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It’s time for you and your family to experience the ultimate pool and hot tub all in one package. Did you know that Hydropool Swim Spas are the only self-cleaning pools on the market? Not only that, but they also lead the swim spa industry in energy efficiency and advanced technology. So you can enjoy the incredible swim spa experience that you love so much, for many years to come. To learn more about Hydropool Swim Spas, contact your local Paradise Valley Spas store today.

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Why Buy a Swim Spa?

Is a healthier lifestyle calling your name? With the perfect combination of a swimming pool and hot tub, Swim Spas offer a new approach to healthier living. Both elite athletes and the casual weekend warrior swimmer can enjoy the ideal training environment, with a splash of relaxation and recreation. Whether you are looking for family time, fun, or fitness, the Swim Spa experience is undoubtedly extraordinary. Patented and proven technology will bring your swim to life. Can you imagine never having to turn, touch or push off from any pool wall to get the swim you desire? With a Swim Spa, your dream can become a reality. The swim current delivered is natural and provides you the ability to focus on your stroke and enjoy the fluidity of the swim current adjusted to your personal swim level.

Swim Spa Financing

At Paradise Valley Spas, our customers always come first. An exceptional customer service experience means catering to everyone, including those who may benefit from a more comfortable and affordable approach to swim spa ownership.

We’re proud to offer a range of financing options for swim spas. To learn more or apply, contact or visit your nearest Paradise Valley Spas showroom today.

10 Reasons To Own A Swim Spa

1. Spend more time outdoors
2. Strengthen bonds with loved ones
3. Strengthen your body and tone muscles
4. Maintain a healthy body weight
5. Ease muscle tension and sore joints
6. Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
7. Improve your backyard design
8. Experience better sleep patterns
9. Soak or swim throughout the year
10. Spend more time relaxing 

Contact us today to find the best swim spa for your family, budget, and backyard space.

Covers & Cover Lifters

Adding an automated cover to your hot tub or swim spa can truly revolutionize your experience. Keep the water clean, safe and enjoyable, while also adding a customizable gazebo that provides both protection and privacy.

Combine with the addition of a premium cover lifter for effortless operation that will make your hot tub or swim spa easier to use. 

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