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Backyard Centerpiece

The Optima® has the best of everything, with room for up to seven adults and a variety of seat heights formed to fit diverse body types comfortably. And with unique Fluidix® jet configurations and more massage therapy jets for the neck and shoulders than any other model, the Optima® is our most popular non-lounge Sundance® spa model.

Seats: 6+
Size: 89" x 89" x 37.5"
Price Range:

The Power of Peace and Quiet

The 880 ™ Series by Sundance® Spas exemplifies everything you could possibly want in a hot tub. It offers superior hydrotherapy massage and filtration combined with silencing technology to ensure you and your neighbors can truly enjoy peace at home. SilentAir® injector jets deliver a soft tissue massage and optional SunScents™ aromatherapy to add another layer to your hot tub experience. With safety in mind, this series has illuminated grab bars, waterfall, and diverter knobs making it easier for you and your family to enter and exit the spa securely.

Advanced Hydrotherapy

Experience Fluidix® jets, from soft, skin-soothing bubbles that deliver aromatherapy to deep tissue release coaxing away muscle twinge. While the customer-favorite Accu-Ssage™ Seat is included in this spa, two unique jet configurations, with hip massage, make these seats exclusive to the Optima® model. A jetted foot dome also targets fatigued feet from any seat.

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22 Reviews
1 year
New Optima spa with backyard remodel

I had a Hot Springs spa for more than 15 years, went without a spa for two years, and now have a new Sundance Optima spa with all the bells and whistles. We love the jets with no moving parts or ball bearings. Stereo is super nice – allows enjoying music while using the spa without bothering the neighbors. Even have the WiFi connectivity that allows monitoring and controls from an app. Spa is absolutely gorgeous. Even opted for the EcoWrap which helps make the spa very quiet even with both pumps and blower running.

1 year
Why did I wait so long?

Our Sundance spa from Porter’s Mountain View Supply is the best purchase We’ve ever made. It’s relaxing and is the only non-drug that helps with back pain and arthritis. We should have bought this years ago. Thank you to Teneil and her crew for helping us finally make the decision and chose the best spa for us!

2 years
Not that impressed

I bought a new Sundance Optima recently after it was time to finally retire my 2004 model. Honestly, I’m not that impressed. I do not like the new “touch screen” – you can’t see it in bright sunlight and you can’t “feel” your way to the right buttons. The jets are fine – powerful and strong but it sucks that you have to choose between the “power chair” jets and the circular ring of jets in the center of the floor. I also had issues with the heater – it would not warm up to set temperature of 106 (I like my water HOT). The water would register 105 but it was actually 102-103. I had a service call who confirmed the actual temperature was 2-3 degrees lower and they replaced the heater. All in all, I’d kinda like to get my old one back.

Happy in the Lou
2 years
Awsome Jet Pressure

My wife and I purchased this hot tub about a month ago. Our primary concerns were massage pressure and durability of the unit. We typically buy well appointed and constructed items that we plan to keep for many years. We love the massage pressure this unit provides. We had a 60 amp circuit installed so we could run all the pumps and the heater at the same time. We will have to report back on the durability although the independent installers said these tubs are extremely durable. Sundance is a rather expensive tub to purchase but we love the results.

2 years
Love my spa but.......

I love my new spa and use it almost everyday, but I have had an ongoing problem. Periodically my control panel would freeze so I contacted the Sundance repair man to look at the problem. After a few days he got back with me to tell me Sundance was aware of the issue and they were working on a fix (I think Sundance should have contacted me immediately once they were aware of the problem). It has something to do with the bluewave sound system. As a temporary fix they were going to disconnect the sound system from the control panel and give me a remote so that I could still use the sound system. First they sent a receiver without a remote controller. Next they sent a receiver and controller, but the controller doesn’t work. Now its been over a month and I still don’t have a working sound system in my spa.

2 years
Love the Optima...very comfortable and enjoyable!

After owning our pool for 14 years we finally invested in Sundance Spa. Wish we had made this choice years ago but we plan to enjoy for years to come. Our local dealer really helped us make this excellent choice since they are very responsive and competent to support and service our needs. Unlike the pool which can only be used 6 months of the year, we plan to operate the Optima year round. We are located in the Buffalo NY vicinity where winter weather can be challenging but can’t wait jump in the tub in mid-winter!

3 years
Lived up to Highest Expectations

We bought our Sundance Spa nearly three months ago and are thoroughly enjoying it. The comfort of the design, ease of controls, and flexibility of the spa jets all have lived up to our highest expectations.

3 years
Tough start

2 days after delivery we put water in the tub and a tube was leaking. It was also 30 degrees out. I called to get it fixed (not even mad, yet). When I talked to the shop no one was helpful nor cared that I just spent $$$$ and it came broke. When I talked to a manager they said they will try to get out in 5 days. I was not satisfied so I called great escape where I bought it and they were awesome. Rick called the shop and got them to come out the next day. He also made sure I know what to do until they came. The repair man was great and we have been loving the tub for weeks now.

deanna and tim
3 years
Sundance Optima-excellence

We bought this Spa for many reasons: enjoyment, relaxation, better sleeping, and also, for therapy: physical therapy and to treat MS and multiple disc herniations. It is nice to own our own spa and be able to control the temperature to ensure it meets the needs of every family member and is the best fit for us all. This spa has excellent seating choices for height and jets, has the awesome aromatherapy option, and is serene and therapeutic even without any jets on but the tranquil sound of the waterfall with the low, multi-colour lighting available. This spa was well researched before hand, and we are so incredibly satisfied with it. It is most definitely one of the best purchases we have ever made.

