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Backyard Centerpiece

Whether you’re entering retirement or just starting your family, the J-415™ Hot Tub is the perfect addition to your backyard with room for 2-3 adults. Built to fit in smaller spaces, the low profile of the J-415™ features premium PowerPro® Jets, including five RX Jets that deliver a bold massage without sacrificing strength. In addition to a quick-check status indicator light, the J-415™ satisfies your senses with an illuminated WaterColour™ waterfall and backlit pillow.

Seats: 2-3
Size: 76" x 66" x 32"
Lounge: Yes
Price Range:

Designer J-400™ Hot Tubs

Imagine sitting inside your home with friends and family and looking at your backyard to see this incredible Jacuzzi® hot tub. Your hot tub can be the centerpiece of your backyard and a place for more meaningful family time. Build your hot tub with different shell and cabinet colors and start dreaming about using it. Paradise Valley Spas has 8 branded retail locations in Northern California. Jacuzzi® hot tubs can be seen in the following 4 stores: Palo Alto, CA | San Rafael, CA | Richmond, CA | Capitola, CA

Optimal Hydrotherapy

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12 Reviews
Retired mermaid
1 year
The massaging jets are wonderful.

I’ve had it for several months and so far it”s great

2 years
Love my tub!!

I don’t have to go away for a spa vacation anymore! My jacuzzi is ready and waiting to soak away the stress and anxiety of my day.

3 years
Great Tub, greater service, just not for us

We really loved the tub and had a great experience with our local retailer NW Pool & Spa. We had space limitation and thus went with the J-415. I am just too tall to fit in it. Greg handled everything with aplomb.

3 years
Good Choice

After a month of use, we find ourselves more stress free by simply relaxing and reaping the benefits of an excellant hydro-therapeutic session.

4 years
all around great product

Great tub for 2 or 3 people although 3 is a little crowded. Great features just what is needed after a tough work day. Waterfall light failed dealer fixed within 2 days. Have had tub for 1 1/2 years without any other problems. Would recommend any Jacuzzi Hot Tub product.

4 years
Terrific spa!

Heats up quickly, has powerful jets, is comfortable and is beautiful to look at!

Scott L
5 years
What a Fantastic Spa!

We have had this spa for almost a month now. How did we live without it! It’s just my wife and I, that’s why we choose the J-415. The jets are placed just right so they hit all the areas. Just shifting your body up/down, left/right a little increases the areas for the jets to help massage those sore spots. I would highly recommend this Spa!

I would recommend to Jacuzzi that they consider adding a small LED light in front of the Spa to help light up the optional steps when getting out. The reason being is if your using the Spa at night or in a dark room, you are somewhat blinded by the control center display on top of the Spa and can not see the steps. This LED could work with the interior lights in the Spa!

Also wish there was a second headrest on the opposite side.

Overall, this Spa is Fantastic!!!

5 years
Expensive, but worth it

We downsized from a 4-5 person hot tub to this 2-3 person (really 2) Jacuzzi tub. Perfect for 2 people and the size difference on our patio is welcomed. Very happy with performance and options; easy set up and control panel is user friendly (once you get the hang of it NOT being a touchscreen). We love the optional bluetooth sound system — the two speakers and bass really deliver nice quality music. The lighting (choice of colors) and waterfall are really a nice feature too!

6 years

We purchased this about a month ago and we could not be happier! Have used it daily….and some days even more!! Landmark Pools (Jason) was fabulous with his knowledge and delivery. This Hot Tub is everything we wanted…..makes our bones (and attitude) sooooo good!! Thanks for building a great product!

6 years
We love it!

The hot tub was delivered last week and we love it.

6 years
J-415 Jacuzzi - just the right size

I purchased a J415 Jacuzzi Spa about one month ago. I am, so far, impressed with the features and quality of workmanship. The hydrotherapy jets are very powerful – not like the jets supplied by other manufacturers. This is a quality product that should provide many years of enjoyment.

6 years
Excellent features for it's size

Great product! Only complaint is local dealer has had to wait on Jacuzzi for over a month on a back ordered part.

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