Warrior XL™

Shell Color
Glacier White
French Vanilla
Serenity Blue
Starlight Blue
Starlight Black
Cabinet Color
Natural Cedar
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Warrior XL™

You work hard, you play harder. You deserve the same intensity from your hot tub! The Warrior XL™ is a powerful hot tub mearing 84″ in diameter and is equipped with a powerful, 2-speed, 1.5hp pump to deliver maximum hot water therapy. Immerse your body in swirling waves of hot water to soothe and repair your aching muscles. Set the Nordic Star™ jets to direct powerful massage to specific pressure points to relieve tension.

Seats: 5-6
Size: 84" x 0" x 38.5"
Price Range:

Classic Design

The Warrior XL™ features multi-level, barrier-free seating for up to 6 adults and, at a 38 ½ “depth, it delivers powerful hot water therapy to meet the needs of a family or taller users. The step-in/cool-down seat offers ease of entry into the hot tub while providing a shallower seating option.

Dual Therapy System™

A combination of 21 Nordic Star™ high flow stainless steel jets designed to optimize water flow and pressure to offer you control over your hot water massage. High volume whirlpool flow and targeted direct pressure jets giving you the ultimate in hot water therapy.

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Warrior XL™

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