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Legendary Performance

The J-575™ Hot Tub is the next generation of backyard luxury, showcasing a unique curvilinear design and therapeutic lounge seat for full-body relaxation with more back and hip coverage. Featuring room for 5-6 adults, the breathtaking J-575™ Hot Tub boasts a new PowerPro® Jet for the hips. Combining innovative technology, ground-breaking design and legendary Jacuzzi® hydromassage, the J-500™ Collection establishes a new standard in backyard luxury.

Seats: 5-6
Size: 91” x 91” x 37.5” - 42”
Lounge: Yes
Price Range:

Revolutionary Design

You’ve simply never seen a hot tub or spa that looks like this. This series features a cutting edge curvilinear design, outer architectural lighting and weatherproof exterior Curvalux™ cabinetry inspired by designer woven textiles. Dual waterfalls cascade over ProEdge™ interior illumination for ambiance and beauty. The  J-500™ Collection is as much of a design piece as it is a dynamic hydromassage experience.

Legendary Performance

The J-500™ Collection feels as good as it looks. A full body lounge seat with hip jets features RX Jets that knead key muscles and nerves to relax the upper and lower back. Exclusive PowerPro® directional jets target achy hips, strained wrists and relieve leg and foot tension. The MX2 therapy seat provides deep tissue muscle knot relief for your back and neck. Combine these elements and you get the finest hydromassage experience of any hot tub.

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5 Reviews
3 months
Low quality

Bad instructions for bromium usage. Above lights not functioning below 10 degrees of celcius, mobile app total rubbish and Jacuzzi customer service arrogant. 6 months after purchase flow switch broken. Neighbour’s €5000 pool performing much better and has mobile app with full features… I have no idea what what makes this made in mexico low quality pool cost so much? Next pool won’t be Jacuzzi…

1 year
Keeps my wife moving

Recommended by Physician for PsA and fibromyalgia. Never would have thought an appliance would be so useful but I can reduce a days worth of stress in 20 minutes and my wife can deal much better with acute PsA. The resulting stiffness and pain seem to immediately improve and therefor is extremely therapeutic for her. We would both recommend the J-575 as we each have our favorite locations but find ourselves moving around to work different areas of muscle soreness. The deep heat really helps her sore joints as well and the chlorine seems to keep her Psoriasis clear.

3 years
Perfect size and great looking spa

My J-575 was delivered and installed along with my electrician just before Thanksgiving 2015. I could not be happier with the spa and the outfit I purchased it from. Reliable spas in Naugatuck, CT. Bob and his crew were and have been a pleasure to deal with.The Spa is perfectly laid out and very attractive to look at in the backyard.It is comfortable and relaxing and has all the right jets in all the right locations. The lighting array and color combo choices are perfect as are the waterfalls.The spa has all the power you want and the ability to throttle back when you don’t want. The only hiccup is the pro link which is not enough of a problem to diminish the overall satisfaction with the spa. A few bug fixes by the Jacuzzi IT boys and it’s gonna be fine. The Prolink is a handy tool when operating. Controlling the temp on the way home is great. All good with this Spa. Cheers

SB Tom
3 years
Mixed Feelings

We’ve had our Jacuzzi J-575 for about a month now, and my feelings about it are mixed.

First the good: * Installation went very well (although it was a week late because Jacuzzi ran out of covers and they won’t ship without a cover). * It’s a good looking Jacuzzi. Looks good in the backyard and I love the exterior lights. * The waterfalls and LED lights are both cool features. * Love that I can control the temp from my mobile device

Now the bad: * We had a Sundance Optima before this spa, and that spa had one seat that had fantastic jet pressure, which was significantly better than any of the seats on the J-575. Yes, we’ve adjusted all the jets and diverters correctly and one seat comes close, but not as good as the Sundance that was over 10 years older. * The one seat that does have the most pressure has an issue where when you are sitting in it, water is forced out of the spa, meaning I have to add water to the spa every few times that I use it. Our old spa with the seat with better pressure did not do this. * The J-575 has a nice color touch screen, but when your hands or the screen gets wet (as it always will) it becomes hard, if not impossible to use because it doesn’t register your touch. Why have a touch screen on a spa if it doesn’t work when wet? * The mobile app doesn’t work for controlling the lights. You can bring up the menu for the lights but none of the menu options work. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and have installed on 4 different devices, so the problem is with the app, not the devices. I’ve seen other reviews about the app where there were problems from back in Sept of 2015, so I’m not terribly hopeful this is going to get fixed anytime soon. * I’m wondering if the filtration system is too good. I find myself needing to add more chlorine that I did with my old spa. Is the filtration filtering out the chlorine so I need to add more all the time? I get the spa perfect with the right amount of chemicals and the water gets cloudy in a few days. The spa company says all of the filter cycles are set properly.

All in all, we like the spa, and I think we’ll keep it, but it was a fairly anti-climactic purchase considering how much we paid for it.

5 years
Nasser Al-Dosari

Thank you for this beautiful and wonderful designs

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