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Luxury Backyard Centerpiece

The R8 is a top quality extra large hot tub with ample room and an open seating design. The R8 is an excellent choice for those needing a little bit more space than normal and for those looking to enjoy their spa with family or friends. The R8 features hip and foot jet therapy along with 4 massaging JetPaks of your choice.

Seats: 6+
Size: 94" x 94" x 38"
Price Range:

JetPak Therapy System®

The JetPak Therapy System helps you design your perfect hot tub experience with a personalized feel. You select your favorite massages. You place them in your favorite seats. You dial in the therapy intensity so it feels best for you. There is simply no comparison for a truly personlized hot tub experience.

Stunning Design

R Series hot tubs by Bullfrog Spas are designed to be beautiful and comfortable. The sleek design enhances the ambience of your yard and compliments your home and decor. Ergonomic layouts ensure each seat offers you a unique bio-engieered massage sensation. You will be proud to show your Bullfrog Spa as a centerpiece of your backyard landscape design.

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6 Reviews
David R.
1 year
Bullfrog R8 Spa

I absolutely love this spa! I have chronic SI joint pain and this is about the only thing that provides any relief.

David L.
2 years
Not Happy Anymore

My wife and I did a lot of research we thought before we desided on a bullfrog from pool & patio center in Coventry ri. We had a problem with the pop up water fall in a month when I went to them they charged me for a new part. Now I’m having trouble with pump one and they say there is nothing wrong. The pump is loud and the pressure is bad. I would be happy to have a real bullfrog rep. come by and look at this. Hope to hear from you soon. David LaBreche 401-744-5005

Patti H.
2 years
Classy But Glitchy

We really like the jet pack options and the Bluetooth speakers. Our delivery was awesome, and we feel like the men who set up our tub waere quite knowledgeable. The prepackaged chemicals are also amazingly convenient – what a great idea! However, we’ve had several things go wrong. First, our delivery wasn’t actually scheduled with the delivery team, so we waited all day and no one showed up. We called and scheduled it ourselves. Also, one of the motors isn’t working properly, and after two service calls, we’re now waiting for a new pump from the manufacturer. Since our last service call, the speakers no longer work and the outside LED lights are out as well. So now we can’t listen to the expensive stereo or use half of the tub. And – we’ve only owned the tub for one month! We are not impressed by the salespeople who didn’t set up our delivery, or the service tech that said he “fixed”!things, but didn’t. If we didn’t have problem after problem, we would probably give the tub five stars.

Gerald M.
2 years
Spa Leaked & Disappointing Customer Service

Our R8 Spa was delivered and set up, including the cover, on an existing concrete pad by the delivery crew on May 10, 2017. It was not filled until May 25 when the electricians completed their work. Shortly after the initial set up we noted water on the concrete pad at the right front (as you face the spa) corner. We assumed that this was water from a factory testing process that had been discharged during the transport and set up of the spa.

When the spa was filled as directed, we began to notice water remaining at the same corner. We also noted the spa water level dropped about one inch over a weeks time, but considered the Arizona heat as a contributing factor. We then were out of town for several days and upon our return again observed water on the pad at the same corner.

On July 3, I then called the local Bullfrog Representative, Jonathan Bradford. at the Gilbert, AZ store and informed him of a possible leak issue. We had met Mr. Bradford personally several times before and he had been helpful and courteous. Mr. Bradford related he would have a service company contact me to inspect/repair the leak. As of July 12, we still had not been contacted and I left Mr. Bradford a voice mail stating that, noting also the cover part issue. Shortly thereafter Arizona Spa Technologies contacted me and their technician, first name Andrew, came to our residence twice and repaired the leak on July 17 & 18. Andrew was very competent and professional in his work. The leak emanated from a piping connection near the right front corner and required Andrew to remove and later replace a significant size piece of insulation to access the leak, which he repaired and it has not leaked since. the water level has also remained more stable.

On August 6, we drove to the Gilbert store to speak with Mr. Bradford again about our displeasure with the leak and to get information on how to obtain a replacement part for the cover locking mechanism. When the spa was installed, the delivery crew attached the cover locks to the spa body and placed one of the four corner pieces at an angle to the cover (on one of the side supporting screwed brackets). We noted this after the delivery crew had departed and did not change it so as not to put additional holes in the spa body. This corner locking piece on the cover strap subsequently broke probably due to the stress of the angle. We were going to ask how to obtain replacement parts for the cover and repair it ourselves.

Mr. Bradford was not present at the store then and we spoke to Mr. Will Christenson and informed him of the above leak issues and the spa cover part needed. An email was then sent (on August 6, 2017) to Mr. Bradford which spoke to the leak and cover part issues and included photos of these problems, which we had also showed to Mr. Christenson. The email also requested Mr. Bradford contact us at his earliest convenience to discuss these issues.

As of August 15, we still had no contact from Mr. Bradford and I then called the Gilbert store and left a voice mail requesting contact again.
At the writing of this email there still has been no contact from anyone at Bullfrog.

We are disappointed to say the least at all of the above facts and circumstances. The spa itself is very nice and appears to be working well now. Our two star rating reflects our disappointment that we paid over $10K for a spa that leaked and the lack of customer service as listed above. It is difficult for us to now recommend Bullfrog to our friends and neighbors who have seen and admired the spa. The leak problem, it can be thought, is an issue involving either design, testing, quality control or some combination thereof.

We would also note that the sides of the spa appear to be bellowing somewhat, possibly due to the Arizona Sun, and this issue may be remedied by the installation of matching screwed support brackets on the spa sides, similar to the design used to secure the front panel. Additionally, the Trio water treatment chemicals supplied with the spa left a white ring around spa after three weeks, so we discontinued their use.


Gerald & Janice Mahon

John C.
2 years
Love our Bullfrog R8 Spa

We have had our spa for over a month now and it has been amazing: easy to use, easy to maintain the chemicals and seems very efficient so far. The jet packs are powerful and we love the diversity of the jetpacks. Highly recommend a Bullfrog spa (which came recommended to us).

Amie C.
2 years
We had delay

We had a delay in filling the tub due to deck construction and such, but now we are good to go. We love it so far…

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