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Backyard Centerpiece

The Cameo® spa seats up to six adults, offering the perfect variety of seat heights formed to fit diverse body types. Our best-selling lounge model, this spa has the best of everything, from illuminated grab bars to air-only aromatherapy-releasing jets.

Seats: 5-6
Size: 89" x 89" x 37.5"
Lounge: Yes
Price Range:

The Power of Peace and Quiet

The 880 ™ Series by Sundance® Spas exemplifies everything you could possibly want in a hot tub. It offers superior hydrotherapy massage and filtration combined with silencing technology to ensure you and your neighbors can truly enjoy peace at home. SilentAir® injector jets deliver a soft tissue massage and optional SunScents™ aromatherapy to add another layer to your hot tub experience. With safety in mind, this series has illuminated grab bars, waterfall, and diverter knobs making it easier for you and your family to enter and exit the spa securely.

Advanced Hydrotherapy

In the exclusive Intelli-Jet™ Therapy Seat and deepest, full-body immersion Accu-Ssage™ Seat, a variety of jets will increase circulation, coax away muscle twinge, and get you ready for the day. An asymmetrical foot dome is also tucked into the corner of the deep-jetted foot well to make sure tired feet aren’t forgotten.

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24 Reviews
8 months
Best hot tub out there

We looked at a lot of different hot tubs.nothing compared to the sun dance after 2 years of looking we went back to the sun dance we love it.

9 months
amazing tub

To start love the tub. Issue Number 1 the Wi-Fi adapter was not installed at factory and was not told it was not installed no letter and protech did not know apparently being out of stock when the tub was assembled and shipped! As well being a newer tub I wanted the WiFi modEl that is the new version that is supposed to be in the tub. Issue Number 2 was the display screen was not sealed properly and died after 3 days worth of use Protec Pool and Spa who we bought the tub off of was very fast and efficient at replacing the defective device within a day and told us that they have never seen that on the sundance before made the wife very happy so other than waiting on the WiFi device from May to be delivered to dealer for install (now july6) would defiantly buy another I’m very picky when it comes to quality build and functionality

11 months
Good spa but already a minor issue.

The spa is good. I had bilateral total knee replacements and am still recovering from that surgery. When I get home from work I get in the spa and it loosens up all my tight and sore muscles and joints. Minor problem-after only 2 weeks some of the lights stopped working. Of course access to those lights is the only wall of the tub up against the deck. Also the hand rail blocks the side front panel. So to get this fixed I have to empty the tub and pay someone to move the spa. Very disappointed that something broke in 2 weeks and is going to cost me a lot of time and money to get fixed. Also a little disappointed that can’t run all the jets all the seats at the same time. So when multiple people are in the spa have to choose which jets to run or decrease the jet strength to run them all.

11 months
Great spa but lots of adjusting in the lounge seat

When sitting in the lounge you have to get up and adjust the pump for pressure then get back in the seat, maybe several times.

1 year
So far So good!

The delivery went quite smoothly after we removed two gates, a fence, and disassembled our storage shed so it could be delivered to our back yard. I like the look without the extra fence and shed better now! We love the simplicity of the controls and the comfort of the spa. No problems so far. A list of recomended weekly service providers would be nice?

1 year

Its been perfect in everyway for the first 3 weeks but was disapointed today when I was going soak because the blower was on all by it self . I was able to go ahead and have a good soak anyway but couldnot turn off the pump. Im hoping for a easy fix and a trouble free future with my Sundance.

1 year
Exceeded Expectations

We recently purchased a Cameo. We moved into a home without a tub, but previously had one. We quickly came to realize how important it was. It was also eye opening how advanced the tubs are today vs our older 1998 model. From the jet comfort, seat layout, lighting, and waterfall appearance aspects, this is a great addition to our home and evening lifestyle. It fits into our backyard oasis very nicely. We had a few minor issues (scratch and knob) with the tub that Sundance quickly resolved. We are looking forward to heavily utilizing this investment.

