxed. Love the app.

1 year
Great Tub

Had the tub for a month and love it, it could use more pump power but all tubs in this size only have 1 pump, it is fine for 2 people as you can shut off the jets on the seats not in use. I am afraid it may not hold the temperature in very cold weather, even though I have it on 4 wire 220 volt operation… we will see.

Casa Stumpo
1 year
Perfect fit and addition to the family

The tub delivers on its promise. The size is perfect for the use my family requires. Any larger and I’d be heating unused water unnecessarily. Any smaller and I could not accompany my average guests. it’s an efficient tub as well. Caution on chemicals though. I’m having rookie issues keep the water clear and beautiful. Getting better now after several weeks I’ve got a good balance going. The SmartTub app helps me out as well. However, it cannot be connected to Amazon Alexa which is unfortunate as my entire smart home is connected to Alexa.

1 year
Perfect for the two of us

We got a smaller 4person tub because there is only the two of us. It has all the jets we need to hit those “tender” spots that need attention. I use it almost daily and throughly enjoy the warmth and feel of the water. It is easy to maintain and the sealed bottom gives us the confidence that critters won’t be making a home under our tub. We also find the 110 current is adequate for the time we use it, but like the fact that we can upgrade to 220 if we ever want to. We like the excellent quality of the workmanship and easily maintained materials. I would recommend the Jacuzzi to those who like high quality. It is worth the extra money for the confidence one feels in knowing they have a hot tub that will last a very long time.

1 year
easy care, very good jets

Excellent service and very good product (vast improvement over our old hot tub); already seeing improvement in our various musculoskeletal aches and pains!

1 year
J325 Great good features!

We have had our J325 installed for about 3 weeks. Install was flawless and the folks from Alkar Billiards did a great job. The tub is great, we use it every evening. I was a little surprised by 2 things. First, the wifi feature offered to non-US [50hz] tubs is not available on US models and the unit by which you could use to monitor the tub is extra – we simply weren’t aware of this. Second, the jet pressure is not as strong as I would have expected. Even adjusting air flow and water flow they are simply meh. We have owned hot tubs for years and this really surprised me. We have the tub wired at 240 with both heater and pumps enabled on the control board. Overall it is a remarkable hot tub but it could have been amazing. We are satisfied with our purchase and would recommend a Jacuzzi brand!

The doctor
1 year
A happy camper

So far ,so good,had a little hiccup(wrong cover)once the cover finally got here,everything has been great,the crew at store (mission Viejo)was there every step of the way,the name Jacuzzi was the reason I spend the extra money,

2 years
Great Service

Bought this hot tub at the CNE in Toronto in August. Rob Burns from the London store was great at coordinating the delivery and ensuring I was happy with the installation. The guy at the Kitchener store was great help in arranging the financing. Delivery crew was friendly, accommodating and efficient. The jets are not as strong as my previous hot tub, but it only has a single speed motor. Motor thrust can be diverted to one half of the tub for a more powerful jet but then the other half is deprived of any jets at all. There is a known issue with the aerator toggle switches that get “stuck” in the “on” position at low pressures. Stronger motor or two motors would be better.

2 years
Jacuzzi J-325

This is a very good hot tub for a small space – like our 30′ by 30′ backyard. There is ample room for 4 large size adults and the depth allows your shoulders to be immersed. The only negative comment so far is that the pump motor could be more robust. That said, we are very happy with the product.

Happy customer
2 years
Great jets

bought this one month ago. Have used it every night. I bought because of the name and a warranty that was much better than all others I had checked out. It runs just as prescribed. also a rep. came to start and check the unit and explained the maintenance of the spa. Very happy with the purchase.

Old Bones
2 years
Best thing I ever bought.

It took me a year to decide to buy a Jacuzzi. The expense and the uncertainty that I’d use it regularly kept me from buying it. Now that I have it, see it’s ease of use and maintenance, I wish I bought it years ago. I use it twice a day. After years of exercise and work my body is sore, the Jacuzzi helps wonderfully to ease the pain.

Captain Heat
2 years

I have had the tub for about a month. The tub has everything needed and can be heated to 106 which is appreciated in the high altitude cold climate. It also does remarkably well retaining that heat during use. This ability was very important to me.

2 years
Happy with my choice

I am very happy with my Jacuzzi! Set up was flawless and I look forward to coming home and soaking in my tub

2 years
Relief at last

I have been through five major back surgeries, four failed fusions, a morphine implant in my left thigh and a neurostimulator in my right thigh, for years I could not get a good night sleep or relief from pain in my lower back and legs, thank God for Jacuzzis, since I purchased mine, there hasn’t been a single night I missed a 20 minute cycle of relaxation, now, I sleep much better, and I feel much needed relief at last!

Thanks Jacuzzi!

2 years
Tiki bar jacuzzi

We bought our jacuzzi a couple months ago at the home and remodeling show. We just went to get some ideas to remodel our kitchen. This was the best purchase ever. We have enjoyed sitting in it when it has been snowing.

2 years
Great decision

We’ve been thinking about getting a hot tub for quite a while now and heard all the great reviews of the Jacuzzi brand. Mike was so informative with no pressure at all. Great sale price we just couldn’t pass up. Fast delivery and set up and also had their recommended electrician to come and finish up the last of the needed work. You want a great experience, this is where you need to go.

2 years
Worth every penny!

We bought our jacuzzi 3 weeks ago and have not missed an evening of relaxation and enjoyment since. A great investment in ourselves.

Water bubba
2 years
Just right

Tub is just what my wife and I anticipated it would be. Very relaxing and worth the money. Very easy to take care of.

2 years
why did I wait so long?

I bought my Jacuzzi tub almost a month ago it is the best. my husband and I enjoy a relaxing tub every evening. Jacuzzi Barrie made the purchase so easy they helped us pick the perfect tub then organized delivery the gazebo being built and gave me advice on how to care for my tub.

2 years
Awesome Spa!

Got my first hot tub and Jacuzzi is awesome. when i can get the wifi going its going to be that much better!!

3 years
Strong jets....great quality!!

I have been in my hot tub at least once a day…it is relaxing,stress relieving and helps muscle tension!❤️❤️

3 years
Love it

We love it, has helped with our aches and pains for the whole family

Steve S.
3 years
Great Jacuzzi

This Jacuzzi is quality built! Nice finish, quite running and very efficient. Great warranty. Easy to maintain & clean. Looks great in my back yard. I looked at many tub, this by far is the best.

3 years
Love it!

Should of bought it years ago. I bought it this as I was sick of being stiff and sore. Since purchasing it I have yet to use any pain medication. The jets are fabulous and would highly recommend a Jacuzzi tub to anyone. Hands down one of the best purchases I have ever made.

3 years
Very nice unit.

Slightly smaller than our previous tub. Love it !!

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