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Backyard Centerpiece

The Jacuzzi® J-365™ Hot Tub will accommodate 6-7 adults and shows off the quality that you get from the J-300™ Collection. Ergonomic seating and 44 jets provide your chronic muscular ailments with the targeted massage needed for recovery and stress relief. An elegant, easy to use control panel makes hot tub therapy easy. Furthermore, it gives you complete control over your Clearray® water care system and will allow you to spend more time relaxing in your hot tub.

Seats: 6+
Size: 84" x 91" x 38"
Price Range:

Signature J-300™ Hot Tubs

Imagine sitting inside your home with friends and family and looking at your backyard to see this incredible Jacuzzi® hot tub. Many of our customers make their spa the centerpiece of their backyard and you can see why this is the case. Build your hot tub with different shell and cabinet colors and start dreaming about using it. Paradise Valley Spas has 8 branded retail locations in Northern California. and you can see this product in the following 4 stores: Palo Alto, CA | San Rafael, CA | Richmond, CA | Capitola, CA

Therapeutic Massage

Take a moment and think about the most amazing massage you’ve ever had. Owning a Jacuzzi® hot tub means you can have that same relaxation every day of the week. This model features three distinct massage styles: The PowerPro® therapy seat will give you a classic Swedish style massage utilizing long gliding strokes and kneading movements to relax and improve circulation. The FX seat offers circular deep tissue massage along your neck, upper and lower back, and shoulders. This improves mobility and removes muscle knots. Lastly, the MX2 therapy seat is concentrated deep tissue massage focusing on tension release in your back and neck.

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35 Reviews
4 months
Great tub!

I love this tub! All 4 seats are great. I can never decide on my favorite because they are all awesome. The extra space over the J-345 is really nice. I love the neck jets and the foot jets are a hit with everyone.

10 months
Minor issues, great tub

Overall the tub has been great. I’m not sure why they haven’t figured out a solution to the pillows coming off so easily. I had one oxygen switch that doesn’t engage all the way and hisses a bit when used. Still, very good so far

10 months
Awesome adjustable jets, comfortable.

Buying this Jacuzzi Hot Tub was one of the best purchases I have ever made. You will not be disappointed. Well worth the money. I love everything about it. I use mine twice a day. Very easy to take care of. Love it!

10 months
Enjoying the experience!

Great product but I would have appreciated a start up visit by dealer to orient me on product and get me started with chemicals program.

Ron and Ola
11 months
J-365 - Excellent Performance

My wife and I purchased the J-365 as a floor model, and have been very pleased. Jets, filters, heating, remote all perform as advertised. Manual and installation instructions are clear and provide professional electrician with precise requirements. Waterworks, who sold the J-365 to us, delivered on time, and in short order, successfully concluded the delivery.

I hate surveys
11 months
Great Features

We bought our 365 jucuzzi Hot Tub in Dec. and just got it up and running last month. Our children and granchildren love it.

11 months
Very powerful

I’ve been to many elaborate spa get aways and never have I had such water therapy. After a long day on the golf course my body needs relief. After 15 minutes of intense water therapy, I am renew again. The jets are totally adjustable to work on any of my sore areas.

troy in pORtland
11 months
Solid Choice

I’ve had this Jacuzzi, J-365, for about a month now. I wanted a no frills, solidly constructed spa that would be relatively maintenance-free through the years. The jury is still out on maintenance-free through the years but, so far so good. It is definitely solidly and thoughtfully constructed.compared to all other spas I looked at (which was quite a few since I geek out out on research). I love the versatility of the pressure and the placement of the jets. The seats are comfortable and vary slightly depending upon your build. It’s really fantastic. I like the user interface. It’s reasonably intuitive. No issues whatsoever there. The only issues I have encountered was 1) the keyboard interface was non-responsive one day. I disconnected power and re-booted it. That fixed the problem. Hopefully, not a sign of a bigger problem. Only happened once, and 2) the head cushions will frequently become dislodged when the jets are on full blast. This is a small, but aggravating complaint. I’m currently looking for a DIY solution. If you have one- let me know!

11 months
Nice tub- mobile app should be free

Tub is great. No issue on install and we are enjoyign it. However, charging for the ability to control the tub via the app is not right.

11 months
So far awesome hot tub/spa

Have only had for a few weeks now and am enjoying it almost daily. So glad we made the purchase

11 months
great features, easy to use, enjoyed by all

The J365 has been a pleasure to use by all family members. We have had the tub installed for about a month now and have had a great experience so far. Such a nice added element to the house and has really opened up our backyard experience.

11 months
great hot tub

does wonders on me an wife backs holds heat very well love this tub

1 year
Complimentary to my yard

I bought the J365 about a month ago from the Ancaster Ontario store along with the Gazebo to keep it covered. What a lovely addition to the yard. Iam still in the learning stages on addition of chemicals but Iam catching on fast. It is so relaxing in the evening or when I get home from the Gym. Lauren was wonderful and extremely knowledgeable of the Hot we bought. She did a sight visit to ensure we were putting it in the best possible spot. Wish I had done this years ago. Added some lights around the structure and it is Beautiful when they are lit up.

1 year

Great overall product, would not hesitate to buy again. A few minor things could have been better, but nothing worth complaining about.

1 year
I bought a spa two months ago and love it

The spa has been great I’m looking to buy another spa for a house in another state.

1 year
Great place to buy a hot tub

Friendly and experienced staff. Very helpful. Loving the hot tub so far.

1 year
Nice but a small issue....

