How Long Does A Hot Tub Last? 4 Best Ways To Extend Its Life


how long does a hot tub last

Hot tubs are a great way to add some fun and relaxation into your daily life, offering personalized massages to rehab your body and entertainment for every member of the family!

Naturally, when you invest in a hot tub, you want to ensure you can soak up the benefits and have it be the main attraction in your backyard for many years to come.

Here’s the thing…

How long your hot tub lasts will be influenced by various factors, and you’ll play a big part in that.

In this article, we’re answering the age-old question; how long does a hot tub last?

To make it even better, we’re going to tell you how you can maximize the lifespan of yours!

How Long Does A Hot Tub Last?

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If you’ve been wondering how long does a hot tub last, the answer is influenced by many factors, with one of the largest ones being its quality.

If you’ve bought an inflatable hot tub, you can only expect it to last up to 5 years. These types of spas aren’t designed to withstand years of use and are a shorter-term solution.

If you invest in a higher-quality hot tub from leading brands, such as Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs or Bullfrog® Spas, you’re able to drastically increase the expected lifespan.

These kinds of hot tubs generally last anywhere from 10-15 years and can easily be stretched to 20 years if you take good care of them.

The great thing is, taking proper care of your spa isn’t as hard as many people often believe. If you follow a strategic and thorough hot tub maintenance routine, you’ll be able to easily extend the life of your spa, keeping it running in top condition long-term!

4 Easy Steps to Make Your Hot Tub Last Longer

Keeping your hot tub operating at peak performance for many years will ultimately come down to you.

If you ensure you care for your hot tub properly, inspect it regularly, and repair any issues as soon as they’re discovered, you’ll be able to enjoy it much longer.

Your hot tub’s life span is quite literally in your hands.

We want your hot tub to last you as long as possible, so we’ve put together the top ways you can extend the lifetime of your hot tub to help.

Let’s get started!

1. Follow A Maintenance Routine

As previously mentioned, creating and following a strict maintenance schedule is essential in maximizing your hot tub’s life span.

This should be one of the first steps when you first buy a hot tub, and if needed, you can schedule a service appointment to have our expert technician help guide you through the process.

When creating your hot tub maintenance routine, there are some essential steps to include. Here are some of the most important ones and how often they should be completed.


  • Check your water temperature
  • Test the pH and alkalinity of your water
  • Wipe exposed surfaces & pillows
  • Rinse your filter
  • Shock your water


  • Soak filters in filter cleaner
  • Inspect jets
  • Clean cover


  • Drain
  • Deep clean
  • Inspect shell
  • Refill & balance water

2. Maintain Your Water

Maintaining your water is essential in reducing the risk of damage to your shell and system.

If your water is often dirty, smelly, or unbalanced, you may want to call in a technician to take a look at your system and diagnose the problem. These issues can cause significant damage to your spa and should be managed as soon as possible.

Depending on where you live, your water may have an increased mineral content, which makes the water “hard.”

Hard water can cause scaling or calcium buildup on your shell, in your pipes, and around your jets over time. This is why balancing the pH and alkalinity of your water is so important.

Additionally, you want to ensure you keep your water clean, using the proper hot tub chemicals to treat it. If your water develops excess levels of bacteria, dirt, or oils, it can build up in your system and cause damage to your jets and filters, making everything work harder than necessary.

You also want to ensure that you aren’t over-sanitizing your water and allow it to off-gas after treating it by leaving the cover off for half an hour.

3. Drain and Clean Your Hot Tub

While your hot tub is built with advanced systems to clean your water and filter out contaminants, it will still require a deep clean every few months.

You’ll want to drain your hot tub, ensuring all water is out of its system, and use a quality cleaner to gently clean the surface of your shell and around your jets.

This will help keep your shell clean and give you time to remove anything that may cause damage to it if left alone.

After you’ve cleaned your shell and rinsed it down, you need to thoroughly inspect it and your entire system to ensure there are no cracks or broken seals.

Once you’re confident your hot tub is all good, refill using your garden hose and rebalance your water using your pH and alkaline increasers and decreasers.

If the thought of deep cleaning your hot tub and performing a routine inspection causes you stress or anxiety, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment. Our team of professional technicians is happy to come out and do it for you. We want your hot tub care to be as easy and stress-free as possible!

3. Schedule a Spa Service

Including a regularly scheduled spa service appointment in your maintenance routine isn’t only for when issues arise or repairs need to be made.

Our technicians can help perform regular maintenance on your hot tub, like routine cleaning and filter maintenance, or can help diagnose and troubleshoot problems, order parts, and perform repairs when needed.

Having a professional regularly involved in caring for your hot tub will help ensure problems are caught early, allowing them to be managed before they cause lasting damage to your system.

Shop Hot Tubs in California

Now that you know how long does a hot tub last and how to make it last longer, it’s time for hot tub shopping.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect hot tub to add to your backyard or simply want to make caring for your hot tub easy, Paradise Valley Spas is here to help.

With nine locations throughout California’s San Francisco Bay Area, we’ve got a showroom near you and a team of expert technicians that can support your spa needs throughout your hot tub’s lifetime.

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