The 4 Best Hot Tub Brands For The Ultimate Spa Experience


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Hot tubs have become synonymous with relaxation, offering a quality experience that boosts the quality of both your life and overall health.

While they certainly bring a sense of elegance and sophistication to your outdoor space, each brand boasts its own unique design and innovative elements, transforming your experience.

With so many on the market, it can be difficult to know who the best hot tub brands are.

That’s where we come in!

In this article, you’ll find out everything you need to know about why hot tub brands matter, what makes a hot tub brand “the best,” and get a glimpse into the four best hot tub brands flooding the 2023 market!

Let’s begin.

Does Your Hot Tub Brand Really Matter?

In short, yes.

Hot tubs come in a wide range of quality, styles, sizes, and price points, and not every hot tub will meet the standards you’re expecting.

Some brands are meant to be a temporary solution, offering inflatable spas that can serve as a backyard paradise for a couple of years.

Others, offer a premium experience and advanced technology and designs that you can enjoy for decades if properly maintained!

So what makes a hot tub brand “the best?”

This is determined in two ways:

  1. The quality, features, lifespan, and affordability of the brand’s hot tubs
  2. What you are looking for in a hot tub

Ultimately, the choice is yours, but for many, investing in a top-quality brand that offers an unmatched experience they’ll enjoy for many years is the route they take.

And it’s no surprise when you learn about everything the best hot tub brands have to offer!

So, what are the best hot tub brands right now? Read on to find out!

4 Best Hot Tub Brands in 2023

At Paradise Valley Spas, we want every person who walks through our doors to find the spa of their dreams.

While some hot tub dealerships only offer a singular brand, we’ve chosen to go another way, and offer a range of brands to easily meet the unique needs of every lifestyle.

Each one of the brands we carry is raising the bar for innovation and quality, while being leading brands in the industry.

Let’s explore what makes each one of these four brands stand out.

best hot tub brands - jacuzzi hot tubs

Jacuzzi®️ Hot Tubs

Jacuzzi®️ has become synonymous with hot tubs, and being the brand that created and released the first hot tub, it’s only fitting.

The Jacuzzi®️ Brand has humble beginnings, with their revolutionary hydrotherapy pump having been created to ease the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis in a young family member.

Since then, they’ve only grown and refined every element of their hot tubs to create a premium experience, both inside and outside of the water.

Jacuzzi®️ Hot Tub Features

The design of Jacuzzi®️ Hot Tubs has been shaped by science, creating an experience that’s proven to be therapeutic.

From the perfect mixture of air and water rushing from the jets, to their placement and even the curvature of the seats, these hot tubs provide a truly unmatched hydrotherapy experience.

But these hot tubs haven’t only been designed with your time in the water in mind. They’ve also been equipped with innovative technology to maximize their efficiency and minimize maintenance.

With the CLEARRAY®️ Water Management System, these spas sanitize your water with the same technology used by hospitals and water treatment plants.

Paired with advanced filtration systems, these features do some heavy lifting to keep your water clean and clear, making routine maintenance easier than ever.

bullfrog spas - best hot tub brands

Bullfrog Spas®️

If you’re looking for another brand that’s transformed how a spa can be used, Bullfrog Spas®️ is at the top of the list!

This brand may not have the history that Jacuzzi®️ does, but they’ve certainly made a name for themselves and left people raving about their truly unique take on the spa experience.

Bullfrog Spas®️ Features

Bullfrog Spas®️ has become recognized as one of the best hot tub brands for their modern designs and customizable experience.

These hot tubs have been created with longevity and user experience leading the way. With their patented EduraFrame™️, these hot tubs exclude traditional materials like wood and metal in their frame design.

Instead, they’ve crafted theirs with ABS materials to ensure rust and rotting wood are things of the past!

But that’s not the only thing that makes these hot tubs stand out. The moment you peer inside, you’ll discover something no other brand offers: customizable seats!

Many of their models boast their interchangeable JetPak®️ Therapy System™️. This system allows you to remove the configuration of jets in any seat and replace them with another JatPak®️ that better suits their need on any given day!

