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Backyard Centerpiece

The J-495™ is the largest Jacuzzi® Hot Tub in the J-400™ Collection. Packed with plenty of premium PowerPro® Jets, this is the only model with a bench seat and includes an illuminated foot dome jet, dual neck and shoulder-soothing waterfalls, and more. Boasting room for 8-9 adults, the roomy J-495™  model is one of the best hot tubs for large gatherings.

Seats: 6+
Size: 90" x 110" x 41"-46"
Price Range:

Designer J-400™ Hot Tubs

Presenting more rotational PowerPro® Jets, a distinct high-back design, and an adjustable headrest, our designer J-400™ Hot Tub Collection by Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs delivers one of our best hydromassage experiences available. Stylish elegance is provided by premium spa lighting and a backlit double waterfall.

Optimal Hydrotherapy

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26 Reviews
1 year
A great upgrade

This is a replacement hot tub due to the original hot tub having a shell issue. I am pleased at the way jacuzzi corporation stood behind their product.

1 year
Excellent quality, No regrets

We knew nothing about hot tubs prior to this so we did a lot of shopping and research before our purchase. We have had it for about a month and so far everything has worked perfectly. We purchased the largest tub with every option available so there isn’t anything to regret or complain about. We enjoy all the features; stereo, lighting, waterfall etc… but if I had to identify one “must have” feature it would be the foot massage – without that the entire experience would be far less enjoyable. The massage unit also helps you to maintain your balance while seated. During our shopping experience we were impressed with the superior quality of the Jacuzzi brand and remain convinced that we made the right choice.

Don B
1 year
Performs better than expected

We love our J495. Hydrotherapy is outstanding . No issues so far . Very impressed .

1 year

We absolutely love our new hot tub. It is an awesome way to relax!

1 year
Total Relaxation!

We have owned the Jacuzzi J-495 for over 3 years. It is submerged in our steel and stone deck and elevated 22 feet in the air overlooking a cliff side lakeview in MO. It is super comfy for 4 adults as you can have lots of space. 6 adults gets a bit cozy. I love the foot jets! Lots more maintenance than our previous spa as it has 3 types of filters and you need to change a clarifier bulb yearly. We love that it has many “cooling areas” like the bench seat area so you don’t overheat. This way you can stay in longer. Each seat has different jets to target various areas and you can easily control the intensity to suit your needs. Also the seats vary in height so you can get a submerged shoulder massage up to your neck or have your shoulders exposed. The only issues we have had are a few LED lights in the waterfall jets are out. Also, the cover is completely waterlogged and like a concrete block after only 3 years. It is very large and clumsy and you need 2 people to get it on and off. We take immaculate care of the cover, using 303 protectant regularly but have seen water getting into the spa somehow after a rain?? We live in an extreme wind / sun exposure zone though. Our cover is the vinyl one so we are currently researching the fabric/sunbrella newer style covers made by Jacuzzi. Spoke with our Jacuzzi dealer regarding both issues. They advise they will not service the spa unless it is totally accessible for repair. As it is on a steel platform 22 feet in the air and the side panels are partially covered they will not even come out. We estimate it would cost us $3000 to hire a crane to pull the spa for repair. Consider this when deciding on spa placement. Overall our spa is fabulous, an we enjoy it almost daily year round. Spa + amazing sunset + refreshing libation = happy life!

Richard MacDonald
2 years
Simply the Best Spa Available

If your looking for a spa the Jacuzzi Brand should be at the top of your list. It seems that all kinds of different companies are in the spa business although it takes many years of experience and research to build them right. Jacuzzi is not just a spa, it provides serious massage therapy and each “station” works on a different part of the body and muscle groups. This was very important to us and Jacuzzi did not disappoint. Their warranty is one of the best should one need service, so far our J485 has not required any service but it is great to know it is covered if the time ever comes.we belive in purchasing quality product and Jacuzzi is simply the best…..

Country gentleman
2 years
Mostly great

I’ve had this tub for 2 years now. In that time, I have enjoyed many hours of relaxation and conversation, and most tub features work great, with the exception of lighting, which has failed 6 times. The most recent lighting failure follows a complete tub replacement by jacuzzi due to incorrect plumbing of a backflow valve from the factory. Though this may give some pause, jacuzzi has served up excellent customer service and fixed every problem so far.

2 years
2nd Jacuzzi Hot Tub and by far the BEST!!

We are so happy we traded in our J470 for this monster! This tub satisfies the pickiest of jet lovers and offers enough room for 4 that everyone actually gets to relax without feeling your stealing someone jet, or personal space.

2 years
Great except for the wifi

I love the tub. Everything is great except the wifi. It has not worked despite me having a 300 foot wifi range outside my house. The tub is less than 10 feet from the house. I’d need to get someone out here to fix it.

Dr Karen
2 years
Enjoyment Therapy!!

