Hot Tub Cover Care & Maintenance: 3 Best Practices


Hot tub cover care and maintenance are important to educate yourself on after purchasing a hot tub.

The cover is vital to the longevity and functionality of your hot tub, as it protects and insulates everything beneath it.

It also keeps out debris, animals, and small children, which is why it is essential to maintain it properly.

How Do You Take Care of a Hot Tub Cover? 3 Best Tips

Hot tub cover maintenance is actually fairly simple. There are three main areas you need to focus on: removing debris, keeping it clean, and repairing scratches and holes.

1. Remove Debris

The first step in hot tub cover care is removing anything that has landed on it or been placed on top of it. Fallen leaves, branches, and other debris can cause tearing or punctures, and snow can be too heavy for a hot tub cover to support for long periods.

2. Cleaning

Rinse off the cover with a hose to remove dirt and dust. Then, wipe it down with a cleaner that is specifically made for hot tub covers. Other types of cleaners may damage the vinyl or outer layer of the hot tub cover.

Finally, apply a protectant to the vinyl to help it be resistant to dust and sun damage. Don’t forget to remove the cover and clean the underside as well.

3. Inspect and Repair

While you are cleaning, inspect the cover for puncture holes or tears. Even small holes can allow dangerous amounts of moisture to get in and damage the core. Make repairs as soon as possible by patching them with a vinyl repair kit.

How Do You Get Water out of a Hot Tub Cover?

The insulating core inside the hot tub cover is surrounded by plastic to keep water from soaking the foam, but it is normal for small amounts of water or condensation to find their way in between the plastic and the outer vinyl layer. Your spa cover should have small holes on the underside to allow this water to drain out.

If your cover has taken in a large amount of water, you probably have cause for concern. Check for any punctures or tears in each of the layers, especially around the perimeter seal. In some cases, this is something you can repair yourself.

Once you have located any tears or holes, you’ll need to drain as much of the water out of the liner as possible. Stand the core up, with the hole the water entered through at the bottom, and let the water drain out.

If you are unable to get the majority of water out through the original tear, then it is likely that water has seeped in and reached the foam core. At this point, it will be necessary to purchase a replacement hot tub cover.

Fortunately, with Core Covers, the outer vinyl is treated to resist mildew, and our scientifically formulated plastic layer is much more
water-resistant than typical plastic covers. In fact, Core’s Vapor Lock Seal has proven to be four times more effective than other seals at protecting the foam core from water absorption.

How Do You Dry a Hot Tub Cover?

Your cover should be tapered on top so that water is directed off the cover and does not form a puddle. If your cover is not tapered or has been damaged on top from pressure, it may start to bow in a little in the middle, creating a spot for water to pool.

This can occur when a heavy snowfall is left sitting on the cover and not removed promptly or if other heavy items are placed on top.

If you find that there is water pooling on top of the cover, unzip the vinyl layer and flip over the insulating core. If the damage is not too serious, this should make the top flat again, at least temporarily. It’s also a good practice to remove the cover periodically to allow trapped moisture and chemicals to evaporate.

If you enjoy a soak in your hot tub weekly, you do not need to worry about this, but if you go long periods without use, leave the cover off for about an hour when you treat it.

What Type of Foam Is Used in Hot Tub Covers?

The inside of a hot tub cover is a core made of polystyrene, which can be damaged if treated too roughly. It is important not to let too much weight from heavy snow accumulate on top of the cover or to allow children to jump on it.

You should also avoid placing glass or similar items on top of the cover; the glass can magnify sunlight and cause the polystyrene core to melt.

How Much Does a Hot Tub Cover Weigh?

Each hot tub cover varies in size and weight, but it should be fairly easy to lift your hot tub cover. If it gets too heavy, it has probably become saturated with water and may be damaged.

How Much Do Hot Tub Covers Cost? How Long Do They Last?

The best hot tub covers should last you for many years. Think of the initial cost as an investment, as the best spa covers will save you money over time in energy costs and repairs. Popular high-quality hot tub covers are made by well-respected brands like Covana.

Want to learn more? Contact Paradise Valley Spa today for more information about the best hot tub covers and how to care for them.


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