4 Best Small Swim Spas In California For Intimate Gatherings


Swim spas have changed the world of aquatic fitness, making swimming more accessible than ever with their compact design and perfectly heated water.

Have you been considering taking the plunge and embracing the many benefits these modern pools offer?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

At Paradise Valley Spas, we carry swim spas from two industry leaders, ensuring everyone who walks through our doors can find the model that perfectly meets their needs.

In this article, we’re going to explore four stunning small swim spas on our showroom floors, helping you narrow down your options.

Let’s dive in!

Top Features of Swim Spas

Alongside the surge in popularity of swim spas, technology has also grown, becoming highly advanced, creating a truly unique swimming experience that can be perfectly tailored to your needs.

While all swim spas provide a stationary swimming environment, each brand offers exclusive features to create an experience only found in their spas.

Before we get into four stunning small swim spas, let’s talk about some of the premium features offered by the two brands we’re exploring in this article; Hydropool and Bullfrog®️ Spas.

small swim spas - swim spa and hot tub installed on a deck


This brand quickly became a leader in the industry, with advanced technology that challenged the status quo to create a premium swim spa experience.

With a host of patented technology and design elements, Hydropool swim spas offer ample benefits that are hard to beat!

V-Twin Swim Jets

When it comes to Hydropool swim spas, the V-Twin Jets are responsible for the powerful yet predictable current you experience.

These jets create a spinning vortex of water within the pipe itself, producing a current of water that’s incredibly smooth as it flows into the spa.

This design has allowed Hydropool swim spas to provide a current with the highest volume of water in the industry, leading to a wide range of current speeds to meet you precisely where you are!

Self-Cleaning Technology

With a mix of vacuums and filters, Hydropool has outfitted a number of their swim spas with self-cleaning technology, taking the work out of caring for your water.

This system cleans every drop of the water in the swim spa every 40 minutes, ensuring crystal-clear water welcomes you each time you peel back the cover, all while keeping maintenance to a minimum!

HydroWise Energy Efficient Insulation

Did you know Hydropool swim spas were designed to effortlessly withstand the frigid Canadian winters?

This innovative insulation has made these swim spas some of the most energy-efficient in the world, keeping water toasty warm without long run times, even on the coldest days of the year!

While our balmy Californian weather may not reach the frozen temperatures found across Canada, this insulation still means exceptional savings year-round!

man changing one of the jetpaks in a bullfrog swim spa - small swim spas

Bullfrog®️ Spas

If you’re looking for a truly personalized experience, Bullfrog®️ Spas has you covered.

This brand has made a name for itself with patented technology that’s one of a kind, truly unmatched across the industry when it comes to the flexibility of hydrotherapy.

JetPak Therapy System™️

Responsible for this flexibility is the JetPak Therapy System™️. This technology was designed with customization in mind, ensuring your spa can effortlessly match your ever-changing needs.

These JetPaks contain clusters of powerful hydrotherapy jets, completely detached from the spa itself, making it possible to switch one JetPak out for another.

Not only does this design reduce the risk of jet issues down the line, but it also provides premium energy efficiency without compromising the quality of your hydromassage.

This technology has truly made their spas completely customizable, with 16 different variations, ensuring everyone in your spa can enjoy a tailored massage each time they step into the water.

Clear Comfort Water Care System

Maintenance is a common concern among many people when they begin exploring swim spas, and Bullfrog®️ Spas has taken this concern and washed it away!

With the advanced oxidization process found in their Clear Comfort system, your water will be kept clean and clear with far less work than standard swim spas.

This award-winning system has truly taken the work out of water care, operating automatically, so you can spend less time treating your water and more time enjoying it.

EnduraFrame™️ Construction

In yet another industry-changing move, Bullfrog®️ Spas has become the leader in 100% wood-free spa construction, with their patented EnduraFrame™️.