Love it! Fits more like 10 people without a problem. It is pretty too. We LOVE the speakers/stereo system. Exceeds our expectations!

2 years
Excellent quality and comfort!!

My wife has foot pain after running and we purchased this model for the foot jets. After owning it for a month, the foot jets performed exactly as hoped but the rest of the tub has been way more comfortable than expected.

2 years
Luxury at its best

We bought the J-495 a month ago after wet testing a similar model. The jet action is powerful, the lighting is just right and not over bearing, the stereo sounds good and works great and we like that it has 3 separate pumps for jets which gives all jets adequate volume and pressure. The center dome jets is one of our favorite items plus it helps you support yourself when the back jets are on so you don’t fly off the seat. Please NOTE the J-495 needs 60A service and Jacuzzi does not deliver the hot tub to allow for 60A operation, you MUST change the DIP settings on the control board for 60A operation in order to allow all operations to work correctly. See the manual to know what DIP settings to use. Also, I recommend you set the temp 1 degree higher than you want it because the heat will not engage again until it falls 2 degrees below the set temp and in the winter time (2 degrees is huge in water) it will not keep up with the cover off since the J-495 is so large so start the tub out higher than you want it. Lastly, the delivery crew were excellent and placed the tub exactly where and how I wanted it and installed the removable cover assembly perfectly. The access door panel trim was coming loose and Jacuzzi customer service mailed me replacement screws immediately. The one thing we wish was different is turning on the waterfall, you have to open a valve which is too close to the edge border of the hot tub which does not give clearance for manly fingers to open the valve easily, than closing it is just as hard, especially with wet fingers. This needs to be changed so you can turn the waterfall on and off from the control panel. Other than that issue we love this hot tub.

party tub
2 years
Party Tub

This tub has more than satisfied our needs. We have used it almost every day since purchase, and have had between 2-11 people in it at one time. The varied jets and seats make it a new experience each time you are in.

2 years
Nice tub. A couple of features needed/changed

I bought the tub a month ago. Very nice tub, but it needs an “all off” switch (you have to manually turn off waterfall, lights and all jets” and the waterfall is a little random when it comes on and turns off

2 years

My wife and I, originally searching for a pool, saw this amazing Jacuzzi and bought it on sight. It was beautiful and does everything except make coffee. But, there is a lighted cup holder if I want some coffee while I enjoy its soothing waters. We have enjoyed it since its delivery. This is a great addition to the house, and I recommend it highly.

2 years
Jacuzzi 495 Hot Tub

We bought this tub and have had it up and running for about a month. There were some start-up issues and the System shut down because of a problem with the speakers that required a second call and visit from the service department. Hope this is not a pattern.

2 years
Incredible Tub

Having owned another tub (the one with the Moto Massage) I have to say that this tub has far surpassed our expectations. The power of the jets will give you a deep massage. The quality and different types of jets from seat to seat will provide a full massage. Another thing that has impressed me was the quality of the jets in the secondary seating areas. Other manufactures seem to focus only on the four corners or main seats of the tub. This tub provides a great experience where ever you sit. Another thing I really like is that side seating areas flow around the tub so you can scoot over without having to stand. Great tub, I highly recommend it

3 years
Great features on the tub

We use the tub ever night, very easy to maintain and has great features that are very easy to use. We have the tub with the sound system and never thought it would sound as great as it does, very happy we went with Jacuzzi

3 years

I love this hottub, it’s a great way to relax in the comfort of my house.

3 years
Jacuzzi J-495 Hot Tub

We received our new Jacuzzi J-495 a month ago and are using it every chance we get. We are happy with all the features. Everything works as it is designed to work. I highly recommend this product and were glad we choose Jacuzzi.

3 years
Jacuzzi for Life - Client for Life

This is our second Jacuzzi… not bad considering that we only bought our first one 3 years ago. We love the Jacuzzi for Life Program, we love our new hot tub, and we love knowing that we’ll be getting a new one in less than 3 years.

3 years
We like all the features especially the stereo.

So far so good have heard both negative and possitive thoughts but so far we are pleased. the one thing I really like about Jacizzi hot tubs is they have a plastic bottom no rot, we had another hot tub for 12 years and we wanted to move it but the wood on the bottom was rotten so we ended up scrapping it out.

4 years
Awesome. No regrets much better then a pool

I bought 2 months ago best outdoor purchase You can make

4 years
Great Investment

Overall totally satisfied. I would recommend a Jacuzzi to anyone

4 years

I am so excited to have my new Jacuzzi. Our backyard will now be our new staycation! The training on how to use it was easily understandable.

Relaxation needed
4 years
Looks good but, lacks power and performance!

Had this spa for many months at this point. Visually the spa is incredible. Unfortunately, the power is not on par with spas I’ve had that were 1/2 the price. I guess your paying for the name.

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