10 Hot Tub Accessories Every Spa Owner Needs


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No matter the type of atmosphere you want to add to your spa experience, hot tub accessories can add functionality, versatility, and convenience.

From covers to steps and everything in between, the right hot tub accessories can help transform your spa installation into the perfect place for relaxing and entertaining.

Must-Have Hot Tub Accessories

Let’s see the most important hot tub accessories.

1. Hot Tub Steps

Just about the handiest of all the hot tub accessories, hot tub steps make getting in and out of your hot tub a breeze! You really don’t want your guests, or yourself, to fall while trying to exit with grace. Hot tub steps are especially useful if they offer the added bonus of towel storage.

2. Hot Tub Cover

Every spa needs a hot tub cover. Those are just the facts. Hot tub covers can help to keep the water clean by reducing the amount of debris and contaminants that enter the water when unattended or not in use.

This includes insects, dirt, leaves, rain water, and other debris. Not to mention that the right spa cover can also help to keep it properly heated, saving you money on energy costs with ideal temperature regulation and insulation.

3. Cup Holder

It’s important to stay hydrated when you’re soaking in your outdoor hot tub, and cup holders that firmly attach to the side of your spa make that much easier.

4. Spa Pillow

Relaxation comes easily while soaking in your hot tub, but not so much when you’re straining your neck as you rest your head on the not-so-forgiving surface edge of your hot tub. That’s how the spa pillow made it into the “basic needs” category.

5. Towel Warmer

A towel warmer might fall under the category of luxury hot tub accessories, but once you wrap yourself in a cozy, warm towel after leaving the hot tub on a chilly night, you’ll understand that it’s a basic human need.

Interesting and Fun Hot Tub Accessories

Now let’s check the fun hot tub accessories.

6. Underwater Lighting

You can make your hot tub lighting relaxing, or you can make it a ton of fun. Both options have their benefits, but underwater disco lights can turn any hot tub into an instant party and dazzle your guests!

7. Floating Games

Why not? They come in handy for both parties and family night, and they come with the added bonus of keeping you from falling asleep in the hot tub. They even make floating beer pong sets!

8. Hot Tub Bar Refreshment Float

A hot tub bar refreshment float allows you to enjoy appetizers and some tasty beverages. Plus, this handy-dandy hot tub accessory attaches to the side of your hot tub so that you don’t have to chase your sustenance.

9. Inflatable Drink Holder Floats

Inflatable drink holder floats come in all kinds of styles and shapes, including palm trees, flamingos, unicorns, and even a watermelon! Enough come in a pack for everyone to have their own, so no one will get their drinks mixed up.

10. Lighted Floating Speaker

You can connect your lighted floating speaker to any Bluetooth device and surround yourself with floating music and ambiance. Most are rechargeable, too!

Find The Best Hot Tub For Your Lifestyle

As you can see, there are many options for creating a unique hot tub experience.

Paradise Valley Spas offers quality accessories and hot tubs to match. We even offer matching spa covers and steps.

Visit our blog to find out how hot tubs can improve your life, and much more!


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