Prefab Saunas



Our modular prefab Saunas are built with an exclusive locking system for easy installation. These rooms can even be taken apart and moved to a new location.

Our FPF units are shipped in pre-framed, insulated, and paneled sections. These rooms can even be taken apart and moved to a new location
Our wall sections go together without any screws, splices, or bolts. Electrical hookup is made easy because we have electrical conduit sealed within the walls, and the optional wall control is pre-mounted. Electrical power enters at the top of the Sauna room standard.

Sauna Relaxation


Our prefab Saunas are engineered with effortless and fast installation in mind, and can be installed on any level, hardsurfaced, waterproof floor. Our unique interlocking design makes other modular systems obsolete by comparison. Electrical hookup is made easy because all electrical conduit is sealed within walls, and control box (where necessary) is premounted. Engineered for highest economy, with an R value of 13.5 (exceeding other modular Saunas on the market) our prefabs are also designed with 2 vents to allow a natural exchange of air, for comfort and fresh air supply for the


The main benefit of Sauna is that it opens the pores and flushes out the body’s toxins and impurities. It is the deepest cleaning bath in the world. The Sauna soothes and relaxes tired muscles, helps maintain clear, healthy skin, provides a cardiovascular workout, burns as many as 300 calories in a session, increases metabolic rate and improves circulation.

Sauna health benefits

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WHAT Our Customers Say

I grew up in Finland using traditional Finnish saunas. Most of the saunas I have used in America at fitness gyms are terrible in comparison. I decided to install one in my home instead of continual disappointment. When I use my sauna, I am transported to my happy place.

John M.
5 stars

When I received it I was battling a mean upper respiratory bug. I have not gotten sick like that in a very long time. My husband set up the sauna for me…which all I kept hearing while he was setting it up was comments on how great the design was! He is a wood worker and was impressed by the whole design and quality. The sauna helped me kick the bug rather quickly and was extremely soothing. It has really made winter much more bearable for me since I struggle with autoimmune issues. I look forward to getting in my sauna every day.

Anais B.
5 stars

I use my sauna at least once per week and it is the best investment I’ve made in my home and my health. It helps me with my fitness recovery and it helps me fall into more restful sleep. You have to try this Finlandia sauna out for yourself.

Anais B.


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