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Bullfrog Spas R7 Topview


Luxury Backyard Centerpiece

The R7 is classified as a medium hot tub, but feels much roomier on the inside. The R7 provides two comfortable corner captains chairs that each feature wrist, hip, and foot jets. In addition, each corner seat features a therapeutic JetPak of your choice. The R7 is more spacious with more features than any other medium hot tub in its class, making it perfect for entertaining, without breaking the budget.

Bullfrog Spas R7 Topview
Seats: 5-6
Size: 84" x 84" x 36"
Price Range:

JetPak Therapy System®

The JetPak Therapy System helps you design your perfect hot tub experience with a personalized feel. You select your favorite massages. You place them in your favorite seats. You dial in the therapy intensity so it feels best for you. There is simply no comparison for a truly personlized hot tub experience.

Jetpak Therapy System

Stunning Design

R Series hot tubs by Bullfrog Spas are designed to be beautiful and comfortable. The sleek design enhances the ambience of your yard and compliments your home and decor. Ergonomic layouts ensure each seat offers you a unique bio-engieered massage sensation. You will be proud to show your Bullfrog Spa as a centerpiece of your backyard landscape design.

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20 Reviews
Chuck N.
1 year
Awesome product, Awesome Dealer

I will always own a hot tub and it will always be a Bullfrog. Great product, easy to keep clean and great service from my dealer. This is my fourth hot tub but my first Bullfrog. Features are second to none and the tub looks and operates like none I’ve ever had.

Doug/Laurie S.
1 year
We are thoroughly enjoying our Hot tub

We are thoroughly enjoying our Bullfrog spa and have no complaints. We’ve owned other hot tubs in the past and this one is, by far, the best!

Brent L.
2 years
My Bullfrog Spa.

We bought the bullfrog spa R7 and love it everyday! Yes we use it every morning to start the day out right! It is such a breeze to clean with the jets being able to be removed! We love it and recommend any of their spas! Getting soaked in Herriman!

Brian W.
2 years
Impressive. Most impressive.

Super high quality spa and reasonably priced. Really love the design and the jet packs. Thank you!

Richard M.
2 years
One of the Best purchases

Every day or night that we soak in our new BullFrog Spa we say this was one of our best purchases ever. We have only own our spa for 2 months but have enjoyed every minute of it so far. We bought the Bullfrog R7 and love it. Our neighbors are amazed at the jetpack technology and we love how it fits people of different sizes. We bought the non-lounge version so that we could sit 4 adults comfortably and we can. Additionally, I love that I can fit even though I am 6’4″ and my wife who is 5’4″ can also site on the higher seats. This hot tub was perfect for us.

2 years
Model R7

We love it! Great features, easy to maintain.

Stebe B.
3 years
Our new Bullfrog Spa

Awesome, love it. Really like the remote app from my phone to change settings remotely.

Michele G.
3 years
So nice!

We love it!! Wish it was deductible as it is a medical miracle for my backi!!

Richard B.
3 years

Love the seats, jets and wonderful feel of the material. this is our 4th spa and the first Bulldog and this is definitely the best

Julie M.
3 years
Best Spa we've owned

Our Bullfrog R7 spa is the most enjoyable spa and very easy to maintain. High quality shows from the unique design (you can always fix a broken jet as spa ages with a new jetpack – problem with some other spa designs) and the fit and finish throughout.
We don’t hesitate to recommend a Bullfrog Spa!

Robert S.
3 years
R7 best ever

This is the best built spa I have owned. The owners manual needs a rewrite and may be a water proof user card on how to use the control panel, but this only a slight problem and does not count against the 5 rating. Buy it if you want the best that will last a long time.

Kevin H.
3 years
Awesome tub, exactly as hoped

this tub is great!! By far, the best feature is/are the removable and interchangeable corner jet packs. We have friends come over who are various heights, and by simply moving packs they prefer, to corners that fit their body height, they are also able to get full appreciation and enjoyment of the tub. The pumps are super powerful and the flow adjustments on the jet packs are great for tempering the pressure to the desires of the occupant. I have had an issue with the control valve for the waterfall feature cracking and leaking, but that was replaced free of charge and easily fixed. I also had 1 malfunctioning pump which occasionally tripped the breaker, but again, no hassle/cost replacement. These guys REALLY stand behind their product.

Mary S.
3 years

The Spa has exceeds our expectations! So glad we went Bullfrog. We purchased the Sandstone finish. I recommend this finish if you are concerned about a tub being too slippery. I feel safe when I move into/ out of the tub.

Patricio L.
3 years
Great service

Staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Cant ask for more when buying a spa. Great product, great support and super friendly staff

Lia R.
3 years
We use it almost every day!

We have loved our hot tub! The only design flaw that bothers us is the angle of the seating. It makes it impossible to relax your legs when the jets are on-meaning our legs float up and then you will slip out of your seat! So you have to awkwardly brace yourself to avoid floating around, only there are not natural places to do that! I know it sounds weird, but it’s one of those things you can’t imagine as you test-sit in a waterless hot tub in the show room! But we still love it and use it almost daily. Bullfrog customer service has been amazing! They take care of every concern and go the extra mile for us!

Andy M.
3 years
A good hot tub

We have enjoyed our hot tub for over 3 years now and have not had any issues. Very good buy.

Tanner M.
3 years
Super Efficient

We love our Bullfrog! We only had a very minimal increase in our electricity usage due to the ultra efficiency of our spa. Almost too efficient, in this hot Texas weather but we’ll manage. The moveable packs are awesome, so you can customize the optimal seating arrangement. Love it.

3 years
We love our new Bullfrog!

We got our bullfrog delivered 2 weeks ago today! We love it so much. My husband and I both suffer from chronic pain and injuries so having a hot tub before bed each night has made a world of difference! Even our chiropractor is so impressed at how much easier it makes his job! I would recommend one for sure!

Dominic P.
3 years
Amazing jets, quiet

Amazing jets, quiet, easy to drain and clean, fits our 4 person family with lots of room to spare. Absolutely love our tub!

Jeff T.
4 years
R7 model

I love it,. The stereo, the lighted drink holders, the platinum color, everything about it so far is fabulous. Marci was more than pleasing to work with!

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