Just bought a 2019 Jacuzzi®

I don't remember what model I purchased but some Jacuzzi 2019 model with new cabinets and led lighting illuminating the corners. Literally the coolest looking hot tub I have ever seen and everyone who sees it has left my house wanting one of their own. I also had no idea how advanced the jets are in my spa. Every seat gives me a different massage and the adjustability of power is as strong or soft as you want. Highly recommend this product.

5 stars

Matt T.

My Insomnia is Cured

I have been taking sleeping pills for almost 8 years now. I have tried everything from sleep clinics to meditation and calming music before bed. Nothing seemed to help and the medication made me groggy every day. I read an article about soaking in a hot tub helping with sleep and I decided I had nothing to lose so I bought from Jacuzzi Palo Alto. When the jets of my bullfrog spa turn on and I close my eyes, I feel like I am in paradise getting a back massage. After massage in hot water for 15 minutes, I get into bed and before I know it I wake up feeling amazing. Best investment I have ever made.

S. Chavez

Best Cleaning Service in the Bay Area

I've owned my hot tub for 5 years now and they have the best hot tub drain and refill service. I have tried at least 4 different companies now. The pool maintenance guys on yelp are cheaper but they did a mediocre job and my water was cloudy within a week after they left. I think it's the chemicals they use. Anyway... they something like 8 stores in the bay area and a team of vehicles dedicated to servicing their customers. From the time I called for scheduling to the time my hot tub was detailed was 48 hours. I won't go to anyone else for this service now.

5 stars

Michael J.

15 Year Sundance Spa Owner - Exceptional Service

The hot tub I purchased from Paradise Valley Spas 15 years ago is still working. About 2 years ago I started on their weekly maintenance program where they visit my home and serve my hot tub every week. I wish I had started sooner. Every time I want to use my hot tub it's perfect. I use my hot tub 4 days a week at least and still love it.

5 stars

William K.

Bought a new home and just installed a swim spa

I had such a difficult time deciding between a swimming pool and a swim spa. I have two kids who love playing at their friends homes that have pools but we don't have much space in our yard. I went with a 17ft swim spa instead and I our home has officially become the fun house all the kids want to visit after school. My kids swim all the time against the current and sit in a donut the rest of the time and circulate. Paradise Valley Spas helped me every step of the way and made scheduling the delivery and installation stress free. I recommend them to all my friends. If you're thinking about a pool, go and check out the swim spa in the Sundance Spas store in San Mateo.

5 stars

Michelle P.