Watch this short video to see it in action.

Sundance®️ Spas

The next hot tub brand on the list is Sundance®️ Spas, another big name in the industry.

40 years ago, Sundance®️ Spas quickly began making waves in the industry, pushing the limits of other models on the market with a fresh take on the user experience.

Since then, this brand has continued to reimagine how spas can be enjoyed, and worked to transform the health and wellness benefits spas have become known for.

best hot tub brands - sundance spas

Sundance®️ Spas Features

These models have grown with the industry, introducing various systems that aim to reduce the maintenance needs of these spas, improve the quality of your experience, and supercharge efficiency.

This has been done by combining a few powerful aspects, leaving water crystal clear with less work.

As the MicroClean®️ Filtration catches even the smallest debris, the Dynamic Flow™️ Pump circulates water faster than traditional pumps for an energy-efficient hot tub.

Where these hot tubs truly shine is their various patented jets, providing a variety of massage options to meet the needs of every muscle in your body, including your wrists!

Yet, Sundance®️ Spas wanted to take the experience their spas provide even further, and with SunScents™️ Aromatherapy, they did just that!

Through this built-in technology, they effectively created a truly unique experience that infuses water with the gentle, therapeutic scent of your choice!

best hot tub brands - nordic hot tubs

Nordic Hot Tubs™️

The final hot tub brand that’s made our list is Nordic Hot Tubs™️. This brand has dedicated itself to creating an exceptional experience through their simple yet high-performing spas.

Nordic hot tubs are designed with a variety of spaces in mind, and they’ve made enjoying a home spa more accessible than ever.

With their affordable prices, quality materials, and unique shapes, these hot tubs have become the backdrop for relaxation in backyards across the country.

Nordic Hot Tubs™️ Features

One of the first things that grabs people’s attention when they explore this brand’s hot tubs is the various shapes they come in!

From oval and round, to triangular corner units, Nordic Hot Tubs™️ were made with every backyard in mind.

Their experience inside the water is equally as captivating, with their Dual Therapy System that has truly embraced the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy and hydromassage.

As the water swirls around the spa to provide the optimum hydrotherapy experience, the jets pinpoint muscles with just the right pressure to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Making the Final Decision – Which Hot Tub Brand is Your Perfect Fit?

At this point, you may be wondering how to narrow down which hot tub is best for you, and honestly, it’s simpler than you might think!

Understand Your Unique Needs

The first step is knowing what you want to get out of your hot tub.

Are you looking for a soothing escape to bring your family together after a busy week?

Perhaps you’re hoping to embrace a moment of quiet self-care as you enjoy a solo session early in the morning.

Whatever your goal, the features, design, and size of your hot tub will need to match.

Consider Size and Location

Your backyard plays a significant role in which hot tub is the right fit, so you’ll want to know how much space you have to work with.

If you have a smaller yard and want to maintain as much open space as possible, a hot tub designed to seamlessly fit into the corner of your space may be your best choice.

However, if you have ample space and want to entertain, investing in a larger hot tub that boasts a spacious interior would be the perfect option.

Choose a Hot Tub Dealership

Of course, where you buy your hot tub is equally as important as the model you choose!

You’ll want to choose a hot tub dealer that offers the type of hot tub you’d like from the brand you’re drawn to.

However, when you invest in a spa, you’re partnering with your dealership, so it’s important to consider a few other aspects to ensure they can meet your needs and expectations. Some factors to look at include:

  • Reputation
  • Services
  • Expertise and brand knowledge
  • Financing opportunities
  • Years in the industry

These elements can help you determine if the dealership you’re considering can provide the level of services and care that you need.

Shop The Best Hot Tub Brands at Paradise Valley Spas

Paradise Valley Spas has been serving the communities throughout the Bay area for over 35 years, offering exceptional customer support while providing top-of-the-line spas.

Whether you’re ready to jump into your dream spa, or are just beginning your journey, we’d love to be a part of it.

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