This sturdy molded ABS spa frame doesn’t include any metal or wood, making it durable and long-lasting, effortlessly combating corrosion and rot.

small swim spas - woman swimming in a hydropool swim spa

Best Small Swim Spas From Hydropool

When it comes to swim spas, “small” is a relative term and can mean one of two things:

  1. The model has limited seating
  2. It has a more compact design than other models

For the sake of this article, we’re focusing on models that have a smaller footprint, making this list perfect for those with smaller backyards in search of a swim spa to complement their space.

If you’re looking for an exceptionally energy-efficient swim spa boasting premium technology, these four models should be on your list!

AquaPlay 13FFP

If you’re looking for a small swim spa that’s perfect for your family, look no further than the AquaPlay 13FFP swim spa.

This spa is 150” long and 93” wide, ensuring it seamlessly complements smaller spaces while maintaining shareability.

This model was designed with family fun in mind, featuring nine ergonomic hydrotherapy seats outfitted with Zone Therapy, you can enjoy an unmatched hydromassage from every seat.

With its upgraded HydroWise insulation and Lily Pad filtration system, this spa locks in heat for optimum energy efficiency and effortlessly clear water.

AquaSport 14 AX

Hoping for something slightly bigger with a larger focus on fitness? If so, the AquaSport 14 AX model may be your perfect fit!

This small swim spa is 174” long and 93” wide, offering a larger swim area, perfect for exercising or quality family time.

With its gripped floor, you’ll never have to worry about slips and trips, ensuring you’ll maintain your form no matter how you move through your workout.

Tucked into each corner, you’ll discover four hydrotherapy seats, each featuring its own unique cluster of jets to provide ample variety to treat weary muscles every day of the week.

Better yet, with self-cleaning technology, caring for your spa will be a breeze!

Executive Sport 16Ex

Still not quite enough? Take it up a notch with the Executive Sport 16Ex swim spa.

At 186” in length and 93” wide, this model is still compact enough to fit into a smaller backyard, while offering a more spacious interior.

With its unobstructed swim area, you’ll discover a flawless swim experience, effortlessly moving through the water without combating reflective waves or worrying about nearby seats.

At one end, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by two powerful hydrotherapy seats, each offering a full-body massage to ease weary muscles after your workout.

Each seat features premium HydroFall Pillows, sending warm water cascading down your neck and shoulders to elevate your hydrotherapy session even further.

This model truly offers the best of both worlds.

bullfrog swim series - s150 small swim spas

Premium Small Swim Spa From Bullfrog®️ Spas

When it comes to the swim spas from Bullfrog®️ Spas, they’ve truly broken the mold of what you can expect.

Their small swim spa was designed not only for compact spaces but with shareability leading the way, maximizing the seating without expanding the footprint.


The S150 swim spa may be compact, with a width of 7’10” and a length of 12’8”, but its design certainly didn’t compromise on seating!

With a spacious swim area and 13 comfortable seats spread throughout this spa, this model truly offers it all!

Throughout the interior of this swim spa, you’ll find seats of varying heights, ensuring everyone in the family can enjoy their time in the water.

Featuring two lounge seats for head-to-toe massages, four JetPak seats, and a variety of benches for intimate spa sessions hand in hand, this spa will effortlessly meet your every need.

Paired with a range of preset fitness programs and customizable options, getting bored with your fitness routine will be a thing of the past.

To put your fitness routine into overdrive, the optional premium non-slip aquatic surface ensures you’ll never have to worry about losing your footing as you move through a challenging workout.

Whether it’s bringing your home workout routine to new heights, keeping your kids active, or enjoying quality family time, this model can do it all.

Small Swim Spas For Sale in The San Francisco Bay Area

Whether you’re looking for a small swim spa or are envisioning something larger, Paradise Valley Spas has you covered.

With various swim spas lining our showroom floors, we’re sure to have one to meet your every need.

Best of all, with eight locations spread throughout the San Francisco Bay area, our team of friendly staff is right around the corner!

Visit your nearest location today, or contact us to learn more.


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