Finlandia Prebuilt Saunas are complete, freestanding and self-contained rooms that are engineered with fast and effortless installation in mind. They can be put anywhere you have an open space. The space needs to be a little larger than the actual sauna room size and you must provide a waterproof floor (ex. concrete, tile, or vinyl). These saunas contain all interior and exterior parts for a complete sauna. An exclusive locking system inside each of the panels makes this prefab the fastest to install, the strongest, and the most custom looking sauna on the market.The area where the Sauna is to be installed needs a minimum ceiling height of 87″, or if the Sauna room is 8’x 8′ or larger the minimum ceiling height is 89″. Our wall sections go together without any screws, splices, or bolts. Electrical hookup is made easy because we have electrical conduit sealed within the walls, and the optional wall control is pre-mounted. Electrical power enters at the top of the Sauna room standard.

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