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Silver Pearl
Desert Sand
Caribbean Surf
Cabinet Color
Roasted Chestnut
Brazilian Teak
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Backyard Centerpiece

Featuring lounge seating, a contemporary design and a performance that exceeds energy efficiency standards, the J-LXL® Hot Tub offers room for up to six adults and blends seamlessly with deck designs. With filtered LED perimeter lighting, underwater light and a therapeutic, illuminated waterfall, the J-LXL® makes it easy to relax knowing you’re minimizing energy costs.

Seats: 5-6
Size: 84" x 84" x 36"
Lounge: Yes
Price Range:

Signature J-LX™ Hot Tubs

Imagine sitting inside your home with friends and family and looking at your backyard to see this incredible Jacuzzi® hot tub. Many of our customers make their spa the centerpiece of their backyard and you can see why this is the case. Build your hot tub with different shell and cabinet colors and start dreaming about using it. Paradise Valley Spas has 8 branded retail locations in Northern California. and you can see this product in the following 4 stores: Palo Alto, CA | San Rafael, CA | Richmond, CA | Capitola, CA

Therapeutic Massage

Take a moment and think about the most amazing massage you’ve ever had. Owning a Jacuzzi® hot tub means you can have that same relaxation every day of the week. This model features three distinct massage styles: The PowerPro® therapy seat will give you a classic Swedish style massage utilizing long gliding strokes and kneading movements to relax and improve circulation. The FX seat offers circular deep tissue massage along your neck, upper and lower back, and shoulders. This improves mobility and removes muscle knots. Lastly, the MX2 therapy seat is concentrated deep tissue massage focusing on tension release in your back and neck.

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12 Reviews
12 months
Loving this hot tub.

I can see what they say, that the lounge seat may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but my wife and I both love it. It’s really nice after a long run or a day of yard work. We love to switch around in the seats to experience the different types of jets (I’ve nicknamed one of them “The Rib Tickler”). Great purchase.

Lo Lo 3
3 years

I got my Jacuzzi spa tub 2 months ago, it has plenty of jets to sooth my achy muscles and joints. All the electronic features work well providing lots of options for jets, lighting and heat.

3 years
Poor web site to find replacement filter

Love our hot tub but now after two years of cleaning the original filters I want to buy new filters and can not find the info to purchase new filters on the PP web site. I’ve searched the filter # as well as the J-LX collection and just got frustrated. Sooner or later I’ll find a replacement but likely not an original Jacuzzi brand. Why can’t I just enter the filter # and be directed to a site to reorder a filter.. Somebody needs to fix this problem

3 years
The jets are awesome!

I replaced my 8 year old Great Lakes hot tub with this one and I am very happy with my purchase

3 years

I have had a JXL for 6 years and just traded in for another JXL that includes the stereo. I like the non traditional style of the tub and the new blue tooth speakers work well in connecting our TV and other devices.

Ed Vargo
4 years
JlX-L Great For the entire family

1 month in and we are truly enjoying our spa. It brings the family together and my wife and I like the nightly massages . Easy to maintain. Very classy looking and not like the rest. Has been below zero in New York and the heater keeping up perfectly. Pumps are strong and quality is very good. We decided in jacuzzi because we want a company that doesn’t set up shop at the state fair and is gone tomorrow. Very pleased.

4 years
Great Tub

I have had a J-Xl for about a year and half now. My wife and I have taught my daughter to swim by dropping the temperature down to 98 and rehabbed our legs after day of skiing at 103 degrees. The brand is true to its reputation for great quality therapeutic jets. Very versatile and very comfortable for the whole family.

4 years

We’ve had our jacuzzi nearly a month and use it pretty much every day. I love that each seat has different jets. Each one is like a different massage. The lounge chair is a little long for me but I still love it too.

4 years
Great look!

We bought ours a month ago and have enjoyed it. The contemporary look of it fits in perfectly with out outdoor space. I wish the back jets set in closer. As a smaller framed person, I’ve found that the jets set a bit too far out and hit just outside of my back. The head rests popped right off when we first used the tub but they easily popped back on and one of the handles popped off also. It makes me a little nervous for long term quality but again it popped right back on. We love the options on the lights and the ease of use.

6 years
Couldn't be happier

Looks good, feels good, is easy to take care of, and the dealer was great. What more could you ask for?

6 years

Love our new jacuzzi brand hot tub. Our dealer was fantastic in sales, information, and customer service.

6 years
Owner Manuals

So where would we owners/users and maintenance people find an owner manual ?

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