3 years
Excellent Quality

My wife and I bought the Optima 880 series a month ago and love it. The quality of this spa is top notch, and the service we received from Terry the owner of the spa store in Vislia, CA. where we bought it was awesome. From the time we walked in the store to the delivery of the spa all are questions were answered even some that we didn’t even think of asking.

3 years
Third Optima

This is my third Sundance Optima. I went with a 2017 Optima 880 Series with wireless control, four led lights, and ClearRay Protect system. Bought in Miami, Florida from All Florida Pool and Spa.

3 years
Really haven't used it yet

We ordered our spa in October as part of a big plan to make over our back yard. Our renovation was completed on 1/29. Our spa was central to our renovation. Before we purchased our Optima spa we traveled to different spa dealers and wet tested other spas. The Sundance Optima was our choice. My husband is 6’5″ and I am 5’3″ so we needed something for all sizes. We wanted the spa to be easy to get in and out of and easy to operate. The first thing we had to do was build a slab for the spa and then the spa was put in place and then our deck was built around it. All this just to say, we have been able to use our spa very little because of the construction taking place and then we had snow followed by additional severe weather with tornado warnings and then I broke my right kneecap. But, I am sure we will enjoy the spa immensely once we get to spend some time in it. We sure loved it when we did the wet test. I love the cover letters lifter, it makes it so easy for me to open and close the spa myself when I am testing the water. I am not sure how long the invitation to write a review remained open, so I am adding this now. If Sundance gives me a future opportunity to review the spa, I will do so.

Spa time
4 years

So far it has been a very nice spa! The price is to high and should be far less.

4 years
Jets are great....

We bought this spa to replace our 20 year old spa. We’re pretty pleased with it – the seats have different configured jets – which we like alot. The only thing we’re not really pleased with is the LED lights. We shopped a lot of other spas and this one is really lacking when it comes to the lights (We didn’t get a chance to see this one operational – or we probably would have bought something different). Other than that — it’s a pretty nice spa.

4 years
Optima spa review

Not ever owing a spa before, overall, we are happy with the product and are still getting used to running and maintaining it. It does keep the temp when the cover is on but if there is any wind at all the temp drops 2-3 degrees. The jets feel nice and there are various depths of seating. You definitely need to remove any lotions prior to getting in as it can cloud the water. It takes some getting used to what valves operate which jets. We love the center foot jets!

4 years
Very happy with purchase

We bought this a month ago and have been enjoying it daily. I am a mechanic in my mid 40s and had a problem with my knees and shoulders stiffening up. No longer an issue I hit the tub every night after dinner and haven’t had a problem since

4 years
Super experience before and after

We had spec’ a new hot tub along with our new pool and patio. Performance Pool answered all our questions and we think we chose the perfect spa ( a Sundance Optima) for our needs. Getting the chemical balance right took a few tries but we are pleased with the look of the tub inside and out. We can seat three adults and our three kids with no problem.

4 years
Only Sundance

I have owned this spa since 2005. I use it multiple times a day and estimate that I have used it at least 8000 times. Still works great. Super easy to maintain and clean. Love Love Love my Sundance and won’t ever buy anything else. If you are concerned about making a good investment with your $$, then rest assured this is the right choice. If you are serious about getting and using a hot tub, this is the one. I built fiberglass fishing boats for ten years, so I know good quality fiberglass/ acrylic work. Sundance stood out from all the other tubs I had looked at. Even though it cost a little more, It was worth every penny. I used to get tension migraines, I’ve had 1 since I bought this , I was in Beaumont TX and couldn’t get in!

4 years
Optima 2014

Purchase a Sundance Optima last summer

We loved the spa, we didn’t think we would used it as much as we do. We had an inground pool installed at the same time and wanted the spa to maximize our backyard. We finally use the spa more often then the pool. During summer almost every day and during winter every weeks.

Problem with the spa: 3 LED around the air valves broke, really disappointing from a brand new spa. The heater didn’t work while the pumps were running. Had to call for services. During winter it could have cause a major problem when using it or draining water. (if you drain the spa when cold it switches to freeze then the 2 pump runs and heat would never have works)

5 years
Long time Optima Owner!

I have owned the Optima for over 10 years now! We have absolutely loved this spa. I use mine all winter long (and drain it in the summer months) and it starts up reliably every year. I have had no major repairs to speak of. I have had to replace a couple of internal pipes due to slow leaks and the thermostat twice and that’s it, other than the filter every other year. Sundance quality cannot be beat. Period.

5 years
Great, roomy hot tub!

We bought this hot tub when our old Jacuzzi brand broke. We love the features and room in the hot tub but find it harder to keep the water clear.

6 years

I had my hot tub installed on May 16th replacing the same model I had before. We love it. The newer model not only looks better but it runs so much quieter and is much more energy efficient!

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