10 Simple Steps to Drain and Refill Your Hot Tub


hot tub maintenance & cleaning service - drain & refill your hot tub

Your hot tub is one of the best ways to kick back and relax.

What could be better than sinking into the clear, heated depths of your spa for a soothing jet massage?

All of that relaxation can’t be achieved, however, without a bit of work.

Maintenance is key to keeping your spa working well for you, and that includes draining your hot tub on a set schedule.

Why Draining Your Tub is a Must

While performing weekly maintenance on your spa’s water keeps it in good shape, after a while, it will become difficult to balance. That’s a sign that it’s time to start fresh.

If you’re like most hot tub users, you will need to drain and clean your spa once every three to four months. If you use your spa several times a day or host a lot of friends, you may need to drain it more often.

Letting old water reside in your spa can eventually lead to odor, cloudiness, algae buildup, or hot tub foam.

Draining, cleaning, and refilling your hot tub on a regular basis not only ensures you’re soaking in clean water, but you’ll also be protecting your spa from damage. Left too long, dirty water can corrode your spa’s circulation system.

How To Drain Your Tub In 10 Easy Steps

From beginning to end, draining, cleaning, and refilling your tub is a relatively easy task, but it can be time-consuming.

If you have the time to do it yourself, our step-by-step guide will help you to be as efficient as possible.

Start by:

  1. Powering off your hot tub.
  2. Drain your hot tub using one of these three methods:
  3. Opening the valve on the bottom of your spa.
  4. Using a hose to drain the water (if your spa isn’t hooked up to a drainpipe).
  5. Using a submersible pump. This will speed up drain time.
  6. Next, wipe your spa down and gently rub a non-foaming cleaner over the entire hot tub. Make sure it’s a real spa cleaner and not a household product, which can damage the shell.
  7. Let the cleaner sit for the time specified by the product’s directions.
  8. Rinse the hot tub shell completely.
  9. Once your spa is rinsed free of cleaner, refill it with fresh water.
  10. Test and balance your water.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to complete quarterly spa water changes, give us a call at Paradise Valley Spas.

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