1 year
Beautiful Spa in California

On my 50th birthday I felt I deserved the best and Sundance delivered! Here’s 3 things I really like with the 880 Cameo: 1. The different jet arrangements are brilliant and its easy to slide around from seat to seat. 2. The stereo add-on is a must and great on a starry night! 3. The multi-stage water purification and cleaning is amazing.

2 years

I purchased my Cameo 880 1 month ago. I had been on the fence for awhile trying to figure out what would be the best time to purchase. I finally stopped putting it off and made the purchase. WHY DIDN’T I DO IT SOONER!!!!!! If you’re considering it. Do it! You won’t regret it. To sit in the spa, on the deck, when it’s 20 degrees outside and 100+ degrees in the tub, simply Heavenly. Mine has the bluetooth audio system…yes, do it. Customer support after the sale has been hands down the best I’ve every experienced. 20 minutes in the lounge seat with all those jets = cloud nine.

2 years
Nice Spa!

We replaced our 1992 Cameo with a new 2017 model recently. The new model has some nice features that the old one didn’t; much quieter, fast drain capability, LED lights, waterfall, 2 pumps, adjustable jets, etc. The new one however is more difficult to move around from seat to seat as they are more isolated from each other. There’s also no low pump speed so the only way to turn the jets down is to divert the flow to another seat. This works but the diverter valves are rather loud.

Shanghai La
2 years
Sundance is Suntastic

While visiting the Pittsburgh home show to look at all the Hot tubs, we knew immediately we would replace our old tub with a new Sundance Cameo as it had all the seating, lounge, and conveniences that we wanted. Great engineering on safety handles for entry and exit, cup holders, and superb jetting. Can’t wait to get in every day.

2 years
Highly recommend the Wifi option and the Cameo

We love our Sundance Cameo. Very stylish and easy to use. We purchased the WiFi option and use it with the Sundance APP. We could not live without that feature. We’re able to turn the heat up, while on a bike ride, and when we get home the hot tub is at the ideal temperature. Great way to keep costs down and have it ready, when we are.

2 years
Everything I wanted in a new Spa

This is my 2nd Spa, my 1st was a jacuzzi which I loved but it was 13 years old and showing its age a little, the young man at AquaQuip “Ryan” explained the pluses and minuses of both Sundance & Jacuzzi, I researched others on line but in the end I just trusted AquaQuip so much from my long history with them that I decided on the Sundance Cameo from my local AquaQuip store. We have had it for 2 weeks and we absolutely love everything about it. I think it’s one of the best decisions we have made. Everything about it screams intelegent design and quality. Thank You Sundance and Thank You AquaQuip

3 years
Love my cameo

We took delivery of my Cameo about a month ago. The family absolutely loves it. My wife and I use it for therapy and relaxation. Its awesome before a run and to aid in recovery. The kids really enjoy there time before and after sports and with friends. our tub has the BlueWave stereo. Very nice feature. Water is always clean, very low maintenance. Great time relaxing with family and friends or going solo. A little tip, we told the kids “whats said in the tub, stays in the tub.” Reconnect, Relax, Rejoice…..

KR Cleveland
3 years

I bought the Cameo and had it installed in April 2015. Within the first 2 months, the blower motor was defective and had to be replaced. My dealer made the repair with no problem. Since that time the only issue I have is with the LED lighting in the tub. Several of the colors do not work anymore. Previously I had a Hot Springs Sovereign hot tub and after 15 years decided it was time for a new one. I have no regrets so far making the switch over to Sundance. The spa has been fantastic and the jets are amazing!

3 years
Lovers Get away

I bought this about two months ago and have been enjoying it almost every evening. It does work nice and I enjoy the ability to lower the jets speed on my back. It is nice to get out and not have a red back from the jets beatiing it up. The only issue that I have is that I thought it came with WI-FI ready to link. However, it doen NOT.. Considering the price of the tub and putting it up high with the better brands that is my disappointment. Kind of hard to justify another $300 for a feature that really should come standard in this day..