Had the J365 about 1 month. Tub is nice and gives a vigorous massage. The issue is with the head rests… the insert easily comes out simply by resting your head on them. Rather frustrating and I can’t be the first to complain. Nice design, like the ability to customize each corner by using diverters, nozzles and air induction. I’m sure it’s my issue but I am constantly having to reduce the PH. Still learning the chemicals but overall a nice tub and well built cover.

1 year
Love this hot tub!

I bought it a month ago and rarely a day goes by that I don’t use this tub. Even when the outside temps are in the teens or even single digits, its great to get in and relax.

1 year
Awesome hot tub

We have had out Jacuzzi for almost a year now. We love it! Each seat has different jets and hits different parts of the body massaging away all of our aches and pains. We have spent hours in it with friends just visiting as well. We have had 2 other brand of hot tubs but Jacuzzi wins our vote!!

1 year
LOVE my hot tub!

I purchased my Jacuzzi hot tub a couple months ago. I absolutely love it! I work in a factory and my muscles get sore from lifting things all day long. Usually ever other evening, I get in my hot tub and let the bubbles release all my stress and relax my muscles. SO glad I purchased it!

1 year
Great company to deal with

We have owned our tub for a month now and we love it use it every day….the only downside is the pillows are very annoying drives me crazy that they keep coming off and start floating in the tub . Hopefully jacuzzi can find a fix for up coming years..and are tub came slightly damage on delivery…. which are jacuzzi dealer helped us with to make us happy ..but 100 percent happy with picking jacuzzi over other brands we looked at..

1 year
Great tub bad jet position

I have had this jacuzzi for two weeks and it has been in use everyday. My family loves this jacuzzi. Great jets yet the beck jets and the calve jets are a waist. They are not properly measured for a normal size person. I am 5’10 I have to sit too high to get the calves jets in the right place or sink so low for the beck jets to hit the neck and they were a thousand dollar more to get this tub awaist of money

1 year
Best Purchase Ever!!

I purchased my hot tub from Rob and the Jacuzzi London team back in March 2018. After my backard was ready for it’s arrival, the Jacuzzi was delivered in June by a professional and friendly team. Rob took the extra time to pay a visit, review in detail all the functions and ensure it was in working order. Throughout this entire experience, he has been incredibly helpful, accessible and friendly. The Jacuzzi is everything and more that I hoped for – perfect size, easy to maintain and is used more often than expected! From service to product usage, this has been a fantastic experience.

1 year
Great Hot tub

I traded in my old hot (not a Jacuzzi brand) for a new Jaccuzi and I wished I did this sooner. I was impressed from the first dip. The temperature settings are just right. The jets are magnificient. The whole family loves it.

1 year
Beautiful Tub!

Bought my tub a month ago & I love it! Wish it had an app, telling me what chemicals I need to add, and when. I was fully trained on what to do for regular use, but I tore my biceps tendon & rotator cuff & had surgery. So I can’t use the tub for another month. Having a smart app would just make this even better, but it’s still a great tub & was really helping my bad joints & back! Very pleased!!

Ed 78
1 year
Jets are great.

I hop in about 4 nights a week and hit all 4 corners. Great after exercise!

1 year
Fun for the whole family

The J 365 is an amazing tub. When it says that it seats 6-7 people, it actually can quite comfortably. The foot message feature is surprisingly soothing. As far as the power and jets go, it has enough power and more to give an amazing message while your muscles are warmed up! The fact that every single seat has its own controls of each jet is amazing. Customization for each person in the tub. Everyone is always able to get the experience they want. The installation with the electrician was easy, the controls are simple to use, the light options are fabulous. The whole family will enjoy the tub. It has truly changed our lives. Coincidentally the tub we purchased is the 365, which is exactly how many days a year we plan on using it! You won’t regret buying a Jacuzzi!

1 year
Great size

I’ve had my Jacuzzi for about a month and love it!! Awesome unit so far 🙂

1 year
Great so far

Less than a month old, and we are enjoying it. Great color. Love the lights.

1 year

You get what you pay for! Our tub cost considerably more than others we were looking at but it was well worth it. Two powerful pumps, 38″ high for nice deep tub. Powerful jets and each seat is different. Simple instructions and ease of care got us to ideal water conditions very quickly. The design is sleek and clean and it looks great on our enclosed deck. Don’t waste money on a big box knock-off. Buy quality. You won’t regret it!!!

1 year
Amazing jets!

Rebecca (Not Mike) purchased the hot tub. This is the second hot tub and there is no comparison between the two. The jets are amazing and the muscle relief is well worth the purchase!

1 year
A very solid product

Strong jets, easy maintenance and a very well designed unit. Way better than the Thermospa unit it replaced.

1 year
great product

We have had this Hot Tub for about a month now and my favorite feature is that each corner seat has a different configuration of jets, so you can get many different experiences in one tub.

helped my back pain
1 year
enjoy this tub

My only issue is the control panel takes some time to learn. Use this tub for hydrotherapy and it definitely helps. the best two spots are the deep well and the opposite side. I rarely use the other two.

S and D
1 year
Good but needs a couple of little tweaks

We have used our hot tub for a few months now and love it. We find the headrest and the switches sometimes come off a little too easily. It would be better if they were attached more strongly or if they had a “locking” position. We wish that it had a fourth cup holder and that they were a little deeper. We also wish that it had a couple more lights under the waterline. Other than that the size is perfect and we love the variety of jets and the total control you have over the pressure coming out of each one. Looks great, functions great and is easy to maintain. Good customer service too although the pricing of the chemicals could be better in the stores.

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