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Backyard Centerpiece

With room for up to six adults, the Peyton® spa offers lounge seating with wrist jets and a classic hydrotherapy experience for total relaxation.

Seats: 5-6
Size: 84" x 84" x 36"
Lounge: Yes
Price Range:

Relax at Home

The portable spas in the 680™ Series provide a classic hydrotherapy experience and a wide variety of options. From 2-person hot tubs to larger, 6-person or more models, the 680™ Series has a spa for everyone.

Classic Hydrotherapy

In the lounge seat, your cares gently melt away – from your back to your wrists to your feet. Throughout the spa, seats in many sizes, configurations and jet formations soothe muscles and release knots, including a jetted seat that offers a less shallow soak while easing strain in your back. And, an asymmetric foot dome nestled into the side of the footwell makes it easy to move around the spa.

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23 Reviews
1 year
Love our Spa

We bought the Peyton mocel last month. It replaced a Sundance Space that we had for 19 years. Love the spa

1 year
Easy process.

All of the people we dealt with were great drone sales to survey to installation and training. This is one of the best purchases we have ever made!

1 year
Sundance Peyton 680: Relaxation in Style!

Fun in the sun! Fun after dark! Fun all the time! Wow!

So my wife and I had been in the market for a hot tub for quite some time and we came across many brands, styles and types. After a simple and friendly consultation with our local expert (Brian Cohen at All Florida Pools & Spa), we knew we picked the best with Sundance! From the get to, Brian has us sold on the greatness that was Sundance and the Peyton series! Wow!

The lounge chair is amazing and the overall flow of water is fantastic. Setting up and being up and running was a breeze with the simplicity of this model and the brand that is Sundance overall! The upkeep and basic maintenance with regards to keeping up with the chemicals and simple wear and tear is going to be a labor of love. With the included cover, we never had to fish anything out of the top water, there is not a spec of anything flying in, even with our tropical backyard! All keeps well! What more could I ask for?!

So yes, I would fully recommend a Sundance brand spa and specifically the Peyton 680 series as my wife and I love, to anyone who is in the market or has the itch to relax in style! Cheers!

1 year

excellent quality and features, fairly high priced for size and depth would like a back light for controls since you are reclining the lounge pillow should be better

1 year
Water Therapy!

Bought this as a long time wish list for my wife, but I find with my back issues that I am spending more time in it than her! 20 minutes of therapy session and it will loosen up my back enough to be pain free.

2 years
Awesome spa

luv the new spa,only had it 1 month but thrashing it 2 -3 times a nephews r absolutely thrilled with it!!

2 years
Nice spa

Installed for a month, running great, nice number of jets, lights help relax us at night. Have not had more than two in it at one time.

2 years
Love the blue color !!n

We LOVE THE blue color of the interior !! Having trouble with our water foaming- but so far love it. Only thing I wish is that the waterfall lit up !

Spa Noobie
2 years
Great Unit!

It’s our first spa,and have had it a bit less than a month, but it certainly meets expectations for ease of use, relaxation factor and ease of maintenance. So far, I would recommend it!

Chuck D
2 years
Nice Hot tub

Bought this tub shortly after I got out of the hospital. I use it daily for rehabilitation for my broken back. I live in Montana, so soaking in 104 while the uno falls into the tub is a real favorite!

3 years
Best expense we've made in a long time!

We love how the hot tub looks and the features it has, like the lounger and rotating jets. Also, it’s easy to maintain.

3 years
Very nice spa

This is our second spa. Our first lasted more than a decade. Our new Peyton has quite nice features. The headrests are much nicer. We love the light features. It does seem to use more electricity than stated.

3 years

I bought my hot tub a month ago and love it. But kinda confusing on how much chemicals to put in it. I’m still learning on how to manage but I’m hoeing I’m doing good. The business service call I made helped me with any questions I had and was great. The men that delivered my tub was very friendly and kind. Made sure it was all ready to go and explained the chemical process to me before they left. Have not read the manual completely yet but hope it reminds me on how much chemicals to put in and when. But overall was a very good experience and I soak in my new tub almost every night!

4 years
Love Our Sundance Spa

We are so happy with our new spa. Our grandchildren love it as well. So glad we decided to purchase Sundance.

Jo Marie
4 years
Great massage

I bought this for the massage and the jets are really strong. Prior to purchasing I had read reviews of other spas having weak jets I am so glad I purchased the Sundance spa.

4 years
excellent choice

we purchased our sundance peyton hot tub in July and are extremely satisfied. all the features work well, have had no problems w/ jets, lights or speakes. planning to use it all winter.

4 years
Payton model. Nice tub

The tub has been great. The Bluetooth stereo is not up to snuff. We got it free with the floor model and that’s what it was worth. The lighting in the tub is nice it’s been pleasure using the spa.

4 years
Love our new spa!!

Genuinely friendly and helpful staff. They know their product well and are not out to just make a sale. Delivery was as planned and went smoothly. In hindsight, we would have turned the hot tub 90 degrees so the lounge chair faced out vs facing the house. We wanted the cover to block wind but now it blocks our view. Consider all these things when planning your layout. Soaking in it is awesome! We each have our favorite spot to sit where the jets hit us just right.

5 years
Goldielocks found a hot tub that is just right!

The Sundance hot tub is just right for me. It provides several options, in comfortable seats, and will accommodate a few more friends.

5 years
Total relaxation

We have had our spa for several months and have nothing to complain about. It is very easy to maintain and always provide stress free relaxation. Love it!

5 years

We spent a long time researching hot tubs. It was important, since I was shorter, that there was at least one seat that I fit in. After wet testing a handful, we chose the Sundance Peyton. Our customer service was superb through it all which ultimately made our decision easy. HotSprings would not let us wet test the tub we were interested in. I had a problem with spending $7000 on a tub I couldn’t test. As it turns out the Peyton has many seats I can soak comfortable in. Although a bit big for most of our use, it will be nice when friends come over. I am no expert in chemicals so although it came with step by step instructions and what to do when, I will be taking advantage of our local dealers offer of testing a sample and telling us what to add. It is quiet and very simple to use. It isn’t loaded with features but it’s nice to be able to turn on or off air on each seat. I don’t need the water feature or lights, but those are kind of cool for a conversation piece. There are a couple of seats that can be used for therapy or a cool down seat. It has a few spots for drinks which I like.

5 years
Sundance spa

Purchased….distributed has been wonderful

Our only problem so far is the head rests come off constantly. I’ve read where this is an ongoing problem with this spa. We have not called the sales office yet plan on going in this week.

5 years
Excellent Choice

Our new Peyton model spa is exactly what we were looking for. Quality materials and workmanship, variety of adjustable jets and yet a simple and not overly complex design. Only comment is that the drain line was not plumbed into an external access fitting. The plastic fitting that was in the hole at the base of the external panels was too small to accommodate the drain line. Not a big issue since I just removed the fitting, and routed the capped drain line to the hole. But I would have thought an external drain would have been permanently installed.

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