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Backyard Centerpiece

With room for up to four adults, the Montclair™ spa features a petite lounge seat and a low profile for easy exit and entry. This compact spa offers specialized seats configured in a popular size and shape.

Seats: 4-5
Size: 75" x 91" x 33"
Lounge: Yes
Price Range:

Enhance Your Life

The 780™ Series is designed to enhance your life. We combined new technologies with old-fashioned know-how to craft intuitive outdoor hot tubs that are a delight to use, with low profiles and a variety of seats to create the perfect oasis.

Advanced Hydrotherapy

A petite, series-exclusive spiral-action lounge seat helps muscle and join tensions drift away as you enjoy a full-body massage. An Accu-Pressure™ Therapy Seat relieves tired muscles, stress and tension through deep-tissue pressure in this series-exclusive seat. And, the rifling action of both deep tissue and pressure point swirling massages helps you escape discomfort and strain.

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15 Reviews
James D.
3 months

I bought this hot tub a year ago it has been excellent no problems and works great bought from the Palo Alto Store.

5 months
Wonderful Spa over all

This is our 2nd Sundance spa. We had the first one for 10 years. When it can time to upgrade, there was not a question about what brand we wanted. Very low maintenance and looks great.

5 months
Excellent service, excellent spa

We bought a Montclair Spa from Paradise Valley Spas in San Mateo, and are very happy with the design and quality of the spa. The people at Paradise Valley Spas were very professional and knowledgeable, and took great care to keep us informed at all steps of the delivery and installation process.

6 months
Quality hot tub

We bought the Sundance Montclair about a month ago and have been enjoying it, along with our family. Seems to be of good quality and the jets are adjustable which allows you to adjust them to your needs.

6 months
Sundance Series 850 Montclair

This is my 3rd spa from Sundance brought all 3 at All Florida pool and spa Miami Florida customer service is unmatched 1st spa was 1995 was great sold house brought 2nd spa 2002 again excellent quality 5 hurricanes fla sun and rain bought my 3rd one 2018 everything about the Series 850 Montclair the jets are perfectly placed seats 4 to five but it’s just me lighting is relaxing and the waterfall just pure ecstasy fell rejuvenated with just 15 min of use

Horse Lady
6 months
Good jets

I have had this for less than a month and love the look and feel. The jets are really good. I find the menu is difficult, not user friendly, and local customer service is not as friendly as I would have thought. The instruction manual is not entirely correct with regard to temperature. I am glad I have this Sundance spa. I would probably shop more if I had to do it again for a more reasonable maintenance plan.

John O
7 months
Great people at Sundance spas

Great explanations about spas and great discussion about the type a spa we might want would recommend talking to them anytime

7 months
Exceptional Customer Care and Products!

An above expectations Customer Care! Sundance Spas are indeed superior in many aspects and I am very pleased with the Montclair!

CD and family
1 year

After one month with my Montclair hot tub I have zero regrets and am LOVING it! The whole house has a routine – my foreign student likes to use it before school, I use it as soon as I get home from work and before I start dinner/rounding up children, my oldest son uses it every night before bed. It is such a treat and NOT a lot of work. I emptied and refilled yesterday for the first time and was very straightforward and easy. I have called my local Sundance store 3 times about minor set-up/cleaning questions, and visited once for supplies and instruction and Brian/Jason/Richard have all been highly approachable and helpful. Honestly, an excellent experience all around!

Tim law
2 years

37 day of ownership… 35 days of use… great add to our life..

2 years
A good fit!

We purchased the Sundance Spa for relaxation but more importantly, for the hydrotherapy features. The amount of jets is phenomenal and the control options are perfect for our needs. We were concerned about how a spa would look tucked in the back of our 1858 stone farmhouse, but it fits in just fine. A great way to end the day.

2 years
Powerful pumps and jets for therapeutic massage

We recently bought our third Sundance spa in the past 20 years, one each time we’ve moved, and we’ve been very satisfied with them. We recently bought a Montclair (smaller to fit into the courtyard area at our new townhome); we’ve had two Cameos in the past. The best feature is the powerful dual pump setup, to provide great massage action. The small circulation pump and large filter are also great features. We’ve also especially enjoyed the LED lights and waterfall. The only feature that’s not as outstanding on the Montclair compared to the Cameo is the power of the floor jets for leg massage – much better in the Cameo.

3 years
Good Purchase

We purchase 4 person spa 3 mos ago and have really enjoyed it. Perfect size and easy to care for.


3 years
We call it Barbados

We call our new spa ‘Barbados’. For the cost of a couple of weeks in Barbados we can ‘go to Barbados’ once or twice a day for many years. We both find it very enjoyable and medicinal. Get in with the usual aches and pains…get out feeling limber, refreshed and happy. We’re not sure about the monthly cost of hydro and chemicals yet, but it’s definitely going to be less than $2 per day. We spend more on coffee. I’d have given it 5 stars, but I never give anything 5 stars 🙂

ps- Only thing I’d have liked is for Pump/Jets #2 to have 2 speeds

3 years
Fun but house smells like swimming pool

I was oversold at the store and told 5 minutes a week for maintenance by installers. So far not the case as I have had to check it every 3 days and make adjustments to the water. If they had told me at the store that the installers would be bringing a box of chemicals to add to my tub, we would not have bought it. This was not explained clearly upon purchase. Slight mis information in regards to electrical requirements as well. I’m glad I did my own homework on that. Installation was ok but workers in a bit of a hurry. Small attention to detail problems that were caught by me. Not a big deal but I would not buy a hot tub again. Overrated I think for about 10K.

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