3 years
This has changed our lives

We hesitated for a long time which model to purchase, but after trying two models at the dealers location, we were very impressed with the quality and features

Even since the unit has arrived, we have used it many times, it easy to use, support relaxing, and it has improved the quality of our lives

I would certainly buy this product again

4 years
Satisfied yet a bit surprised

This is our third Sundance Spa spanning two decades. Our current spa was delivered early spring and is our second Cameo. In general terms we have been satisfied with the quality of construction, fit and finish and overall performance of our new Cameo. We are especially impressed with improvements made in the insulation of the spa and anticipate great energy savings this winter. We live in northern New England and our Sundance Spa is a life saver.

However……one of the features of the spa that we were greatly anticipating was the LED lighting found throughout the spa. The system has been a major disappointment. To date, all but one lighting assembly has failed with one color or another ceasing to work. The waterfall light bar failed first and then light rings associated with the air injector valves began to fail. Our Sundance Spa dealer has been fantastic to work with regarding warranty repairs, however, we are very disappointed having to work through this type of issue (not an easy repair by the way) with such an high end spa.

We can recommend Sundance Spas, however, we must admit that our overall customer satisfaction is somewhat tainted by ongoing LED issues and its associated repairs…..all for a spa that is only 6 months old.

4 years
Going on 10 yrs and still going strong!

I bought this tub in Jan 2005. It has been through 2 moves. Sure I have had to replace a couple of things along the way. Flow Sensor Piece twice and the circ pump just recently (but come on its 10 yrs old). Things like head cushions and Flow Director caps a time or two but these are just part of the deal with ownership as chemicals will eat them up after several years. I use chlorine and MPS and have had good luck with water chemistry. I also don’t use the Sundance 2 piece filter, I just use the cheapo pleated filters but that is me. I want to stress the durability I have had on main things like circuit boards and control panels, not to mention pumps 1 and 2 all still original. Finally after 10 yrs looks like I may need to replace a couple of jets as the internal plastic is getting brittle after 10yrs. No complaints here!

5 years
I love this spa!

Our new Cameo spa is amazing! The jets and all the features make it so relaxing to use.

5 years
jury is still out....

I had a 1999 Cameo for fourteen years, which I loved. It was a great spa and I thought it was getting time to replace it. I purchased the 2014 Cameo which notably has some wonderful improvements, i.e. the plastic outer finish (no longer wood), more jets, better UV system, – and no longer a need for bromine with the Sun Purity. However, like with many products, the bells and whistles can be a problem. Since purchasing my new Cameo, I have had three service calls to service the LED lights, – which are found all over the spa, where the lighting has failed. Granted, these aren’t critical faults, but it does mean phone calls, appointments, ordering parts, – and aggravation that I didn’t have before. Sometimes, newer isn’t always better, – and “simple” can be better than more complicated. Also, the sound system seems to work okay for now, but I have been warned that this “whistle” add-on is also a source for constant repair; hopefully not. Overall, I love Sundance and the spa itself, – but they should rethink or redesign their lighting system to something more dependable. I just want the spa therapy, I don’t need a light-show.

5 years
Cameo - The Way to Go

My Sundance Spa has had two homes in the past year. It started out in our Teehouse but ended up next to the Teehouse so we could better enjoy both. My wife especially loves her whirlpool because of back problems and a badly broken (now healed) leg. She feels better almost immediately. The flexibility and capabilities of our Cameo are a joy to use.

5 years
Couldn't be happier!

Nine years ago we purchased a Sundance Spa from Champagne Spas and liked it so much we shipped it to Illinois when we had to move. When we recently moved back to San Diego, we decided to purchase another spa. We came back to the store and decided to get the same one (Cameo) we had previously. Everything from negotiating the price, arranging finance, to delivery went perfectly. We could not be happier with our experience, and looking forward to many more years of enjoying our wonderful spa!

5 years

We have moved our Cameo twice from home to home and have owned it going on 10 years. We wet tested every tub available before choosing the Cameo. We bought it at a time when hot tubs can go as high as 108 degrees, so we love that feature. 106 is perfect for tubbing. the other favorite feature is the turbo jets that get into the muscles. It has been a great addition to our family and I’m looking forward to 10 more years with the same tub.

We have had to replace the circ pump maybe 3 times, and the main pump once. But sundance has backed us with their warranty on everything and only recently have we had to pay.

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