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Luxury Backyard Centerpiece

The A7 is a full-featured mid-size spa that feels much larger than its dimensions. The A7 features dual premium corner captain’s chairs, each with wrist, hip, calf and foot jets to go along with 5 JetPaks of your choice. Absolutely no space is wasted in this spa, giving it the feel of a much larger hot tub and making it ideal for entertaining friends or families.

Seats: 5-6
Size: 88" x 88" x 36"
Price Range:

JetPak Therapy System®

The JetPak Therapy System helps you design your perfect hot tub experience with a personalized feel. You select your favorite massages. You place them in your favorite seats. You dial in the therapy intensity so it feels best for you. There is simply no comparison for a truly personlized hot tub experience.

Stunning Design

A Series hot tubs by Bullfrog Spas are designed to be beautiful and comfortable. The sleek design enhances the ambience of your yard and compliments your home and decor. Ergonomic layouts ensure each seat offers you a unique bio-engieered massage sensation. You will be proud to show your Bullfrog Spa as a centerpiece of your backyard landscape design.

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19 Reviews
Chris W.
1 year

Nice tub. Like interchangeable jet packs.

Spencer W.
1 year
Great spa a few problems

Overall great
The auxiliary control for jets each had to be replaced

Gordon M.
1 year
Nice tub and jets just a few issues.

All works well and the tub looks awesome. Very easy to operate and maintain. Jet packs are awesome. Only two problems. One of the exterior led lights has never worked and we have two broken clips on the pillows. Have not been able to get these repaired or a coat for new clips. I wish I could order the parts directly from bull frog.

Robert C.
1 year
A7 spa

Great hot tub. Easy to use. Love all the variety of jets and ability to move jet packs around. Would prefer a few seats were not so deep. One thing I would change is make a better tighter seal on the bottom front enclosure to help minimize potential rodent infiltration.

Don T.
1 year
We love our hot tub!

We love our hot tub!

Todd M.
1 year
Bullfrog A7

We love our new spa and the salt water accessory kit.

Aimee W.
1 year
Aimee W.

We absolutely love our spa. We use it 3 to 4 times a week. In the winter, every day. SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!!!

Steve H.
1 year


Keith N.
1 year
We love our new spa!

We love our new spa!

Len G
1 year
Our BF spa

What can I say – it’s wonderful. Having never owned a spa before we didn’t know what it would be like. And, we love it. Easy to operate, easy-to-use and clean, well insulated, looks fantastic and it has lots of options for different blowers. We would buy it again if given the xhoice

John M.
1 year
Exceeds Expectations!

Everything about our new A7 has exceeded our expectations: the jet packs, the other advanced features and internal design, the high quality build and materials, the powerful output from the motors/pumps, and the consistent water temperature. We are also very pleased with how well the style and color matches our patio, and with all the LED lighting. The jet pack technology is undeniably the best feature. Each jet pack provides a comfortable seating position with a unique massage that can be individually controlled to range from gently soothing to very powerful. I would highly recommend that anyone who is shopping for a spa should experience a live demonstration of the jet packs in person. We compared many models from about five different manufacturers and none came close to the BullFrog.

Larry T.
2 years
Great spa, a few quality issues with small parts

Love the spa, use it all the time, all 4 seasons! A few of the lights and switches needed to be replaced, and will need to be replaced again, however, the warranty service covers it, so it’s more inconvenience than anything.

Ginny C.
2 years


David L.
2 years
Bull Frog Hottubs are the Best!

Bull Frog has the best product and best service. As a first time buyer I can tell all the ways they helped me after the sales. Awesome in all ways.

Keith T.
3 years
Bullfrog spa

all in all great tub, bluetooth does not work again . I have had the radio replaced 3 times and finally just gave up on it. the only other problem is with the neck massager is so loud you dont want to use it. it seems like it blows out the rubber gasket on the bottom. that is the only two problems i have encountered. I do love it though. the wife likes the low energy bill.

Joe B.
3 years
My third spa and the best

My third spa and the Bullfrog is so much better than the two other brands. Thank you so much for the technology of water pressure and music.

Courtney R.
3 years
Excellent SPA

Great experience. Delivery was a snap and associates where very knowledgeable. Would recommend this SPA. Thanks Bullfrog

Ralph L.
3 years
Model A7 Review

Very happy with the spa. Has been running great for over a year. I use it quite often and have had a number of friends and family use as well. Only thing I would have liked is to enter custom LED colors and intensity somehow, as opposed to just the preset ones (which are still nice). ralph

Catherine B.
3 years
Fantastic Hot tub

I wish we would have purchased this years ago , so therapeutic . Love it !

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