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Copper Sand
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Backyard Centerpiece

With room for up to five adults, the Marin® spa maximizes comfort and hydrotherapy through seats thoughtfully designed around people. This 880™ Series model has the best of everything and more, including a spacious lounge seat, a dual-purpose beverage concierge filter lid, and a low profile and grab bars that make it easy for everyone in your family to enjoy your spa.

Seats: 4-5
Size: 76" x 91" x 34"
Lounge: Yes
Price Range:

The Power of Peace and Quiet

The 880 ™ Series by Sundance® Spas exemplifies everything you could possibly want in a hot tub. It offers superior hydrotherapy massage and filtration combined with silencing technology to ensure you and your neighbors can truly enjoy peace at home. SilentAir® injector jets deliver a soft tissue massage and optional SunScents™ aromatherapy to add another layer to your hot tub experience. With safety in mind, this series has illuminated grab bars, waterfall, and diverter knobs making it easier for you and your family to enter and exit the spa securely.

Advanced Hydrotherapy

In the exclusive Intelli-Jet™ Therapy Seat and deepest, full-body immersion Accu-Ssage™ Seat, a variety of jets will increase circulation, coax away muscle twinge, and get you ready for the day. A unique, lounge-adjacent seat is positioned to allow you to sit intimately side-by-side. The textured reflexology foot well adds a gentle reflexology element for head-to-toe relief while adding an element of safety to this non-slip tread design.

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13 Reviews
1 year
Nice hot tub, needing a code to use it is absurd!

I like the hot tub. Jets are strong and we like the low profile, it is safer to get in and out of. However, when it was installed, we couldn’t use it for 2 days because we didn’t have the secret code!! Whoever, thought of this code idea is an idiot. It belongs to us, why should we need to send a code to you to use it??

1 year

We have had this spa for a little over a month and we couldn’t be happier with our purchase. After long, stress-filled days it is the perfect way to relax and decompress in the evening. The different seats provide great variety for body massage and the jets are extremely powerful. My wife and I use the spa every night and we are both feeling more relaxed and both sleeping better!

1 year
Loving our new Sundance Spa

We have had this for about 3 weeks and use it almost every night. Very relaxing and the water quality with the new filter system is wonderful. We had to use too many chemicals in our last spa but not this one!

1 year
Excellent Spa!!

We’re so happy with our new Sundance spa! My husband uses it every day. Easy to upkeep and a beautiful addition to our patio. So glad we took the leap!

2 years
Sundance Marin spa

I bought this spa to help with sore muscles after exercising, so glad I did!

Retired coach
2 years
Great jets. Great Service. Great company

Love this hot tub. It is easy to get in and out. It has various jets. A captains chair. Lots of room. Waterfall and changing neon colors.

2 years
Great features-beautiful look!

I bought this hot tub ~ 3 months ago. My guests and family just love the features and ease to get in and out of this hot tub. The look , shape, size, just outstanding. I would highly recommend this product to all.

3 years
Great tub

So happy I bought from Sundance San Mateo very pleased.

3 years
Sundance Rio Replacement

After using my Sundance Rio from 1996 to 2016 time came to replace the spa. The Marin 880 is the closest to the Rio with respect to size, shape and jet performance. No moving or rotating jets which is an absolute must and the lounge seating is fantastic. I highly recommend the Marin 880 for either one person or two at most. The 2.5Hp jet pump motors deliver an enormous amount of thrust, so much so, when rotating the selector knob fully so as to force the water on one side of the spa, even when bracing your feed, remaining in the seat is nearly impossible. A great spa.

4 years
Great Jets!

My wife and I recently purchased the 880 Series Marin spa and we couldn’t be more pleased with our decision. We purchased the spa for therapeutic purposes and the spa delivers that relief we were looking for. The powerful jets and various selection controls gives us a soothing massage every time.

4 years
So far, so good

Our 880 Series Marin Spa is a delight. So many different types of seating configurations and jets, as well as controls for the intensity. You can get a mild, relaxing massage or a vigorous deep-tissue massage. The water heats up quickly and the spa retains its heat very well with the cover on. It has a low profile, and is quite easy to get in and out of. The two side-by-side seats, which I haven’t seen in other spas, are perfect for couples wishing to relax together and gaze at the stars.

4 years
Great Features!

I just received the Marin this week. I do like the smaller size, the variety and placement of the jets, the waterfall, the LED lights, and the spa cover with lifter. I was disappointed in the color of the spa cabinet when delivered. I had expected that coastal gray would be gray, as indicated by description, the pictures online and in the catalog, not brown. Would have been 5 stars if color was accurate. Here is a picture.

5 years
Wonderful service, fantastic features!

Our family is thrilled withour new spa! Our old one had four jets. You can imagine how happy we are with the Marin incomparison! The grandchildren in particular love the lighting effects and the waterfall! We find it easy to care for and maintain. The quality of the finish is remarkable and clean looking. And the cover is so easy to lift and close!

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