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Bella MS™

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Bella MS™

In Italian, bella means ‘beautiful’ and Nordic hot tubs Bella MS™ is one beautiful little hot tub! Resembling a whirlpool therapy tub found in professional training rooms, the Bella™ MS is a perfect one or two-person hot tub. At only 34.5 inches wide, our Bella™ fits through most standard doorways making it an exceptional indoor or outdoor hot tub!

Seats: 2-3
Size: 34" x 83" x 38.5"
Price Range:

Classic Design

The 2-person Bella™ MS has room for up to 2 adults, seated facing each other. The 38 ½ inch depth ensures optimum water immersion for maximum DTS™. The mighty little Bella MS™ is designed with all the benefits and features you expect from a Nordic!

Dual Therapy System™

A combination of 15 Nordic Star™ high flow stainless steel jets designed to optimize water flow and pressure to offer you control over your hot water massage. High volume whirlpool flow and targeted direct pressure jets giving you the ultimate in hot water therapy.

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Bella MS™

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