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Our precut packages are intended for use in a space that you have framed and insulated. Anyone with general carpentry experience can build a Sauna out of our FPC parts. We supply all the interior room parts and you nail or staple our 1″x 4″ tongue and groove boards to your stud frame; our boards will run horizontally. We cut the material and build parts to fit your room; we don’t just supply a pile of uncut lumber and unassembled pieces.  We will include everything you will need to complete your authentic sauna room from the framing inward. All you need to do is provide the framing, insulation, and exterior – we’ll send you the layout plans. When you are ready to complete the interior of your sauna, we will supply you with a premium pre-cut material and equipment package made exactly for your room, including everything necessary to complete the job. Any size and shape room can be accommodated.

Sauna Assembly


A pre-cut sauna kit is tailored to your framed dimensions. They transform virtually any room into a beautiful, custom in-home sauna, providing added sophistication and next-level luxury.  Make use of an old closet or space under the stairs; convert an existing space, or frame new walls for one of our top quality kits. Choose from our standard layout or tell us what you want. We cut all packages to your exact inside stud to stud dimensions in your choice of wood. Our standard wood is clear Western Red Cedar. Clear Redwood, clear Alaskan Yellow Cedar, and clear Western Hemlock are optional woods. We can cut to virtually any custom size.


The main benefit of Sauna is that it opens the pores and flushes out the body’s toxins and impurities. It is the deepest cleaning bath in the world. The Sauna soothes and relaxes tired muscles, helps maintain clear, healthy skin, provides a cardiovascular workout, burns as many as 300 calories in a session, increases metabolic rate and improves circulation.


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WHAT Our Customers Say

This has been the best purchase I’ve ever saved for!!! Take it north with me in no time flat & enjoy the entire process. Immediately my body mind & spirit thanks me & I thank you! My kids come over to visit more often too! They love it… another bonus!

Susan T.

After being diagnosed with Lyme disease & several co-infections, I knew I needed a healing modality that would help me gently detoxing and ease the herxamer reactions from detoxing. This sauna has done just that for me. A hair follicle test revealed to me that I had heavy metal toxicity. I am confident that using my sauna space will help me detox from that as well. I am not a huge sweater, but I was amazed at my body as it fell into the rhythm of sweating and began to release more and more. I love this sauna more every day and as far as the design, it is genius! And it is all American made. Could I ask for more?

Darla H.
5 stars

When I received it I was battling a mean upper respiratory bug. I have not gotten sick like that in a very long time. My husband set up the sauna for me…which all I kept hearing while he was setting it up was comments on how great the design was! He is a wood worker and was impressed by the whole design and quality.

Anais B.
5 stars

I just bought this sauna and I am very impressed. The customer service is exceptional and they work closely with you to make sure you are getting the right sauna for you – a customized experience. They have a wide range of options – you can spend a lot or a little. I personally chose the standard package – more than enough for me. I am a satisfied customer.

I moved here from Finland when I was 13 and just moved into a new house with space for this sauna. In our culture the sauna was always built first, and then the house later – this is a cornerstone to our culture, so it was important that I get the right one for my home. It is important to note that this is NOT an infrared sauna – infrared saunas are inferior and have the potential to be dangerous as it expels large amount of radioactive energy in an enclosed area. They are a subpar and cheap alternative to the real thing. This is a true sauna with thick cedar boards and top of the line Harvia heaters.

Anton A.
5 stars

We are very happy with our purchase. My husband is converted to using it almost every day.

Monica C.


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