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Backyard Centerpiece

With room for up to six adults, the Ramona® spa offers lounge seating, total relaxation and lasting value. This model also features side-by-side seating to foster socialization while you enjoy a classic hydrotherapy experience.

Seats: 5-6
Size: 89" x 89" x 36"
Lounge: Yes
Price Range:

Relax at Home

The portable spas in the 680™ Series provide a classic hydrotherapy experience and a wide variety of options. From 2-person hot tubs to larger, 6-person or more models, the 680™ Series has a spa for everyone.

Classic Hydrotherapy

The roomy Ramona® model offers plenty of room for friends and family, including a lounge seat where you can melt your cares away while relaxing in a reclined position. Seats in many sizes throughout the spa offer configurations and jet formations to rejuvenate your body and spirit. And, nestled into a corner of the footwell an asymmetric foot dome spells relief for fatigued feet.

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14 Reviews
Jim89 hu
1 year
Love the rougher surface, to help with slipping pr

Wish there would be a better way to remove wet covers, it always wets the floors

1 year

We have used the spa every day. Spa works just as described. No problems with it.

2 years
Easy to use and maintain

We bought our second one a month ago. We have 2 location and needed another for the second place.

2 years
Perfect therapy spa!

I love that the filter and chemicals aren’t overwhelming. It makes for a nice soft therapeutic soak.

2 years
Perfect size for my needs

First ever spa and I am loving it. Easy purchase (except that color that I selected from brochure was later determined to no longer be available), quick turnaround time, efficient delivery, and it runs great!

3 years
Nice size for two

Holds the heat perfectly, very easy to keep clean, mostly just chlorine. Love the size.

3 years
LOVE our new hot tub.

We purchased a spa recently from Sundance and have enjoyed it so much. With the cooler evenings here in AZ it is a luxury we just must have. All the people we dealt with were friendly and quick to respond meeting all our needs. Thanks to Nancy and Casey and Mike for all their hard work and attention to detail.

3 years
Replacement Spa

I love the look of my new Sundance Spa. The spa we replaced had a rather plain exterior and the Sundance blends in with our deck. The Sundance Spa functions very well. We enjoy the lights as well. The only change I would make would be that the corner seat opposite the long side of the tub be a little deeper.

3 years

I bought this model three weeks ago to replace our old Spa , an we like the size an how relaxing it is compaired to our old one…

4 years
Just the right size

We are redoing our back yard and I wanted a spa. My wife did not, but we agreed that a small one that I could use after golf would be ok. The Tacoma model fit my needs perfectly. And my wife actually likes it!

4 years
Great !!!

Great product ! Great Price !! Great people !!! Great Service !!!!

4 years

i bought a tacoma spa and it awsome we love it.the salesperson was very helpful

4 years
comfortable features

I really like this spa. It was easy to get started and maintain. Just big enough for two people.

4 years
Perfect Sized Tub for 2

Were looking to upgrade from a Soft-tub and did extensive research. We could not be happier. This model is perfect for 2 from every aspect. Size wise for our small yard, less than 150 gallons, insulated well, easy to care for after a small learning curve with the chemicals and a good price. The tub was set up, filled and heated within 6 hours of delivery. Love the 3 seating options/levels so you don’t feel totally submerged and enveloped (like another 2 person ‘brand’ we sat in). Also able to slide around to target the jets on my hips or ‘tennis elbow’. We don’t use the lights, but that is a personal preference (why advertise to the neighbors?). A bamboo bathtub shelf just fits across one end of the tub so you can read your magazines and anchor your wine if you have no tub-side table. Our sales rep was knowledgeable, helpful yet not pushy in the least. The tub is used at least 5x a week for health/hydrotherapy and relaxation. Once again, we could not be happier and have had a few family members now express interest in our little compact tub of happy. Thank you Sundance!

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