Signs Your Hot Tub is Due for Professional Service


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Many hot tub owners would agree, regular maintenance is key to a lasting spa experience. Not only will regular maintenance help to keep the water clean, safe and enjoyable, but it can also help to improve the longevity of your hot tub by relieving stress from the filtration system. For those with a busy schedule or who would prefer that an expert handle the job, professional service might be the preferred solution. In this article, we take a closer look at three signs that your hot tub is due for professional service.

The Water is Dirty

While dirty water isn’t always an indicator that professional service is needed, it can be if you’re having trouble resolving the issue. If the water is unclear, green, murky, foamy, or cloudy, you should first use a kit to test the water. Use water care products to treat the water accordingly based on the results.

If you are having trouble bringing the water back to a safe and enjoyable state, professional service may be required. The service technician may give the water further testing, clean or replace the filter, or change the water completely.

The Temperature Won’t Rise

 Is your hot tub anything but hot? Signs that there may be a problem with the heating or circulation system can include that the water won’t stay at your desired temperature or that it won’t rise at all. Of course, this can be a major problem for those who love spending time in their hot tub for the warm environment or hydrotherapy.

This problem is generally best left to the professionals. If your hot tub water won’t rise or stay warm, contact our experts at Paradise Valley Spas today.

The Hot Tub is Leaking

Is your hot tub leaking water? You should always keep an eye out for water that has leaked from the spa around the base. While it may sound easy to simply patch a leak, the process is a little more complex and really should be handled by a professional. A hot tub service technician will be able to fully inspect the spa to determine where the water is leaking from and then repair the problem. A proper repair can reduce the risk of further leaks, preventing follow-up repair and further damage to other areas of your spa.

Spa Service at Paradise Valley Spas

Provide your hot tub installation with the care that it deserves. At each of our Paradise Valley Spas showrooms, we offer a range of spa service solutions. Whether you’re in need of repair, regular cleaning or the odd water change, our experts are here to help. At each of our hot tub stores you can also find a wide variety of backyard essentials and other wellness products for sale. Shop from our wide selection of high-quality hot tubs for sale, along with the best deals on swim spas, spa accessories, saunas, water care products, and so much more.

With help from Paradise Valley Spas, you can create your dream hot tub installation and then enjoy it for years to come.


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