5 Most-Asked Questions About Swim Spas

Are you new to buying a swim spa? Not sure where to start? Perhaps you’re worried about swim spa prices?

If you’ve ever wondered how to make your home leisure experience more enjoyable, and you’re keen to understand the basics of swim spa ownership, then keep reading! In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top five questions we get frequently asked about buying, owning, and maintaining a swim spa.

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1. How Does a Swim Spa Differ from a Hot Tub?

Swim spas and hot tubs are both amazing pieces of equipment that have revolutionized exercise and relaxation. With a hot tub, you get to immerse yourself in the warm bubbly water, kick back, relax and enjoy a massage from the built-in jets.

Great for hydrotherapy, a soak in a hot tub provides the perfect antidote to a stressful day at the office. A swim spa, on the other hand, is like a two-in-one swimming machine and hot tub.

You get the exercise benefits of swimming against a built-in, fully-adjustable current, so, you can control your workout intensity, plus the relaxation benefits of a hot tub for those times when you just want to soak.

2. What Swim Spa Current Is Right for Me?

This is a popular question we get asked from first-time swim spa buyers wanting to know how to choose the current that is right for them. Oftentimes, they get overwhelmed by the size of the jets or the swim spa. Other times, they haven’t yet figured out their fitness goals.

Whether you’re an athlete or a casual swimmer, we always strongly recommend taking a test swim, so you can feel for yourself the elements that make up a good swim current. These are:

  • A strong current: a current that’s strong enough to challenge you
  • An easy-to-control current: a current that’s fully adjustable
  • A smooth current: a current that’s turbulent-free
  • A wide swim lane: as this is the area where you’ll find the water pushing on you, we always say the wider the lane, the better the experience.

3. Can I Use My Swim Spa All Year Round?

One of the major advantages of owning a swim spa, besides the obvious health benefits, is that they can be used all year round.

Built with durable materials, advanced insulation and equipped with an adjustable thermostat, swim spas can make the perfect addition to just about any home, no matter the climate.

4. Is It Expensive to Operate a Swim Spa?

Owning and operating a swim spa doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, they’re less expensive than purchasing an in-ground pool, and they’re also far cheaper to run.

In addition, you can make your swim spa more energy and cost-efficient by investing in a good swim spa cover to keep heat escaping from your swim spa.

We’re proud to stock the Hydropool Swim Spas which have the lowest average operating costs in the industry.

5. How Often Do I Have to Maintain My Swim Spa?

Protecting your investment is key to prolonging the life of your swim spa. Ideally, you’ll want to give your swim spa a thorough inspection once every three to four months. However, there are some maintenance tasks that you can do on a weekly basis, such as:

  • Cleaning the spa surface
  • Cleaning the spa cover
  • Removing dirt and debris
  • Draining/refilling the water
  • Cleaning the swim spa jets

Swim Spas for Sale in San Francisco Bay Area

We hope our top five list of swim spa questions have helped you to make a decision about buying a Hydropool Swim Spa

Whether you’re looking for a small swim spa or a swim spa with a hot tub, our Paradise Valley Spas specialists are here to help. We have locations in San Francisco Bay Area, and we’re more than happy to help find the right swim spa for you.


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