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Backyard Centerpiece

While the low-profile, compact J-425™ Hot Tub may be smaller in size, it boasts premium PowerPro® Jets and elegant style. This luxury spa includes a status indicator light for quick reference, backlit pillows, glowing cup holders and a brilliant illuminated WaterColour™ waterfall that make it easy to use and enjoy.

Seats: 4-5
Size: 76" x 87" x 34"-39"
Price Range:

Designer J-400™ Hot Tubs

Imagine sitting inside your home with friends and family and looking at your backyard to see this incredible Jacuzzi® hot tub. Your hot tub can be the centerpiece of your backyard and a place for more meaningful family time. Build your hot tub with different shell and cabinet colors and start dreaming about using it. Paradise Valley Spas has 8 branded retail locations in Northern California. Jacuzzi® hot tubs can be seen in the following 4 stores: Palo Alto, CA | San Rafael, CA | Richmond, CA | Capitola, CA

Optimal Hydrotherapy

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13 Reviews
1 year
Nice jets

Easy to use and monitor. Each location has different jets hitting different spots, like getting a massage. Only downside, I always have to set the color of the waterfall. Highly recommend!

1 year
This is the 3rd spa be have bought in 35 years.

Twice before we purchased Dimension 1 spas and were always pleased .We rented a home at Christmas that had a Jacuzzi spa and liked it as well. It just so happens that our dealer now represents Jacuzzi spas as well as Demention 1. He was the one who felt we would be happier with a Jacuzzi this time. We are 60 years old and have been in a stressful and physical profession for 40 years. Our needs are different than they use to be. We are extremely content with our purchase.

2 years
Great small hot tub

For my husband and I it’s a great sized tub with high end features. It takes awhile to get used to all the electronic features. We’ve had Jacuzzi’s in the past – and they’ve held up well.

2 years
Our jacuzzi

Great jets; attractive appearance; easy to learn comtrols. We love it!

2 years
A very high quality system

We are very satisfied with our Jacuzzi hot tub. It is easy to use and owner instructions are thorough. Looking forward to many years of enjoyment.

Denver of the East Bob ·
2 years
Really like our J-425 Hot Tub

We purchased tub approx. 4 weeks ago and use it every chance we can.

2 years
Super quality

I love my new J425. It is superb quality above the 14 year old Saratoga that I traded in. Great service from my Pool King dealer.

3 years
Nicely put together. Neat design,

Have the hot tub about 5 weeks. We like it for the hydrotherapy. Could use about 4 or 5 more jets. Unit could use some dedicated cup holders. Maybe at least 3. Instructions could use some simplification (confusing at best) and so especially can the water balance information. Start up kit provided poor instructions of each chemical. In what mode should the unit be running when each chemical is added ? Hydraulic cover works well. Filters not so easy to remove and clean and replace. Dealer was of zero help in delivery, setting up and instructing on the unit. It was delivered by a subcontractor who put it in place and left us to find out things on our own. They were nice however. Had to take down screen and supports to get it on the patio and then put the screen and parts back. ( An extra expense from the screen company). We live 70 miles from the dealer located in Pompano Beach FL. Our electrician did a good job for the 240V line hard wiring. The pin holding the canister and filter together was defective. A new one was sent from the dealer after 2 weeks waiting, but the envelope was ripped open and we received no pin. A call to the dealer started with a argument from the parts man that they did sent it in a plain envelope. But it was lost in transit due to the way it was packed and now we are still waiting for another pin!

Overall it was one of the most expensive hot tubs for size and jets, but seems to be make well. We hope it all keeps working normally so we don’t need service calls as the incident with the filter pin did not give me a good feeling on the promptness of service calls. .

4 years
Could not have made a better choice

Columbia Pool and Spa in Columbia, Missouri were the best. They were so professional and knowledgeable that I knew I was in the right place. I did my home work with all spas available to me and made the absolute best choice with Jacuzzi. This spa not only looks great but it functions great. It’s easy to take care of and is very enjoyable…did I say enjoyable…Oh YEA

4 years
Outstanding Therapeutic Value and Relaxation

For more than four decades I have enjoyed various hot tubs and most recently for a 20 year time period I owned and enjoyed a Sundance Rio Spa. This past July I upgraded to a Jacuzzi J-425 spa. The spa is used for medical purposes due to health issues related to military service and also for relaxation.

Needless to say, my expectations were far exceeded and actually unbelievable because I never imagined and I had no idea how powerful the jets are and the benefit arrived. The power produced by the 2.5Hp pumps are strong enough to literally “project” me from two seats. When I told Aqua Quip how delighted I was with the spa performance I humorously suggested the manufacturer should have built the spa with “seatbelts.” At first the folks I told this to thought I was serious, but quickly realized I was not being serious except for the jet power.

The Jacuzzi has proven to be far beyond any of my expectations and I never imagined how comfortable the seats were designed. The waterfall is a very nice and relaxing addition and when the heater turns on so does the waterfall.

I only have positive comments about the J-425 and I highly recommend the spa.

4 years
Love the tub with exception of speakers....

In less that two years 1/2 the speakers have failed at my expense. Would not recommend getting the sound system.

5 years
Very pleased

Purchased and installed just a week ago and loving my new hot tub. This tub replaced a 17 year old one – what a difference! Should have done it years ago! The installation teams were fantastic, after sales support is amazing. I couldn’t be happier!

5 years
Fantastic hydro massage

Bought the hot tub one month ago and couldn’t be happier. All the different jets give you a hydro massage that is very soothing.

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